Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Never Ending Snow Days And The Flu

Hello Ladies!

I had told you guys that I was anxious to get back to posting more regularly....and then our 3 day holiday weekend resulted in a 10 day weekend....we missed an entire week plus a day of school from the winter weather we had and then last Thursday I got the flu and was pretty much in bed for 4 days was AWFUL!!!!  

Everyone is back to school this week, and I am finally starting feel human again, and now I am praying hard that none of the kids or Mark gets sick. 

Now I am off to disinfect and tackle the ridiculous amount of laundry that needs to be done!  

I will see you back here soon!


Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday Favorites

Hello Ladies!

It is Friday, and as usual, I am ready for the weekend!  The last few weeks have been anything but routine, since the kids have been back from Christmas break, we have only had one full week of school, and I do love having them home with me, but I am also ready for some structure and routine again!  I am planning on sharing some of my favorite purchases of 2017 with you guys next week!

Today I am linking up with Andrea , Erika , Narci and sharing my Friday Favorites, it has been MONTHS since I have linked up for this, so I am excited to share with you guys some of my favorite things lately!

My favorite for sure this week was the winter weather we got.  After TWO LONG years of no winter and no cold, I was over the top excited for freezing temps and snow!


Sitting on my couch each night, under a cozy blanket, fireplace on and watching TV is a favorite for sure.  And if you guys have been on the fence about getting a Barefoot Dreams blanket, I am here to tell you, GO GET ONE.  I had been wanting one for a while, but just refused to pay $100+ for one, but I was at Nordstrom Rack and picked one up for $49.  If you are interested in snagging one for yourself around that $50 mark, you can find a few here .

I have had my eye on this shirt for a few weeks, and wound up ordering it the other night, I have not received it yet, but I am hoping it will be a favorite!  I found it on sale for $27 cheaper online at Lord and Taylor, and I called Nordstrom customer service and they price adjusted it for me.  

During the winter months my skin is DRY, especially my hands and finding a great hand cream makes me happy.  I have been a faithful Aveda hand cream user for years, it is really great and I still do love it.  In my Fab Fit Fun Box I got this AHAVA hand cream, and I am LOVING it....a little goes a long way and it makes my hands so soft, and it smells fabulous!  If you are looking for a great hand cream, go check it out .  


So I am sure you have all seen these sherpas all over social media, everyone has them, everyone raves about them...and I am here to tell you they are awesome! I ordered the light pink one a few weeks ago from Nordstrom in a size M, I really wanted the charcoal one, but they only had the pink available at the time in a size medium, so I ordered it, for $78.  I got it a few days later and as soon as I opened it I loved the color, and it was seriously the softest thing I had ever felt.  I couldn't wait to put it on...and when I did it was HUGE....I know it was meant to be oversized, but it was beyond that, and the sleeves were CRAZY long!  I kept it for a few days, and really wanted to love it, but it just was too big, and looked ridiculous on, and for $78 (I think thats expensive) I needed to LOVE it.  So back it was restocked a few times, but would sell out quickly.  Anyway....I wound up finding the exact same ones here , and for $49, I was skeptical but decided to go ahead and order 2, because their shipping is high but is free over $50, so I signed up for the emails and got 10% off, so I was able to get two for $88 versus the one from Nordstrom for $78.  I got the charcoal and the wine color, I did like the pink, but it wasn't available on this site.  Girls I am telling you that if you have been on the fence about these, head over to this site and get one..or two:). They are definitely not super flattering on, but they are comfortable, super cozy and so great to throw on with jeans or leggings.  Oh and the shipping from this company is CRAZY I placed my order Tuesday and it was delivered Thursday!

Not sure what we have planned for the weekend other than watching the Championship games, and getting some things done around the house.  

Hope you all have a great weekend, and I will see you guys back here next week!


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Snow Days

Hello Friends!

Well, my intentions were good last week about getting back to blogging on a regular basis and bring you all up to speed on what has been going on in our lives....and then we got some winter weather and the kids 3 day weekend turned into a 6 day weekend, and I have just been enjoying my time with them and all the fun winter weather we are getting!

If you guys have been following along with me for a while, then you guys know I was NOT a fan of Florida, especially the Florida winters...I mean it was pretty much summer there year round...and well it definitely wasn't my cup of tea.  When the time came for us to make a decision about where we wanted to live, we both knew it was someplace where we could have seasons again, and a taste of winter!  We absolutely LOVE where we are, and I can't wait to share with guys our journey over the last few months, but for now I am just going to share some of our snow pics and I am going to get back to a cup of hot coffee, and some snuggling on the couch!

The kids had so much fun playing outside!

We didn't have. a sled but the lid to a trash can worked just fine for my girl!

Jack thinks a hoodie is a winter coat...he is basically NUTS!

Standing at the foot of my driveway seeing the blanket of snow over our front yard just makes me so happy.

This is the road that leads to our neighborhood and I love driving down it every day, but I love it so much snow covered!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Happy New Year...Reflecting And Looking Ahead

Happy New Year!

I cannot believe it is 2018...but I was so happy to see 2017 come to an end!  It has been well over 3 months since I last put up a blog post, and so much has changed over the last few months for us...and I'll be sharing a post later this week about all that has been going on in our crazy life!

I have definitely missed this little space, and I appreciate so much the messages I have gotten from you guys checking in on me and my family, even though most of you I have never "met", I truly consider so many of you a friend, and I really am thankful for each and everyone of you guys!  

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season...we sure did, but we were READY for 2017 to be GONE!  2017 was not a great year for us, it was definitely filled with more lows than highs, more sad than happy...and I was pretty darn happy to kiss it goodbye.  I look back over 2017 and though it was a tough year, I learned a lot about myself, my marriage, and that I am definitely stronger than I thought I was.  More days than not were a true struggle, and most days I spent stressed out and non stop worrying about everything.  I am definitely heading into 2018 with a positive attitude, and definitely feeling a bit wiser.  

I am definitely excited to get back blogging regularly, and sharing life with y'all again!  During the time I wasn't posting on the blog I gave a lot of thought to what I want this little space to be, and then thought maybe I just wouldn't put up anymore posts at all.  I have said this many times before, for the most part I truly love this little community and all the amazing people I have "met".  Most are so encouraging and supportive, and I absolutely LOVE that.  There will always be someone out there trying to blow out someone else candle to make theirs shine brighter, and as much as I hate that, I know there isn't anything you can do about people like that, and no matter what you put out there...they will find a way to pick you apart over it.  The most important thing I learned over the course of last year was that no matter how hard you try, there are just some things you truly have no control over, and no matter how much you wish for things or people to change, you just have to sit back and accept what is.  I truly love this blog and all of you for following along!  

Hope you are all having a great start to the week an I will see you guys back here soon!