Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up...Wednesday Edition

Happy Wednesday Ladies!  Hope you are all having a great week so far!

 So true!
Another week and another weekend wrap-up coming midweek!  You would think with my kids being gone I would be more organized than I am....not so much!  The kids were supposed to be coming home this weekend, but they are really enjoying their time with their dad, so they are going to be staying for another week...that will be 3 weeks that they will be gone!  They have never been away from me this long, and I do miss them like crazy, but I am so happy they are having fun and getting to spend so much time with their dad!  Plus, if I am being honest, I am kinda loving sleeping some days until noon, and not cooking!  Ha!
Friday morning I had to pick up Brooke, my oldest daughter from the airport, she went up to spend just a week with her dad and then flew home because she had a trip to the mountains planned with her girlfriends...oh to be young and carefree again!  After I got back from the airport I decided I was going to spend the rest of the day on the couch watching Hallmark Christmas movies...I did just that and it didn't disappoint.  I have seen these movies a million times, but I never tire of them.  When Mark got home he made us filet mignon and shrimp and we ate dinner, watched some TV and just enjoyed a quiet night!
Saturday morning I met up with my mom over at the outlet mall for some shopping...and I got some great things at GREAT prices!  I was pretty happy and it was a great way to start the day!
Saturday night we had tickets to see Tim McGraw...and I was really looking forward to this concert.  We have been to A LOT of concerts, but this was probably the one I was most looking forward to, I have always wanted to see him!  I could barely contain my excitement all day, I just wanted it to be show time!
I had to snap this picture before I cute is this Tshirt...I snagged it at the GAP outlet for like $ it!
Tailgating is half the fun is always so much fun to hang out with friends, meet new people and just have some fun!
My date for the evening...Tim McGraw ain't got nothing on him:)

We are blessed with some really great, really fun friends!  Major pre-concert fun

Mark and Thomas...we adore him!



I love him...I love us!

We always have so much fun together!

Lawn sittin' with my guy....
So all the pre-concert stuff was super fun...but I was anxious to get in and see Tim McGraw...I was so excited!  I don't know if it because I had psyched myself up too much, or I had too high of expectations, but I was SOOOO disappointed with the concert...I have been to many concerts, and this was definitely the worst...I was so unimpressed...he didn't sound good, he sang songs no one really knew, it was such a let down....but he did look good! 
When we go to concerts, we never drive home, we always stay in a camper up there, one of the many perks my husband has with his job!  After a not so great show and way too much to drink I was more than happy to just have my head hit the pillow!
We woke up around 11 Sunday morning, grabbed some lunch and headed home!
Love lunch dates with him!
We spent most of the day just hanging out watching TV...and Mark made us a delicious dinner...
This pork is so delicious...I am sharing the recipe next week here on the me it's a winner!
Though the concert wasn't all I had hoped it would be, it was still a great weekend spent with my husband and friends! 
Be sure to check back tomorrow for Thursday Thoughts!


  1. I hate to hear that the concert wasn't what you expected it to be...what a bummer! But looks like y'all still had fun anyways :) Have a great day!


  2. I can't believe the Tim Mcgraw concert was disappointing. That is just so sad. I love his music, and he seems like such a professional. Seems like he would get it right and play the songs everyone wants to hear. Enjoy the rest of your kid-free days!

    1. I think I was just expecting too much. Lol. And I'm enjoying my time kid free!!!!

  3. I saw Tim McGraw @ the Texas State Fair, in the pouring rain! And he Rocked! Maybe he is just getting old! LOL, this was a few years back.

    1. I think kno expected it to be "so" awesome and my expectations were just too high

  4. I have seen him 3 times (the last time being 2012) and he has always been amazing in concert. So sorry that you didn't have the concert fun you were expecting. I would love to have seen him and Faith in Las Vegas this past year too. But it didn't happen. I am taking my youngest daughter Taylor (she is 22) to see a huge concert at the SF Niners new stadium (Levi Stadium) in August. Luke Bryan is the headliner but there are 4 other great performers (Florida Georgia Line, Randy Houser and 2 others I can't think of now!) and I truly hope we have a great time! It starts at 4:30PM and I am sure will be a long day but fun! Anyhow, have a great rest of your week and enjoy your kids being at their dad's! It's always good for time apart. I don't care what anyone says! LOL

    1. Kim, I was definitely disappointed;(. We see Florida Georgia line August 14, Luke's Bryan sept 24 and Jason aldean sept 4...we have seen like Bryan and kason aldean twice before and girl they don't disappoint!!!!!

    2. I am not a jason Aldean fan, but I do like a few of his songs and we have seen Luke Bryan before and he was AMAZING!!!! SO excited to see him again!! Haven't ever seen FGL but my daughter has and she is super stoked to see them again. It should be a fun day of drinking some cold beers and hanging with my girl!!

    3. You're going to have a blast. And oh girl I love me some Jason aldean!!!!!

  5. Such a bummer that you were disappointed with Tim! I saw him at Country USA in Wisconsin a few weeks ago and he was honestly the best concert of the week! He played a great mix of his old & new stuff and sounded great. You must have got him on an off night, which is too bad :(

    1. I'm thinking I did. Everyone says they love his shows!!!