Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up...Tuesday Edition

Happy Tuesday Girls!
Since we talked about favorite summer shoes yesterday, I am doing my weekend wrap-up today instead...and we had a GREAT weekend.
Friday was a HOT day....I absolutely love the winters here in NC...but the summers are just brutal...it is hot for so long. 
This was pretty much how it was every single day last week...just awful!
I spent Friday doing things around the house and doing tons of laundry...not only are Mark and I heading out of town for the holiday weekend, but my kiddos are heading up to spend two weeks with their dad!  It's a lot to get 3 little ones packed and ready for being away from home for that long.
Friday night we stayed home, and just did nothing and it was pretty nice!
This pretty much happens every night...this girl loves cuddling up with her favorite guy!

And when she isn't snuggling up with Mark, she is glued to her ipad watching Shopkins and Yo Gabba Gabba clips on You Tube!
Saturday morning I was up bright and early...like 6 am bright and early.  I had told you all before that AJ's baseball season ended, and how excited I was to have my weekends back.  Well I got a phone call Thursday seeing if AJ was available to fill in for the team where he first started playing.  If it had been any other team I would have said no, but seeing as our travel baseball started with this team many years ago, I knew he would love playing with his old teammates, and I was very much looking forward to seeing some old friends!
Warming up before the game!

He still had his old uniform from many years ago...the name is a little faded but it still fit and he was pretty excited to put it back on again after all these years!

My baseball boy....love him!


My step-daughter is here visiting and she came to watch AJ play...he loved having her there!

The boys played great and won both their games Saturday!

Though we had to get up super early, by 1:30 we were done for the day, so it was nice to get home and still have the day left!

I was super exhausted however, I think between the ridiculous heat and getting up super early, I was just worn out...so by 4:30 I was in my pajamas, laying in my bed watching way too many episodes of Criminal Minds!

I mean how fun are these Bee pajamas!  Love them!

Mark had to work Saturday, so he picked up some Japanese takeout and we just spent the night doing nothing!  It was fabulous!

Sunday morning we were up again at 6:00 for some more baseball.!  It was the first time in forever that we were not sweating our butts off at the field, and it was so nice!

As much as having my weekends back is so nice, I truly do miss watching my boy do his thing.  It was so nice to be able to watch him play one more time this season.  He loved playing, he loved seeing his old coaches and teammates.  It was a great weekend!

When we got home Sunday afternoon, it was a lazy day.  It was easy breakfast for dinner and just a lot of time on the couch doing nothing! 

Watching the NASCAR race with some chips and dip...these guys were content!

Olivia decided she wanted a fort and wanted to sleep in the boys room!  She made a little fort and was super excited to sleep in there with them.  It's moments like this, that just make my mama heart happy.  Now don't get me wrong my kids can fight, and they are pretty darn good at it, but I am so thankful that for the most part they just love and adore each other.  It makes me so happy that my boys adore their little sister so much!  It is really so sweet to watch their relationship grow!  I am so lucky and I know it!

Everyone was exhausted after two days of being up at the crack of dawn, so it was early to bed for us all!

It was a great weekend, and I treasured every single second of it....I am going to miss them all so much while they are gone!

Be sure to check back tomorrow, I am going to be sharing with you some of my favorite things I am wearing these days!  Have a great day!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Favorite Things Party....Favorite Summer Shoes

Happy Monday Ladies!  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend...I'll be doing my weekend wrap-up tomorrow, because today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for their "Favorite Things" link up.  Be sure you grab the graphic and link up too!

Today we are talking about one of my favorite things for sure....SHOES!  I love shoes, I have a strong love for a great pair of shoes and great handbags.  I feel like living here in NC, I am able to get a lot of wear out of my summer shoes, so therefore I don't mind paying a little more for something I know I will get a ton of use out of!
I don't own a single pair of wedges, and a few weeks ago Erika talked about some great Steve Madden wedges that were on sale, I ordered them, they were pretty basic, looked adorable and the price was right.  I thought it was the perfect way to try wedges.  I was super excited when they arrived at my door, however I put them on and sadly realized I am just not a wedges type of girl.  I tried hard to love them, but I just didn't.  I love wedges, I love them on everyone other than me.  However, if you are looking for a great pair of wedges, you should definitely get these , as of the time I am writing this post they are still under $50!
Ok....now onto my favorite summer shoes....I have written before about my love for my Tory Burch Millers , I just love them.  I bought my first pair about 3 years ago, and I still wear them all the time to this day.  Yes, they are a bit pricey, but in my opinion they are worth every penny!  I wear them just about every day!  I have three pair, and don't regret buying any of them!
I bought these gold ones last year, and they are definitely my favorite!  I wear them all the time, the gold, in my opinion, is such a great neutral.  I just love them!  I also have the patent natural and the off white.  If you are looking for a great summer shoe that you can wear for years, this is definitely worth the money for sure!
I also just bought my first pair of Jack Rogers about two months ago and I am loving them!
I bought these in the Platinum color and I love them.  They are a great neutral, and pretty much go with everything.  They took me a few wears to "break" them in, but now I absolutely love them, and they are super comfy!
Last week while browsing on Nordstrom's website I saw that certain Jack Rogers were on sale, and I decided to grab another pair for my upcoming beach trip!
I ordered this exact pair, and they are scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday and I can't wait.  I love the color combination of the gold and the bone!  Again, I think a great neutral, and they were under $80!
When I am not wearing one of those shoes, I am usually wearing these if I am around the house or at the pool!
These are the perfect little flip flop for running errands and wearing around the beach or pool!  This is my second pair of these, love love love them!
That right there are pretty much the only thing you will see on my feet from April - October!  I can't wait to read everyone else's favorite summer shoe, because I am always on the look out for a great new pair of shoes to add to my closet!
Thanks for stopping by today, and be sure to check back tomorrow for our weekend wrap-up!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Ladies!
I am so happy to see this week, and the ridiculous temperatures come to an end.  We are supposed to only have highs around 85 this weekend....it should pretty much feel like an arctic blast compared to what we have been dealing with lately!
Today I am once again linking up with Andrea , Erika , and Narci for "Friday Favorites", be sure to grab the graphic and link up too!

