Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up...Tuesday Edition

Happy Tuesday girls!!!!  Today I am sharing what we were up to this past weekend....normally I love the weekends, but this weekend my sweet Olivia woke up Saturday morning sick and she was sick all weekend, no fun.....however we are all pretty excited over here that today is the last day of school this week, and then we have 5 days off (including the weekend of course!)  I absolutely love having all my kiddos home with me....especially this week, because this weekend all the Christmas decorations come out....our favorite time of the year!  But for now I hope y'all enjoy reading about our weekend!!!!

So last week the two little boys started doing yard work for some people in our neighborhood, Jack is very smart, and he has been designing flyers to hand out offering to do chores, yard clean up, dog walking, things he can do over the colder months to make some money, at 12 he has a pretty good business plan going...AJ, he is ALL about making money, he is getting ready to turn 11 this weekend and he wants to be rich...lol...
here he is with his money all laid out from his few days of work...he was beyond thrilled to have made $50...and I was pretty impressed that he made that much in just two days!

So on Saturday they woke up early and I dropped them off to my mom's house, she has a ton of trees in the backyard with LOTS of leaves, so she "hired" Jack and AJ to come and rake and bag her leaves, the boys thought this was the greatest thing ever, making $35 each for helping out grandma, not a bad deal....
here they are hard at work at grandma's house

When Olivia woke up Saturday morning, she was not feeling well, she said her stomach and head hurt, and she was running a low grade fever.  She was so disappointed to have to miss one of her best friends American Girl Birthday Party, so she pretty much spent the day watching LaLa Loopsy curled up on the couch under blankets
I hate hate hate when my babies are sick....poor sweet girl

we had alot of snuggling and cuddling going on...I'll take the extra snuggles any day!!

and then this was Sunday morning...this photo was shortly after the throwing up started....oh how I am praying no one else gets sick...who the heck wants to be sick on a holiday!!!!

Luckily Brooke was around on Sunday, and she stayed with Olivia for a bit so we could go to Jack's end of season football party...it was a great way to end a great season

in a very serious cornhole tournament!

After the party, we came home, ate sausage and peppers, curled up on the couch and watched some football!!!  It was a pretty low key weekend, which is totally fine by me...sometimes those are just what I need, especially with the craziness of the holiday season about to begin!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!!!

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