Thursday, April 30, 2015

Life Lately...

Happy Thursday Girls!
I am so glad tomorrow is Friday!
Life has been hectic, busy crazy and good.  We have been in full baseball mode for a few months now, and though we are crazy busy with practices during the week and very long days at the ball field on the weekends, we love it, and more importantly AJ does.  There is nothing I love more than watching my little guy out on the field doing what he loves and is good at.

Life lately has been full of baseball!
I had told you guys about a month ago or so that I decided to quit my job, you can read about that here .  I have to say that I have been keeping myself pretty busy during the day, and also being able to enjoy a little bit of down time, and even a nap or two:)  I feel like our life is much more "organized" now, still chaotic, but organized.  I am able to get a lot done during the day, and really focus on my husband and kids at night, instead of having to do laundry and such!  I also think my kids and husband see that I am much more relaxed and less stressed, so far it has been a win/win for all.
The school year is just about over, THANK GOD, and I have to say that though some mornings are still difficult with Olivia, she is getting much better, which just makes for better days. 

I really want her to start loving school, since she has MANY more years of going...ha!
In between the craziness of life, we are just trying to enjoy the time we have to spend together.  Between school, work, activities and such our family time is limited, so when we have it, we treasure it!

So that has been life lately over here...nothing super exciting, just life...and we are loving it.
Be sure to check back tomorrow for Friday Favorites!
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Girls!
Today I am linking up with Shay , Sheaffer and Mel for "What's Up Wednesday".  Grab the graphic and link up too!

What We're Eating This Week.....
This week I only have our meals planned through Friday, as I am not sure what the weekend holds for us.  We will be eating Angel Chicken, Mexi Mac & Cheese, Sloppy Joe, Chicken Cordon Blue and Meatloaf this week!
What I'm Reminiscing About....
This week marks the one year anniversary of the passing of my grandfather.  I still can't believe both he and my grandmother are no longer with us, and that it has been a year.  I miss them both so much.
There were never two better people than these two!
What I'm Loving....
I got these new Jack Roger Sandals last week, and I love them, seriously love them!
What We've Been Up To....

This time of year our lives revolve around baseball...and we love it!  Lots of baseball is what we've been up to around here.
What I'm Dreading....
With the end of the school year comes the DREADED EOG tests...I absolutely hate these tests and think our kids shouldn't have to take them.  They put so much pressure on the students, and the kids get way to stressed over these stupid tests....EOGs are what we are dreading over here!
What I'm Working On...
I have tons of little projects around the house that I want to get complete....first on my list and is cleaning out and organizing mine and Olivia's closets...they are in serious need of some attention these days!
What I'm Excited About....
We have about 5 weeks left of school and I cannot wait for it to be over!  It's the end of the year, I am done packing lunches, signing agendas, homework, waking up early, packing backpacks, etc...we are excited for summer!
What I'm Watching/Reading....
I have talked about this before...we are still loving Bates Motel.  If you are looking for a great show to watch, you need to check it out.
What I'm Listening To....
I love listening to music, and I love all types of music, but country music is my favorite.  Every summer we go to all the concerts in the Country Mega Ticket, and it's our favorite. 
I love me some Jason Aldean!
What I'm Wearing....
What I'm wearing is the same as what I'm Jack Rogers sandals!
What I'm Doing This Weekend...
We don't have any baseball tournaments this weekend, and our pool is opening on Friday, so I am hoping for nice weather, and lots of time relaxing by the pool with my gang!
What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month....
I am not a huge NASCAR fan, but I do somewhat keep up with it because Mark and the boys love it.  What I do love though is when the races come to Charlotte and we attend all the fun festivities up at the race track!  One of the "perks" my hubby gets is tickets and suite passes to the races, and it really is such a great time!  And I am super excited to see Little Big Town perform before the race.
What Else Is New...
We don't have much else new over here.  We are just hoping the next 5 weeks pass by super quick and we can enjoy summer break!
Bonus:  What I'm Getting Mom For Mother's Day....
I love giving gifts more than I like receiving them.  I especially love giving gifts to my mom.  She is such a remarkable woman, and I am so thankful I get to call her mom.  Buying gifts for my mom is so fun and easy...she loves pretty much all the same things that I do!  While I was at Nordstrom last week getting my new shoes I had to snag a pair for my mom too.
I know she is going to love them!
This was such a fun link up, and I can't wait to read everyone else's!  Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up....Tuesday Edition