I blogged yesterday about this fabulous necklace my sweet friend Frances made...go check her out here , and use the code "kimm15" at checkout to receive 15% off your order.   Fabulous jewelry is always a favorite of mine!
Temperatures not being 100 degrees this weekend is definitely going to be a favorite of mine!
Super excited that at this time next week I will be sitting on the beach with my husband...the beach and my man...definitely favorites of mine!
I love my Peach Green Tea Lemonade from Starbucks, but lately I am LOVING the Very Berry Hibiscus, it is so refreshing.  Definitely a favorite of mine!
I am super excited about this cover up that I ordered Wednesday from Hippie Chick Boutique , I have been looking for the perfect cover-up to take with me to the beach and I am pretty confident this is the one.  I am sure this is going to be a favorite of mine for sure!
Hope you all have a great weekend.  See you back here Monday for our weekend wrap-up.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Amory C Jewelry

Happy Thursday Ladies!
I am sure you have heard me say more than once that I absolutely love buying anything from another mom who is running a business.  I am such a huge supporter of women who are mothers, wives, and business woman, and I love helping to support their businesses. 

Today I am going to introduce you to my friend Frances...I have known Frances about 8 years now, and when I first met her she was just a young kid...and now she is married with a beautiful little girl and a little boy due in July!

I mean how adorable are they! 

Frances is the sweetest, and I love seeing her so happy!
Frances is a stay at home mommy to her little girl Cambria, but in addition to taking care of her daughter, she also makes some pretty fabulous jewelry!  Her pieces are high quality and just beautiful.  Each month she also donates 10% of her proceeds to charity, this month she is donating to Youth Build.  I love supporting women like Frances, who give back!
This is the first piece I bought from Frances...this little necklace is the perfect everyday piece.  I wear it all the time and get tons of compliments on it.  Simple, yet perfect!
I just ordered this Harper necklace and got it last week...and I love it.  I mean who doesn't love a good tassel necklace! 

And lets talk about how absolutely adorable the packaging is!  I love that so much attention is paid to every single detail from the actual jewelry itself to the packaging.  If you are thinking about giving this as a gift, it is already gift wrapped for you!
I would love for you guys to head over and check out all her beautiful pieces.
You can follow her on Instagram:  @amorycjewelry
Find her on Facebook:  Amory C Jewelry
You can visit the website Amory C Jewelry
You can also email Frances at:  amorycjewelry@gmail.com
And Frances was sweet enough to offer 15% off to anyone who wants to place an order, just use the code "kimm15" at checkout! 
Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Be sure to check back tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Ladies!
Today I am linking up with Mix and Match Family , Pinterest Told Me To and The Larson Lingo for "What's Up Wednesday"....link up too!
I did zero meal planning this week, our kitchen is still under construction from our flood last week, so every night I am basically flying by the seat of my pants deciding what's for dinner!  Plus it is has been every bit of 100 degrees here for like 3 weeks now, so not only do I not feel like cooking, no one is really feeling much like eating.  Dinners have been a lot of sandwiches and cereal over here and that is fine by me!
Lately I have been thinking a lot about how much simpler life seemed just only a few years ago.  I feel like nowadays, people are just meaner, kids have less and less respect, and it just makes me so sad.  I really believe if we all got back to living a simpler life, this world would be a much better place.
I am absolutely LOVING the fact that my kids are home for the summer and our alarm clocks are OFF!

