Thursday, November 20, 2014

Being Organized.....(well at least trying)

Organization....that word used to scare me because I thought to myself I don't have time to get for far too long I was the queen of look it up in the dictionary and there would be my picture as the definition.  Our life is pretty much CRAZY all the time...our family of 7...which includes our 5 kiddos is jam packed full of sports, school, activities, and well just life!!!!  I realized many years ago that my life would always be chaotic, however I am happy to say that now it is more of a controlled chaos, and wow it is way better.  I used to get frazzled ALL THE TIME, and constantly felt overwhelmed and just throw my hands up and then get depressed...not a super way to get through life, and definitely not fair to my family!!!  So, I sat down and wrote a list, for me writing things down really helps.  As I started getting overwhelmed looking at my list, I took a deep breath, regrouped and realized this was a necessity for my sanity.  I was never one to be super regimented and stick to a schedule, and in some ways that is super great, but in many ways it is not, like when its 4:30 on a Tuesday, one child needs to be at dance, one needs to be at baseball practice, homework needs to be done, and oh yea I guess my crew is going to want to eat dinner and have clean clothes for the next day....yikes...major reality check...this family NEEDS a routine!!!!!  So I decided to start writing everything down, I was making daily to do lists, weekly meal planning, and it really helped .....then I decided to take it a step further and I purchased My Life Planner , and let me tell decision first I was a bit skeptical as it is a bit more pricey than just a planner I can pick up at Target, but holy cow it was worth every single penny...if you haven't seen this planner, go check it out...there are so many great cover options, I did a personal cover so it is filled with pics of my peeps!!!  Its fabulous!!!  I have heard some great things about the Emily Ley Simplified Planner , and I think I am going to order that one also for the new year, just to compare the two and see what i love the most.  But so far, the EC Life Planner , has been awesome for me...everything we need to do is written in my planner, and now I don't forget anything.  We also use the weekly schedule pad from Erin Condren, and I hang it on our refrigerator every Sunday night, so everyone knows our plans and schedule for the upcoming week, its great because my boys are a little older, 10 and 12, so they are able to look at it daily and start to become a bit more responsible and know what their schedule is without me having to constantly tell and remind them.

love love love this planner

this weekly pad is super helpful at our house!!!!!

So far, this has helped me tremendously with my family and my sanity!!  I would LOVE to hear what everyone else does to keep their household running smoothly....I am always on the lookout for anything and everything to make life a little smoother over here!!!!

Have the BEST day!!!!

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  1. I have an Erin Condren teacher planner that I love! I love all of her products! Organization- not my strongpoint! At least we look cute trying with our awesome planners! lol

    1. Girl I hear ya!! I really try to keep organized now because we all just flow better over here that way! It definitely helps having a cute planner though;). Happy Friday my friend!!!!

  2. I'm getting an EC planner for Christmas and I cannot WAIT! Love your blog!

    1. Yay Cara! You're going to LOVE it! Be sure to let me know what you think when you get it!!! And thanks so much for reading!!! Xoxo have a great weekend!!!!