Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday

Happy Friday!!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed lots of food and family!!!  We sure did!!! is BLACK FRIDAY.....are you one of the crazies that wakes up in the middle of the night to catch the great deals, or do you avoid it like the plague????  We just bought a new TV last week and I am sure I am going to be regretting purchasing it when I did when I see how much I could have saved if we just waited...(I could have waited...but my hubby....not so much)

One year, when I was pregnant with Olivia I left the house to hit the stores when they opened at midnight (back then the stores did NOT open on needs to go back to that)....anyway the stores were crazy crowded, it was hot, I was 7 months pregnant, and though I got some good deals, when I arrived back home at 10 the following morning with very swollen ankles I vowed again to never do it...I am glad I can say I have done it, but it's just not for me!  I know some people love it, and even make it family traditions, which I think is great!!!!  Now even though I don't get up in the middle of the night to go shopping, I do go out on Black Friday...for the past 5 years my mom and I have started our own little tradition, a few of the kids spend the night at her house each Thanksgiving, she brings them home mid morning, then her and I head out...she shops for all the grandkids, we have lunch, and usually pick up a thing or two for ourselves, because well, we deserve it:)  This is one of my favorite times of the year, because I just love getting spend time with my mother!!!  I typically don't buy any gifts this day...the past few years I have been starting and finishing my holiday shopping usually the second week in December...I am sure some of you are dying reading that, those of you who are done shopping in October and everything is already wrapped by this time!!!  I used to shop early, but I found that my kids would change their mind, add something new to the list, and for me it was more stressful, unwrapping gifts, returning them and rebuying what they now I just wait, now I am not going to lie, there have been a few years I was scrambling, and there may have been a time or two that UPS was delivering packages to my doorstep on Christmas Eve, but Christmas morning everyone has what they asked Santa for under the tree!!!!  

After shopping with my mom, I come home, we usually eat pizza for dinner, and we bring all the Christmas boxes down from the attic....the kids LOVE this!  They always have the best fun going through the boxes, pulling out all the decorations and ornaments..such a fun, magical time!!!  Then we wake up Saturday morning and head out to find the perfect Christmas tree...not always an easy task...every year I keep saying I am going to buy an artificial pre lit tree, but I just can't bring myself to do it....there is just something I love so much about loading up the kids and going to pick out a of the upsides to living in the South...we can do this and not freeze our butts off!!!!  Then it is home to decorate...FUN FUN FUN!!!  

You may not believe this, coming from a mom to 5 children, but we have never had Elf on the Shelf...crazy right....well this year an Elf will be arriving at our house Saturday morning to bring the kids a special breakfast...I am already stressing about Elf ideas, thank God for social media and Pinterest!!!!  

So there you have we spend Black Friday, and a little of what we do over the holiday sure to check back Monday for our weekend wrap up, a special someone is turning 11 this weekend and he is very excited!!!! 

Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving...I really need to get better about taking more pictures, I am pretty sure I don't have a single one with all of us in it.....the little boys are always too busy playing to stop for a picture...the older ones are kind of over me snapping non stop pics...ugh the life of a mama with growing kiddos...
the only family pic I got all the car loaded up to go to grandma's house!!

cousins...Olivia and sweet London!!

these guys...just LOVE them!!

cousins exploring!!

thankful to be this sweet girls mom!!

thumbs up for cousin fun!!

So thats it....all of my Thanksgiving pictures...epic mom fail...I know

Now...I am sure there are fabulous deals in just about every single store today...but if at anytime you were considering buying some new Hunter rain boots, now would be a great time to do it....these Hunter Boots are on sale now for UNDER $100!!!  You can get them right now for $98.80...major is just the burgundy gloss ones marked down to this price, they are a fabulous color and you can wear them with alot more than you probably think you can!!!  Go ahead and order them, you will not be sorry

If there are any other GREAT deals out there today, please share them with me...I love a good deal!!!

Have the BEST Friday, enjoy your shopping, decorating, relaxing, leftovers...whatever it is you do...just enjoy it!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone is getting to enjoy this day with their loved ones!  We are starting our day off with watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, then heading out to spend this day with our family, eat lots of yummy food, and then home to watch some of our favorite Christmas movies!!!

