Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Ladies!
Today I am linking up with Andrea , Erika and Narci for Friday Favorites.  Be sure to grab the graphic and link up too!
I talk all the time about how sad I am that my babies are all growing up, and I do get weepy about it often, but there is really something so great about seeing your child become an adult, and having such a great relationship with them.  I am so thankful for the amazing man Harrison is growing up to be...definitely a favorite of mine!
We have been gone so much lately, so I was really treasuring some "girl talk" with Liv Saturday morning!
These two hadn't seen each for 3 days, she was over the moon excited to have her sidekick back home!  These two and their sweet bond is always a favorite of mine!
Alone time with my husband is so rare, so I was totally soaking up every single second of him sleeping on me.  This most favorite favorite!
My friend Nathen, moved away a few years back and happened to be in town for the race this past weekend.  It was so good to see him and catch up.  Maintaining friendships with lots of miles in between is definitely a favorite.

Lunch dates with my crew is always a favorite for us all!
Hope you all have a great weekend.  We will be at the ballfield pretty much all weekend!  See you back here Monday for our Weekend Wrap-Up!

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  1. I loved all the pics from IG last week especially of the hubs falling asleep on you---how super sweet! And girl, chips & salsa at Chili's are some of my fave---I have made myself sick more than once just by eating that and a few margaritas!