If we are not inside trying to stay cool, the pool is where we are trying to stay cool.
Next week my ex-husband is coming and taking the 3 littles ones back home with him for 2 weeks...I am dreading it and I am going to miss them so much.
I am not really working on anything right now and I am kinda loving that.
I am super excited that next Thursday Mark and I head to the beach for 4 days, no kids...just us...much needed and long overdue.
My hubby and I have been watching a lot of BBQ Pitmasters lately.
I have definitely been having my country station turned way up these days in the car....super excited to go see Tim McGraw in two weeks.
I have pretty much been inside these days and I am pretty much in a tshirt and old navy sweat shorts every single day!
This weekend I will be spending lots of time with my littles since they will be leaving soon.  And I will be packing for them...fun fun.
The beach trip with my hubby and then our family vacation to Michigan at the end of the month.
Nothing else is new over here...hoping to get all our flood damage fixed this week and get on with our lives!
We will be spending the Fourth at the beach, enjoying our time together!
Can't wait to read what everyone else is up to lately!  Be sure to check back tomorrow, I am super excited to share with you guys my sweet friend Frances and her beautiful handmade jewelry!
See you tomorrow, have a great day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up...Tuesday Edition

Happy Tuesday Ladies!
Hope you all had a great weekend.  I was so exhausted Sunday night, that I never even sat down at the computer to write a post, so today you're getting our weekend wrap-up on Tuesday this week!
My stepson came into town on Wednesday, and let's just say the 3 boys have been staying up super late...I came downstairs Friday night at 2:30 for some water and they were still up giggling watching You Tube videos!  It has been so great having him here and I love how they all get along so great. 
Friday morning I was up early to straighten up the house and then headed off for a manicure...
All great weekends start with a nice fresh mani!
After my mani, I dropped the boys off at Sports Connection for some video games, bowling and laser tag.  They all said they had a great time.  And since it is still unbearably hot here, it was nice they could do something fun indoors to beat the heat.
My stepson doesn't have a Chick Fill A by where he lives, so when he is here he likes going...and we sure don't mind taking him!
Friday afternoon it was thundering and lightning a bit so instead of going to the pool, Olivia played with our neighbors next door and they all enjoyed Emerson's baby pool!
Friday night I caught up on some laundry and Mark and the boys watched a movie!  A great day was had by all!
Saturday morning I was hoping to sleep in a bit, but no such luck.  I woke up early, enjoyed some quiet time outside with my coffee before the crazy heat started for the day!
Once everyone was up and fed we met Mark's sister and nephew to do some bowling!  I absolutely love bowling, and everytime I go I always tell myself I need to join a league...I think I am going to look into it for Mark and I.
This girl is all about the game...she was on a lane with AJ and her cousin Sean...and she won both games.  That's my girl!

Everytime she threw the ball she stood just like this to see how many pins were coming down.

This is her I am so awesome at bowling walk.  LOL

Sweet Sean


My boys

In a very serious sniper game in the arcade.
After bowling we all went to Chilis for dinner.  It was so nice to spend the day with the kids and family doing something all together having a great time.  After dinner we came home and just hung out the rest of the night.  After playing the sniper video games at the arcade, AJ had to get his arsenal and become AJ the Sniper.
This kid

Just trying to keep us all safe.
Sunday morning was Father's Day, and hallelujah everyone slept in!  It was fantastic.  After everyone got up and ate we headed over to Cabela's , they just opened one not far from our house, and we wanted to check it out.  I left my phone in the car but AJ was in his glory looking at all the guns and rifles.  And Olivia had the best time trying out these camping cot bunk beds...it was a great little family day.
After we got home, Mark went straight into the kitchen and started working on dinner.  I know it was Father's Day and I should have cooked for him, but he really loves cooking and enjoys it so much.  We had a delicious dinner and I was so happy that Austin was here to celebrate Father's Day with him too!
After dinner and some presents we headed to the pool.  I have to be honest and say I have only taken the kids to the pool once so far.  I am so thankful for Brooke and her love of the pool and her siblings, she takes them every single day. 
This girl can swim all day everyday.

Nothing better than flips in the pool...AJ can do this all day if someone will give him some shoulders to stand on,

3 brothers making...love them all so much

I know I say it all the time, but the bond that Olivia and Mark have is just incredible.  She is head over heels crazy about him, and I can assure you the feeling is 100% mutual. 

I just love to watch them together.

Peace out Mom


Incase you had any doubts, this girl loves her dad...we never use the term step dad here, if you were to as Olivia, she would just tell you she has two dads...I am so thankful that I have this man here by my side raising these kids. 
After some evening swimming it was home to get ready for bed.  It was a super great weekend, it was nice to have my hubs here all weekend and not have to be at work Saturday.  We are planning on soaking up these next 10 days with the kiddos because they will be heading to visit with their dad for 2 weeks....:(
Thanks for stopping by today.  Be sure to check back tomorrow, I am super excited to share some fabulous jewelry that my amazing, dear friend makes!