Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites!

Today I am linking up with Andrea , Erika , and Narci and sharing my Friday Favorites!

My favorite candle comes from Anthropologie.  I love love love the Volcano candle.  I burn them all the time, year favorite.  I don't have an Anthro store close by, so I usually end up ordering from the website...and I don't know about you, but I hate paying for shipping, and I think theirs is high!  I found this one on Amazon, and figured I would give it a was only $1 cheaper than the one from Anthro, but all I paid was $ tax or shipping!!!  I just received it Wednesday and have burned it a bit, and it does smell just like the one from Anthro.  Do you any of you guys have this candle?  Curious to know if it burns as well as the Anthro one. 

I looked at the bottom of each, and they seem almost identical!  Hoping I love this as much as the one from Anthro!  If you guys have it, let me know your thoughts!

I love a good neutral nail polish.  My go to for a few years has been OPI Funny Bunny, it is the perfect color, in my opinion.  I definitely like a more white than pink nail.  For the past two years I have been doing my own nails, but I just recently decided to start having them done again.  I love the gel, and love it lasts more than a few days!  I had been going to one of the little walk in places by me, and they just were not doing a great job.  They always seemed rushed, and it was extremely hard to communicate with them!  I decided to try the salon where I get my hair done...surprisingly it was only $5 more than the other place, so I was pretty happy about that!  This salon, however, only uses the CND Shellac, and I couldn't find the perfect white polish I hit up Amazon, and found the perfect color, it is called Studio White, and it is my new favorite!  If you do Shellac and are looking for an awesome color, you can find the one I am wearing here !

I read Me Before You, back in January...I loved the book, but was super disappointed in the ending.  I just started reading After You , and so far I am liking it!  I haven't done much reading the past few months, but am looking forward to trying to read at least one book a month.  Please share your "must" reads with me!

I love a cute t-shirt, and I always love supporting other women and their small businesses!

This tank...I just love it!  I have ordered a few t-shirts from them, and I just love them...and they are so soft!  You can check out all the adorable tees and tanks here .

And well, we all know how much I love football...I am a JETS fan, but also have a VERY strong love for the Carolina Panthers!

How cute is this little sparkly monogram tee!  I am super ready for September 8 to watch the Panthers kick off the season!  If you are a Carolina Panthers fan you can get yourself a cute little tee here .

Those are my favorites this week!  The boys have now been in school a little over a week, and they are adjusting well.  Jack is really loving high school, and doesn't seem to mind getting up at 5 am each day!  Me on the other hand..holy sucks!  I am really hoping to start going to the gym for an hour each morning when he leaves for school. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. That is literally the exact same candle brand (Capri Blue) and scent (Volcano) you get from Anthro. So, yes, it should burn the same.

    1. It's been burning great all weekend. I don't think the scent is as strong , but it's pretty much identical !!! Have a great week

  2. I ordered one of those Capri volcano candles off Amazon and I love it. I was visiting my friend up in Fresno today, and they sell the same ones as Anthro, so I bought one off of her. I LOVE THE SMELL!! Have a great weekend! Its almost football!!

    1. It's my favorite scent and pretty much the only candle I burn anymore. And yay for football!!! Have a great week girl

  3. Replies
    1. The cute and so soft! Go get it!!!

  4. I'm positive it's the exact same candle. Anthro prob just marks it up a dollar but the brand is Capri Blue and the scent is volcano. I've seen them at Nordstrom rack too. So whether you buy it from Anthropologie or Amazon, it's the exact same candle.

  5. If you're seriously looking to eat healthy, stay away from the recipes in that book or from her blog :) haha, though they might seem tempting to you, there is nary a veggie and lots of chemicals and sodium in her recipes.
    The planner is very cute! I use my phone that's synced to my macbook but I kind of want it anyway.

    1. I never use the calendar in my phone. I'm so old school and still like writing it down and making lists. Have a great weekend ! Thanks for stopping by