Monday, September 28, 2015

Favorite Things Party

Happy Monday Ladies!
Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for their "Favorite Things Party"...grab the graphic and link up too!

and here is the list for what is coming up....

Today it is all about scarves....when I think about fall I immediately think about scarves!  I have a few lighter weight scarves that I could definitely wear during the spring and summer, but I rarely ever do!

Here are my scarves.......

The plaid one on the top I picked up at Target last year, it was like $16 and I wore it a ton!  I couldn't find the exact one online, but you can find some great similar ones here .  The blue one I picked up at a local little boutique here to wear to a Panther's game last year.  The one on the far right I got at Target probably 4 years ago on clearance for like $2

The leopard sparkly scarf on the bottom left is one of my favorites.  My mom gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago and I have no clue where it came from.  The one on the top left I got again from Target on clearance last year for $4.97!  The one on the bottom right is awesome and super lightweight!  I got them at Nordstrom last year and couldn't find them online, but you can look here for some great ones under $50.  The one above the light blue one is furry and super soft!  I got it last year from Nordstrom on clearance, similar one here .

The scarf in the upper left corner was another Target find a few years back.  The navy strip one I got at Old Navy last year and I probably wear it the most out of all my scarves, it is lightweight and goes with so many different things.  Old Navy has some really great scarves, you can check them all out here .  The leopard one on the bottom left is also a favorite of mine, I wear it a lot!  I couldn't find my exact one, but found a similar one here
A scarf is a great accessory, so I am anxious to see everyone's favorites today!  I am on the lookout for the perfect plaid blanket scarf! 
Happy Monday!


  1. I adore scarves! All of yours are so pretty! I especially love blanket scarves and infinity scarves! I wish I could wear them to work!

    1. You can't wear them to work ? That's odd !

  2. I have major scarf envy, you have some cute ones! I can't wait for some true fall weather so that I don't look so ridiculous in my scarves and boots :)

  3. Your Olivia and my Olivia (mine is 12) have the same taste is bedspreads/room decor. Cute!

  4. You okay girl?! Just making sure since we haven't heard from you in a few days!