Happy Tuesday Girls!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Our weekend was nice, but of course went by way too fast!
My step-son came into town Thursday night, and we were super excited to have a short little visit with him.  A few years back he lived with us and I just adore him!  He reminds me so much of Mark!  They woke up Friday morning and did some golfing, I was so glad they got to spend a little QT together.
While they were golfing I of course did some shopping:)  I had a return to make over at the GAP and as I was walking through Nordstrom I noticed that they were price matching the Jack Rogers sandals.  I have been eyeing them since last suumer, and well couldn't pass up a good deal.
I am loving these so much.  I got them in the platinum color, and I think they are fabulous...and I got them on sale for $88....even better!  I am sure I will get tons of wear out of them this spring/summer.
Later that night we met up with Mark's sister and mother for was nice to just sneak out for a little bit and enjoy a nice meal...we were home by's nights like this that remind me that I am getting old!
Crab cakes, wine and this man make for a perfect night!
They had been forecasting rain for Saturday all week...100% chance of rain all day long.  I was really hoping that they would just cancel AJ's baseball tournament, but of course they didn't.  So we woke up at 6, left the house at 7, drove an hour to the field, and sat there in the rain.  It was MISERABLE, cold, rainy, just gross.  Well after numerous delays to fill in the puddles on the field with sand, they decided to call the game halfway through the 3rd inning. 
Watching baseball in the pouring rain just sucks!
After we got home, got dry and warm, I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up, doing laundry, meal planning, and getting things in order for the upcoming week!
We woke up Sunday morning to gray, gloomy skies, but it wasn't raining, so back to the ball fields we went.  Though it wasn't raining, it was unseasonably cold...we got to the fields at 9 and didn't come home until was a super long, cold day! 
I love watching them all interact on the field, they are a great group of boys.

 We had some time in between games, so we hit up Waffle House, we LOVE Waffle House!  I love that Harrison spent his day off watching AJ play ball.  I am so blessed to have older children who truly adore their little siblings.

We weren't in the car ten minutes and he was passed out! 
We got home, and made some breakfast for dinner, got the kids settled and called it a night! 
Hope you all had a great weekend! 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Favorite Things Party....Accessories

Happy Monday Girls!
Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for "Favorite Things"...and today we are talking about our favorite accessories.  Be sure to grab the graphic and link up too!


Accessories are one of my FAVORITE things!  There is something about adding a cute scarf or piece of jewelry to an outfit, that can immediately just make it fabulous.  I have a few really cute scarves in my closet, but for some reason I just don't think I am a "scarf girl".  I wish I was, but every time I put one on, it just doesn't feel "right"...does that make sense?  It's funny though because I feel like a super cute scarf is the perfect accessory!
I think my number one favorite accessory is my handbag.  During my teenage years and early 20's, I had quite the handbag collection, and I would change out my handbags throughout the week to go with a certain outfit, etc., and well once I became a busy mom to 2, I pretty much only changed my handbag out twice a year, one for fall/winter one for spring/summer.  When I was 25 I received my first Louis Vuitton, and well since then I have not carried anything else.  Now before I get bombarded with ridiculous, mean comments about what a huge waste of money that is, etc....I no longer have a closet full of handbags, I have 3, yes that's it....3......I have the first LV, it's a speedy 30, and I carried it for 9 years....I carried the same exact handbag, never switched out for NINE years.  When I was 34 I got another speedy 30 in the white pattern, thinking I would just change it out and use it during the spring/summer months.  Well....I carried that bag daily for 4 years.  3 years ago for an anniversary gift, I received the LV Neverful Bag....and I love it...and have carried it every single day since the day I got it.  It's the absolute BEST "mom" seriously never gets full.  I know these bags are a bit pricey, and some think it is super foolish to spend this on a purse, but hey we all have our "thing" and I guess this is mine. 
I have been carrying this bag for 3 years, I feel like I have already gotten my moneys worth.  I just wish when I got mine it came with the cute little zippy pouch...BONUS!
Another favorite accessory for me is a great pair of sunglasses.  I don't have but two pair...and my favorite go to every time are my Ray Ban Aviators, I just love them.  I have this exact pair and right now they are on sale! 
These are great glasses!
Another favorite accessory of mine...a great pair of earrings.  I have talked before about my love of Kate Spade earrings, they are the perfect earring to put on for a great little pop of color.  They are super cute and comfortable.  I have been wearing them probably 5 days a week since I got my first pair last summer.  I am also loving the BP Stone Stud Earring , they are almost identical to the Kate Spade studs and they are only $8!  These would make a perfect Mother's Day Gift!
Here are just a few pair that I have...I may need an intervention:)
So those are my top 3 favorite accessories.  Can't wait to read about what everyone else is loving!
Happy Monday!


