Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Favorites

Hello There!

Today I am linking up with Andrea , Erika , and Narci and sharing my Friday Favorites.  Be sure you grab the graphic and link up too!

So I have pretty much sucked when it comes to blogging.  This past week has just been crazy busy trying to get the boys ready to go back to school, and well then I have to prioritize, the blog usually always falls to the bottom of the list!


A foodie, I am NOT...a good food photographer...I am NOT...however I love delicious food!  Last Friday Mark made us a delicious dinner, and we ended it with a yummy dessert!  Date nights in, and my hubs being a kick ass cook...yup....a FAVORITE!

Peppermint favorite to get at Starbucks, and it's my favorite creamer to add to my coffee at home.  I saw some at Walmart, and grabbed a few!  Delicious coffee is a favorite!

Chico and AJ...AJ loves playing with the pup!

AJ on his first day of 7th grade...this kid drives me crazy most of the time..but he makes me laugh every single day, and I know he is going to own 7th grade!

And my Jack....this boy has been such a joy since day 1.  I was a nervous wreck as he left for the bus stop for his first day of high school....yup...high the heck is that even possible??  He came home and really loved everything about it.  He has a schedule FULL of all honors classes, but I know he is going to have an amazing, successful freshman year!

Waking up at this ungodly hour is NOT my favorite....

...but a little quiet time, a cozy blanket and some coffee is!

This girl....I had a flat tire, so we had to run and have a new tire put on before school, and I just loved having a few extra minutes with her before school! 

I snagged a few more things during the last few days of the anniversary sale, and I grabbed these sneakers, and I am loving them.  They arrived yesterday, and they are super lightweight!  They are still available, but sadly not on sale anymore:(  I ordered some new workout gear during the sale, so I am really hoping it gives me the motivation I need to get my butt in gear and start working out again!

I know it is only pre-season...but it is still football...and football season is my FAVORITE!

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!  I will be spending my weekend at Staples, Target and WalMart getting the 12,000 items on my boys supply lists!

See you guys back here Monday....(I hope)!


  1. Hope the boys had a great first week back! We still have one more week before school starts. I love those shoes!

    1. So far so good with the whole back to school thing ! And I'm loving the sneakers...they are so lightweight and awesome

  2. Preseason football already?! How is it even possible!? Where has the summer gone?

    1. I am not a fan of summer. My least favorite season...but's football, and coziness...right up my alley! Have a great weekend !!

  3. I wanted those Nike's but they never restocked them in my size. I'm very disappointed with the stock they had this year for the sale.

    1. The stock was HORRIBLE this year. Just awful! I would call and explain you tried ordering them and maybe they would honor the sale price. I found it odd that almost as soon as the sale ended everything was once again fully stocked!!!

  4. I love date nights in!! That meal looks delicious. I love your new kicks. I was considering getting a new pair during the anniversary sale too but never pulled the trigger.

  5. I ordered the grey ones but they were too small. My ad :( And yesssssss it's almost football. My husband is so lucky to be married to me! Lol I live sleep eat breathe college football!

  6. Yay for football. Boo for small shoes

  7. I LOVE your Nike's! I have got to get some new shoes, and am dreading shopping for them. I went to the Anniversary sale, but I waited too long and it was picked over, so it looks like I'll be hitting up Academy.

  8. Cannot wait for Panther football!! Is AJ playing this fall?