Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday Ladies!
I can't even believe we are heading back to school in less than a month....why why why must time go by so quickly??
Today is my grandmother's birthday...she would have been 91 years old today...she passed away very unexpectedly last August, and still almost a year later, I can't believe she is gone.  She was such an amazing person...and I miss her every single day!
There is no doubt she is up there dancing and celebrating her birthday today!
Our weekend was pretty low key, and it was pretty fabulous!  After being busy busy busy the past three weekends with the kiddos being gone, we were so ready for them to get back home Saturday!
On Friday I didn't do much other than sit around and just enjoy my final day of peace and quiet!
Saturday I slept in and did some grocery shopping before my babies got back!
 It wasn't even 7:30 and AJ was passed out laying with Mark on the couch!

This girl fell asleep in my bed and I was more than happy for the ridiculous amount of snuggles, hugs and kisses I got from her!

Clearly they were all tired from the long car ride home!

Typcial AJ....sleeping completely under a blanket!

And Sunday morning this girl was ready to settle into her normal spot and catch up on Shopkins videos!
Sunday we spent the day home, doing laundry, watching TV and just enjoying all being together.  It was a pretty uneventful weekend over here for sure!
This Thursday we are loading the kiddos back in the car and making the 14 hour drive to Michigan to visit with Mark's family....I am DREADING and I mean DREADING the car sucks!
Be sure to check back tomorrow....I'm sharing my husbands very favorite recipe...and it's delicious!


  1. So happy your kiddos are home! That car trip sounds like my version of you know what! Bring a good book or download a fun app to play with! haha Happy Monday!


    1. Girl the car ride....I'm already breaking out into a sweat just thinking about it !

  2. Looks like your kids had a great time and are happy to be back. Love that you and their dad have such a great arrangement sharing the time with them. Will you be doing anything fun in Michigan besides visiting with your hubby's fam? Have a great monday!

    1. Hey Jen! The kids had a great time, and I am very thankful for a healthy relationship with my ex husband. Each year when we go to Michigan we don't do much other than relax on the's a nice welcome break to our crazy hectic life ! Have a great day.

  3. I know you are so happy to have those sweet babies home!

  4. Enjoy your vacation and I'm so glad your kiddos are back! Hope they had a great time at their dads!