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday Thoughts....No More Babies

Happy Thursday Girls!
If you read my blog or follow me on social media, you know I tend to really struggle with the fact that my kids are just growing up super quick.  Having two adult children, I have enjoyed every single second of them growing up, it has been nothing but pure joy watching them grow into truly wonderful adults, but I can honestly say that their childhood flew by in the blink of an eye.  I remember like it was just yesterday the Dr. placing my sweet baby girl in my arms almost 23 years ago, and it's as though I literally blinked, and that little baby is now 22!  How is that even possible? 
Ever since I was a little girl, my dream was to always grow up, get married and be a mom.  When I was younger I remember all my friends saying how they were going to be doctors, and vets, and police officers when they grew only ever wanted to be a mom.  If you have read my About Me post then you know my wish came true at the age of 18, not exactly how I envisioned it growing up, but sometimes the unexpected things turn out to be the BEST things!
Being a mother was even better than I had ever dreamed it could be.  Sleepless nights, dirty diapers, crying....I loved it all, every minute of it.  I always knew I wanted a big family, I always imagined it would be so fun, and then I would think how wonderful it would be down the road, when they were all grown, with families of their own, I saw my old age filled with my children and grandchildren all around me. 
After AJ was born, my husband at the time, was very content with the 4 we had, and didn't really have a desire to have any more children.  Deep down inside I was so sad, I couldn't even believe this was it, no more babies.  Kenny decided he should get a vasectomy, so we went ahead, made the appointment, had the consultation, and scheduled the procedure.  Now I am not sure if it was nerves or maybe deep down inside he wasn't ready to be done either, but he did not show up the day of the procedure, and I was so happy about that.  He was still adamant that we were done, but it gave me such peace knowing that nothing permanent was done.  When I found out I was pregnant with Olivia, it was a complete surprise, we had absolutely not planned it, and we were both in shock, but the shock quickly wore off and we were over the moon to be having another child, and tickled it was going to be a little girl!  After having our 5th child, and a few scares along the way in the pregnancy, we talked and decided that the vasectomy needed to happen, we had 5 happy, beautiful, healthy children, some aren't so lucky as to even have one child, and we have 5.  As wonderful as it is being pregnant and having a baby, with it comes a ton of worry that your child is going to be born healthy.  We felt it was best for us to quit while we were ahead, and just be happy with what we had.  I was very content, and the second that Olivia was born, I did instantly feel complete.  The morning of the vasectomy I jokingly asked if we wanted to back out...there was still time...but we went, and the procedure was done....and then it really hit me, I mean hit me like a ton of bricks....THIS IS IT...NO MORE BABIES EVER.  This was so hard for me, I am not going to lie.  We talked about it, and did decide that 5 was enough and we were done, but there is something about knowing that this is a decision that cannot be changed was tough for me. I would see a women at the mall, at the park, wherever with a new baby and I swear my uterus ached, knowing that I would never again have another baby.  I know to some of you this probably sounds so crazy coming from a woman with 5 kids! 
Together Mark and I have 8 children, yes you read that right....8!  When Mark knew he was done having children, like most men, he got a vasectomy, so I knew right off the bat that there would be no babies for us. He jokes with me all the time, saying he was very happy and content with 3 children and knew that was all he wanted, and he says never in a million years did he think he would one day have 5 more:)
In the early years of my relationship with Mark, it really bothered me that we would never have children together.  Being married is so wonderful, and we are so truly happy, but there is nothing quite like creating a little life, having a precious little baby that is a part of you, and a part of the one you love the most.  I would be 100% lying if I said deep down inside I didn't secretly wish we could have had a child together. 
Today I am 41, a VERY busy mom to 5, I am sure I don't have the energy required at this point in my life to have a newborn.  That being said, for me, it is so hard to finally accept the fact that this is it, no more babies.  I am so lucky, and I know it and I thank God every single day for the blessings I have have, and I take nothing for granted. 
I can't even being to put into words the joy I get from being a mother.  I fiercely love my children and am so thankful that I have been able to stay home and raise them.  I truly feel like I haven't missed a thing.  All of their firsts, I have been here to witness, and even when it came to the 5th child, the "firsts" were just as exciting as they were with my first born.  I will tell you that all of Olivia's firsts have been extremely bittersweet for me, because I know that all of her "firsts" are my "lasts" as a mother. 
There are times I break down and just start crying, I know this may sound so ridiculous to some of you, knowing that I will never again be pregnant, never again go through labor, never again have that feeling of them putting a brand new life that I created in my arms.  It's hard and the struggle is real for me.
I am sure there are many moms out there that can totally relate to what I am saying here, and others that probably think I am just plain crazy!
Thanks so much for stopping by today.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Happy Wednesday Girls!
I cannot believe April is almost over...this year is FLYING by.  With Mother's Day right around the corner I thought I would share with you a few gift ideas.  My kids always get so excited on Mother's Day and Father's Day, and I love how excited they are to "celebrate" us as parents!