I have so much to be thankful for, an amazing husband, 5 healthy, happy children, a terrific family, and some really great friends. I am also so thankful for all the wonderful "friends" I have made through social media, I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life, and I am so thankful that so many of you share your lives with all of us!!!  If you want to read more about me click here , and you can read a little bit about me and see why I am so thankful, not just on Thanksgiving, but every single day of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What We Wore

Happy Hump Day!  Can you even believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving??  This year has just flown by, this is truly my favorite time of year, such a fun, magical time, and Thanksgiving, in my opinion is the "official" start to the holiday season!!!!  We spend every Thanksgiving at my mom's house, it is always a fun day filled with lots of yummy food, lots of laughs and lots of great family time.  My brother and sister-in-law are there as well, and my sweet nephew Tyler and my adorable niece London....the kids have a great time being all together!
how true is this!!!!

first...yay for this girl FINALLY feeling better!!!!!

So, today I am sharing with you girls some of the things that we have been wearing around here lately!
I am all about comfort and this outfit SCREAMS comfort!  I love this shirt , from Old Navy, so cute and it's only $10.00, I am wearing it with this cardigan , and of course the must have leggings ...Pinterest Told Me To Get them, and I did, and I cannot even tell you how amazing these leggings are, best ones I have ever worn, I got them in the grey and the black and probably wear them 3-4 times a week.  And of course every great outfit needs great accessories, and I absolutely LOVE this fabulous necklace that my sweet friend Andrea sent me!!

In the fall and winter leggings and a long tunic are absolutely my favorite way to go, but I also love my GAP jeans , if I am not wearing leggings, I am usually wearing these...I found this scarf at Target a few weeks back on clearance and it was only $4.97, sadly it is no longer available, but check out Target if you are looking for some great inexpensive scarves to add to your wardrobe this winter!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE shoes, I have a ridiculous amount of shoes and I love them all, but some I love more than others and these shoes are pretty much my favorite flats to wear...they are neutral and match pretty much anything...they are a bit more expensive than some pairs of flats, but they are fabulous and I wear them so much, I have definitely gotten my money's worth.  

We had a rainy day last week, and though rainy, cold days are not my favorite,  getting to wear my FABULOUS new rain boots , is pretty fabulous, unfortunately they are sold out now in the red...I searched high and low for the red and found them a few weeks ago on Piperlime and got them for 25% off....that is how I justified some new red rain boots...., I am of course wearing them with some leggings , my puffer vest from Old Navy,this one is from a few years ago, but this one is pretty much the same I think, and I am also wearing my new favorite sweatshirt, I love it because its long enough to wear with leggings, and super comfy and cute.  I also ordered another one in the darker grey!!!!

and check out this cute girl...this is her favorite outfit right now, if I would let her, she would wear it everyday, she has already let me know she is wearing this for Thanksgiving, because it makes her look so beautiful, I would agree with her....she is quite beautiful.  I am new to Matilda Jane clothing, however I have purchased quite a few things over the past couple months...we are now addicted and love it.  If you need to order some Matilda Jane, get in touch with my sweet friend Andrea , and she will hook you right up!!!!

So there you have it... a few things we have been wearing around here....I always LOVE seeing what everyone is wearing, and I always love when anyone shares a great deal...because who doesn't love getting something fabulous at a great price!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and everyone enjoy the holiday tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up...Tuesday Edition

Happy Tuesday girls!!!!  Today I am sharing what we were up to this past weekend....normally I love the weekends, but this weekend my sweet Olivia woke up Saturday morning sick and she was sick all weekend, no fun.....however we are all pretty excited over here that today is the last day of school this week, and then we have 5 days off (including the weekend of course!)  I absolutely love having all my kiddos home with me....especially this week, because this weekend all the Christmas decorations come out....our favorite time of the year!  But for now I hope y'all enjoy reading about our weekend!!!!

So last week the two little boys started doing yard work for some people in our neighborhood, Jack is very smart, and he has been designing flyers to hand out offering to do chores, yard clean up, dog walking, things he can do over the colder months to make some money, at 12 he has a pretty good business plan going...AJ, he is ALL about making money, he is getting ready to turn 11 this weekend and he wants to be
here he is with his money all laid out from his few days of work...he was beyond thrilled to have made $50...and I was pretty impressed that he made that much in just two days!

