Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Favorite Graphic Tees

Hello Ladies

What a crazy time of year this is...this is our last full week of school, next week we have half days and then next Friday we are DONE...and we are pretty excited about that!  It is really true what they say...each year seems to go by quicker and quicker!  And I cannot even believe that AJ will be starting his final year in middle school come August...I am just not sure how that is possible!

Lately I am LOVING graphic tees!  I am all about being comfortable during the day, but I also like to be somewhat "ready" if I need to go run errands, stop at the kid's schools...whatever it may be.  I feel like my "uniform" as of late has been some cut-off denim shorts and a cute graphic tee...pretty much 7 days a week that is what you will find me in.  It is super comfy while I am doing housework, yet I still feel put together when I need to run out the door.

Old Navy always has cute graphic tees...and they are not expensive!

Mascara & Coffee...I mean what else do we really need?

Check out all the fun graphic tees Old Navy has here .

I have also gotten a few graphic tees from ShopBop, and while I pretty much love all of them, most of them are pretty pricey, in my opinion, for a t-shirt.  The few that I have, I got on sale.

This tee is one of my favorites!  

This coffee tee is another fun favorite I got on sale from ShopBop!

I couldn't find this one online...but it is super soft...and just a fun tee to wear after a fun night out!

You can see all the graphic tees from ShopBop here .

I am BIG fan of supporting small business, and have found some great little shops through IG that have such fun graphic tees.

How fun is this one!  

And this one too!

Be sure to check our all the fun tees from Saturday Morning Pancakes here .  

This cute little tee was perfect to wear during red cup season at Starbucks!

This Thankful tee I wore a ton during November and it was perfect for Thanksgiving!

These are a few of my favorites tees from Sweet Ts Design Shoppe...be sure to check them out here .

I pretty much wear this FRI-YAY shirt every single Friday!  I have had it for over a year now and I have washed and worn it a million times and it has held up wonderfully!

These two adorable tees I got from Jane.com ...they were super inexpensive, the only thing is they do take a little bit to ship...and I am pretty impatient when it comes to waiting for things I have ordered to arrive!

I got this adorable tee from JCrew...it is definitely one of my FAVORITES!

I think graphic tees are super fun to wear...so if you guys have any must haves...please share with me!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  See you back here soon.



  1. Love all your tees! I saw the Mascara & Coffee tee at ON earlier this spring and I was like, why can't they make one that says Mascara and Diet Coke?! Ha! Enjoy your day!

  2. Thanks for all the links to the cute graphic t's. That's my mom-iform too - cute tshirt and shorts or capri's.

  3. I just found a new shop for tee's! Wicked Custom Apparel. I follow them now on IG and am currently looking at a couple options !! Kohl's also carries some cute ones from time to time.

  4. LOL that ride or die one made me laugh!