Jewelry is always a great gift, I mean don't we all love to get something pretty?  And the great thing about jewelry is one size fits all.  Here are a few of my favorites right now, I have some of these pieces, and love them!

I have these earrings in this pink and the mint color, and I absolutely love them.  They are very similar to the Kate  Spade studs, which I also LOVE, but these are only $8.00...super super affordable. 
I bought my first pair of Kate Spade studs last summer, and now I have quite the "collection" of these.  These earrings are so fabulous, I absolutely love them, and probably wear them 4 times a week.  I am sure any Mom would love to get these as a gift!
This necklace is one of my favorites.  I have it in pink and yellow, and I am hoping to add the turquoise one this season.  This is such a great necklace to throw on with a tshirt and jeans, I absolutely love it!
How fun are these earrings?  I have these in bright yellow and love them.  They have the larger size also, but I prefer this smaller size.  Another great gift for Mother's Day.  There are lots of colors to choose from.
You guys know how much I love pajamas...and I love getting them as a gift.  I am totally loving these , Victoria's Secret always has the best jammies.  I am thinking this is what my mom will be getting this year from me.
Perfume is another gift I love to get.  It's one of those things I never buy for myself, so I love when I receive it as a gift.  This is my favorite , and pretty much wear it everyday.
I don't know about you...but I love candles...and they are such an easy, "one size fits all" gift.  This candle is my favorite.  I pretty much have one burning all the time in our living room.
Bath and Body Works kill it in the candle department. This is one of my favorite scents!  Candles are always a great gift for Mother's Day.
One of my favorite things to receive is a gift set from Bath and Body Works , I love all their products.  I am sure any Mom on your Mother's Day Gift list would love this!
Please share what some of your favorite Mother's Day Gifts to give/receive are! 
Hope you all have a great Wednesday!