So on Saturday they woke up early and I dropped them off to my mom's house, she has a ton of trees in the backyard with LOTS of leaves, so she "hired" Jack and AJ to come and rake and bag her leaves, the boys thought this was the greatest thing ever, making $35 each for helping out grandma, not a bad deal....
here they are hard at work at grandma's house

When Olivia woke up Saturday morning, she was not feeling well, she said her stomach and head hurt, and she was running a low grade fever.  She was so disappointed to have to miss one of her best friends American Girl Birthday Party, so she pretty much spent the day watching LaLa Loopsy curled up on the couch under blankets
I hate hate hate when my babies are sick....poor sweet girl

we had alot of snuggling and cuddling going on...I'll take the extra snuggles any day!!

and then this was Sunday morning...this photo was shortly after the throwing up started....oh how I am praying no one else gets sick...who the heck wants to be sick on a holiday!!!!

Luckily Brooke was around on Sunday, and she stayed with Olivia for a bit so we could go to Jack's end of season football was a great way to end a great season

in a very serious cornhole tournament!

After the party, we came home, ate sausage and peppers, curled up on the couch and watched some football!!!  It was a pretty low key weekend, which is totally fine by me...sometimes those are just what I need, especially with the craziness of the holiday season about to begin!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Favorite Things Party

Today I am linking up with my two sweet friends Andrea and Erika and sharing a few of my FAVORITE things under $10....grab the graphic and link up...its always fun to find great things under $10!!!!!

I love love love anything comfy and cozy...and well these Old Navy Fuzzy socks are just that...comfy and cozy...I have a few pair of these and wear them all winter long....and these leopard print ones happen to be my favorites!!!  These are only $5.00....can't beat that.  These would make great stocking stuffers for all the ladies on your holiday list this year.  My kiddos teachers will all be getting these as part of their holiday gifts this year!!!

This peppermint mocha creamer...FABULOUS!!!  I may be somewhat of a Starbucks addict....and my very favorite drink to get in the red cup is the Peppermint Mocha...this creamer allows me to enjoy my favorite coffee at home!!!  Yum!!!!

While I was at Michael's the other day grabbing some supplies for one of the kid's school projects I saw a basket full of these cute little notecards....I am a sucker for cute stationery, notecards, of course I  saw they had my initial and I had to get it...and the best part....this cute little pack was $1.00....again another cute idea to throw in a gift bag with the cozy socks!!

These cute coffee mugs are the perfect addition to my little coffee section on my kitchen counter...scored these at Kirklands for only $4.99 for me and one for my hubby!!!!  

And there you have it...a few awesome little finds all under $10.00.  Cannot wait to see what everyone else is sharing for under $10.00 today!!

Happy Monday !!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  I don't know about you...but I am SO ready for the weekend!  Today I am linking up with Andrea , Erika , and Narci and sharing with you guys my Friday Favorites!!!!!
So one of my very favorites this week, was Thanksgiving lunch at school with my sweet girl.  I love being able to attend all these fun events at school with my kiddos.  Olivia has been a bit emotional lately....she is only 6 and it is starting already!!!  She was so happy to see me at school, but so sad she couldn't come home with me after there were alot of tears at lunch.  It absolutely breaks my heart to see her so sad, but I have to admit I love that she is such a mama's girl!!!!
this was the best smile i was getting!!!!

 My second favorite this week....getting to go back to school the very next day to have lunch with my sweet AJ...even though he is a big 5th grader now, I really love that he still likes having me around...when all the parents were getting ready to leave AJ was the ONLY boy that hugged his mama....I am lucky, and I know it...I truly treasure each and every moment with my children!!!  
this boy....the SWEETEST!!!!!

The Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas...heck yea its my favorite!  Non-stop Christmas movies is pretty much one of my favorite things ever....and those of you who know me well know how much I love Christmas movies, like I am the one watching them when they play them for Christmas in July.  I have seen most of these movies like 100 times, but it never ever gets old!!!  
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! final favorite this shirt ...lately I am totally into cute tshirts with fun sayings on them...and well I saw this at Nordstrom last week and i absolutely HAD to have it....I mean....aren't we all meant to sparkle.  I am thinking this is going to be super cute to wear during the holidays with a cardigan...Love if you too were meant to sparkle go grab this shirt

Be sure to grab the graphic at the top and link up!!!  Can't wait to read about everyone's Favorites!!!  

Hope y'all have a GREAT weekend!!!

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Being Organized.....(well at least trying)

Organization....that word used to scare me because I thought to myself I don't have time to get for far too long I was the queen of look it up in the dictionary and there would be my picture as the definition.  Our life is pretty much CRAZY all the time...our family of 7...which includes our 5 kiddos is jam packed full of sports, school, activities, and well just life!!!!  I realized many years ago that my life would always be chaotic, however I am happy to say that now it is more of a controlled chaos, and wow it is way better.  I used to get frazzled ALL THE TIME, and constantly felt overwhelmed and just throw my hands up and then get depressed...not a super way to get through life, and definitely not fair to my family!!!  So, I sat down and wrote a list, for me writing things down really helps.  As I started getting overwhelmed looking at my list, I took a deep breath, regrouped and realized this was a necessity for my sanity.  I was never one to be super regimented and stick to a schedule, and in some ways that is super great, but in many ways it is not, like when its 4:30 on a Tuesday, one child needs to be at dance, one needs to be at baseball practice, homework needs to be done, and oh yea I guess my crew is going to want to eat dinner and have clean clothes for the next day....yikes...major reality check...this family NEEDS a routine!!!!!  So I decided to start writing everything down, I was making daily to do lists, weekly meal planning, and it really helped .....then I decided to take it a step further and I purchased My Life Planner , and let me tell decision first I was a bit skeptical as it is a bit more pricey than just a planner I can pick up at Target, but holy cow it was worth every single penny...if you haven't seen this planner, go check it out...there are so many great cover options, I did a personal cover so it is filled with pics of my peeps!!!  Its fabulous!!!  I have heard some great things about the Emily Ley Simplified Planner , and I think I am going to order that one also for the new year, just to compare the two and see what i love the most.  But so far, the EC Life Planner , has been awesome for me...everything we need to do is written in my planner, and now I don't forget anything.  We also use the weekly schedule pad from Erin Condren, and I hang it on our refrigerator every Sunday night, so everyone knows our plans and schedule for the upcoming week, its great because my boys are a little older, 10 and 12, so they are able to look at it daily and start to become a bit more responsible and know what their schedule is without me having to constantly tell and remind them.

love love love this planner

this weekly pad is super helpful at our house!!!!!

So far, this has helped me tremendously with my family and my sanity!!  I would LOVE to hear what everyone else does to keep their household running smoothly....I am always on the lookout for anything and everything to make life a little smoother over here!!!!

Have the BEST day!!!!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Blogs

Hello Girls!!!   So....over the course of the past few months I've been keeping a notebook and jotting down ideas for my blog because I knew one day it would be ready to go....thank you Andrea!!!! And I thought one of my very first posts should be about my inspiration for wanting to start really need to check out these women and their FABULOUS blogs.....they are wives and mothers and truly have amazing blogs full of great information that we can ALL find useful and helpful in our day to day lives.

So here they are....the very first blogs I ever started reading....I definitely read more than just these everyday....because so many of them are just truly fabulous....but these below are the first ones that I fell in love with....and that have helped me be better all around!!!

The very first blog I EVER read......Mix and Match Mama NEED to check this out....first let me say that Shay is just super sweet..I have reached out to her quite a few times with lots of questions and she always always always got back to me.  I have found her blog to be truly life changing for me!!!  She is a wife, mother to two sweet little ones, adopting a sweet little girl, and this lady seriously has got it all together!!!!  First she has like three hundred forty gazillion (yes that is a real number) recipes on her food when you are totally stumped with what to feed your family, just head over here and you will have meal planning for a lie!!! She shares so much of her life...she has got it together and is sweet enough to share all of her tips with for all us mamas out there trying to keep it all together.  Aside from all of her amazing recipes she shares, she gives great fashion advice, amazing tips for being organized...she really shares so much of her sweet family and life...and I think she is just go and check her can thank me later:)

