Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Show And Tell Tuesday

Today I am linking up with Andrea for "Show And Tell Tuesday".  Be sure you grab the graphic and link up too!

Today we are talking about our first jobs!  I always find it so interesting to hear people tell about the jobs they had...especially their first ones!
Like many, I guess my first job was babysitting!  I have always loved kids, and I started babysitting for neighbors when I was probably 12 years old!  When I started high school I started babysitting pretty consistently for a family with one little boy.  I loved babysitting for them!  They paid me really well, and I got to tag along on a few of their vacations to watch their little guy! 
My first real "paycheck" job was when I was 16 years old and I was a bus girl at a local restaurant in town....so glamorous I know!  Funny thing...I really loved that job!  I remember feeling so independent and I looked forward to the weekends and going to work!  I did that until I was 17 years old then I started working at the Children's Place in the mall! 
Really nothing super exciting, but I do totally remember feeling like a "big shot" having a job and a paycheck each week!
Can't wait to read about everyone else's first jobs today!


  1. Oh my goodness I would not have even thought about babysitting as my first job but it really was the first job I was paid to do....unlike you I hated it!! I think I babysat the brattiest little kids and I just remember the parents I sat for every Saturday were the most terrible house keepers. When the girls would go down for naps I would clean her fridge every single week and throw away the rotting food. :)

  2. The best day of our bi weekly schedule is that paycheck!!! I miss babysitting. I love getting paid to watch tv for hours on end ;)

  3. How did the trip go? Are you moving?

    1. Our trip was great. And we will now very shortly what our plans are

  4. I too was a babysitter and swore I'd never be a mom and torture myself! Here I am 4 kids later!!!! Lol!

  5. Missing your daily posts:( Come baaaaaaaaack lol!