Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday Ladies!
Hope you all had a great weekend!

We had a great weekend...the only thing that would have made it better was if it wasn't so HOT!  I am so over these crazy hot temperatures!
Friday morning I got the kids off to school and spent some time home doing some laundry and picking up around the house!  After I was done with that, I met a girlfriend for lunch.  There is nothing better than catching up with a great girlfriend over a delicious Quizno's sub!
I was super excited to wear my new shirt from Be Still Clothing , they really have some super adorable stuff!  Stressed, Blessed, and Coffee Obsessed pretty much sums up my life perfectly!
After a yummy lunch with a great friend I ran into Target for a few things........
and of course left with some Shopkins!
Friday night we hung out, watched TV and the kids colored for hours!!!

They colored their little hearts out...and all their artwork was perfect!  Low key but super great Friday night!
Saturday morning I was hoping to sleep in a bit, but Olivia decided waking up at 7:15 was a great idea!
I picked up this t-shirt over the summer at the Gap Outlet and I just love it.  I mean it makes getting dressed on the weekends so easy!  And I can't rave enough about my Monogrammed Converse....definitely check out Crystal Faye and get yourself a pair...they are so cute!
I ran a few errands before AJ's game Saturday afternoon, and I hate getting's just one of those things I hate doing, and usually wait until I have about 3 miles to empty before I get it!
However...being able to fill up my car for under $30.00 makes me really happy!
It was crazy hot here this weekend, and AJ's game was at was miserably hot sitting in the stands!
I am so proud of Harrison for giving up so much of his free time to coach youth football!  The kids on the team just love him!

Getting ready to start the game....running through the banner is always so much fun!

My little guy #8...he played AWESOME!  He had a 30 yard run for a touchdown, and he also made the extra point!  They lost, but my boy gave 110% and played his heart out!

The bond my boys have is truly amazing...I am so thankful!

Love my #8

Saturday night Mark brought home a Chick Fill A Platter for dinner and we ate lots of nuggets, and watched was the perfect way to end the day!
Sunday morning we got up and got the boys ready and took them to the Drag Races!  My boys LOVE going to the races, and the drags are their favorites to go to! 

My sweet little guys!


I loved how they matched their outfits!

These races are crazy loud...but so exciting!

I love these two so much!


This driver is the nicest guy!  He always takes so much time talking and interacting with the fans!  My boys look forward to seeing him each year!

AJ practicing to be the next American Ninja Warrior!

AJ chatting with the security guard...AJ has NEVER met a stranger!

They became fast friends!

This kid cracks me up!
After another crazy hot afternoon outside, we headed home, grilled out and watched some football! 

The night ended once again with LOTS of coloring!
Hope you all had a great weekend!  We have a super crazy week ahead, and we are heading out of town next weekend....more on that later this week!
Have a great Monday!


  1. Looks like a great weekend! I'm with ya though, I'm ready for cooler temperatures!!

    1. I'm so happy today is going to be a bit cooler ! Happy Monday Lauren !

  2. Looks like a great weekend! I'm so ready for fall!!!

  3. Oh, that t-shirt you posted (Stressed, Blessed, and Coffee-Obsessed) is the perfect gift for someone I know. Thank you!

    1. The shirt is so fabulous! It's so soft and comfy! Will make a great gift !!!

  4. No lunch pic with your friend? Boo! Love seeing all the baseball pics, but something out of the ordinary is always a favorite of mine ;)

    1. No lunch pic! And I know the football (and baseball too) pics are on repeat a lot...sorry it's the majority of my life these days !