While reading Shay's blog, I found Erika ...a wife and mommy to 3 absolute cuties....she is seriously just adorable and so so sweet.  I have chatted with her a few times and she is just the nicest sweet and so down to earth..and when you read her blog you will see this girl keeps it real...which I just LOVE!!! Her blog is such a fun read....and I read it every single morning first thing....she shares what she wears...and she looks fantastic ALL THE TIME, she shares with us her favorite things, and because of that my laundry now smells is truly just fun to read what she writes every single day...and if you are looking for fabulous skin, reach out to her and she will hook you up!!!  I am so so glad that I found her, and even more glad that I have made a friend in the process!!!!

Pinterest Told Me To   ....this blog is just FLIPPIN FABULOUS!!!!  You need to right now stop what you are doing and go immediately to check it out.  So Sheaffer has an amazing sense of style and lucky for us she not only shares it with the world, but she gives you every link you need to pull together the most perfect outfit...and she ALWAYS informs us when our favorite stores are having sales...she takes the guess work out of is seriously like having your own personal shopper...does it get any better....I think not!!!  In addition to being fashion fabulous she too is a wife and mama to the absolute cutest little boy head on over an check her out....and be sure to check out her Santa can pretty much complete your holiday shopping!!!

Momfessionals  .....I have already told you of my LOVE for Andrea.  Her blog, like simply amazing!!!! She is a wife, and a mom to 3 little loves...and trust me when I tell you her little Griffin is seriously the absolute cutest, well dressed little girl you will ever meet.  Andrea , like so many of us is a busy busy mom...but somehow she still finds the time to be super, ridiculously, over the top creative and crafty...I seriously don't know how she does it all....if ever there was a super woman...this girl is it!!!!  This mama does it all and makes it look really easy!!!!  She shares so much of her life with us on her blog...and you cannot help but just love every single thing that she does she adds all the little extras that just make it all that much sweeter....her Halloween decorations had me wanting to go move in with her and become her 4th child...she is just fabulous.  I am so thankful to have met her, so grateful she took the time out of her crazy busy life to help design and create my blog, but more importantly I am so glad to call her my friend!!!!! 

So there you have it....the 4 very first blogs I ever read....since then I have added many many more to my is so fun to be able to connect with such amazing great to read their words, to implement the tricks they share with us to make life just a little bit easier....and to know that you are not the only one out there pulling your hair out....

Here are some of the other blogs I adore reading each day, check them out and please tell me what blogs you love to follow.....

The Fancy Ashley  , she makes everyday extra fancy....and that is just fabulous
Olivia  , wife, mom to two sweet little boys, with some great financial win
Lindsay , if you want some great decorating ideas, check her out

Thanks for stopping by today...can't wait to get some great recommendations for y'all!!!

Have the BEST day!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Welcome to Kimm's Korner

EEEKKKSSSSS....Y'all I am SO excited to have my blog up and running!!!!  I decided about 6 months ago that I wanted to start a blog...but in true Kimm fashion I started getting overwhelmed....where do I start?....How on earth do I create a blog, let alone make it look fantastic, etc...I started reading blogs, and it very quickly became my morning ritual...wake up, have a cup of coffee and read my favorite blogs (which I will be sharing with you all).  I however quickly became discouraged thinking there is NO way I could ever do this....I mean sure I could write, but heck there would never be a picture, cute graphic or link on it...but after some blog reading I found Andrea, aka the MOST CREATIVE, CRAFTY, TALENTED person on the face of the joke, I am seriously not even exaggerating an ounce here!!!  She is seriously AMAZING!!!!!!  A teacher, wife, mommy to 3 absolute cuties, and someone I am so glad to call my I need to give a HUGE shoutout to Andrea for taking the time out of her very busy life to help create and design my blog....which seriously...looks FABULOUS!!!! 

So here it is, Kimm's Korner, and here you will find a random mix of pretty much everything....I'll be sharing lots of things here everyday so I hope you guys will stop by everyday to see what I have got going on!!!!!!

Have the BEST day!!!!