Monday, July 25, 2016

Let's Talk

Hello Girls!

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for their "Let's Talk" linkup!

Today we are chatting about School Days!  Back to school time is always such a fun time for us!  As a kid I loved getting new clothes, shoes, a new backpack, lunchbox and supplies!  And now as a mom, I love doing these things for my kiddos! 

Our back to school is a bit different for us than in years past.  Normally all my kids started on the same day, but now that we have moved and Olivia attends a year round school, it definitely is just not the same.  It has been weird only getting up one child versus all three! 

When Brooke and Harrison were younger I would go out in the beginning of summer and get all their school supplies, to beat the rush of everyone shopping right before school started, but I soon realized I really wasn't doing myself any favors by going so early!  Our schools always have put out a generic supply list, and I would go and get every item on it, and then once they started back, half of what was on the list they didn't need, and each teacher had their own now I just buy things like pencils, notebooks, crayons, etc..that I know they will need and wait for either the first week of school or open house to get the rest.  School supplies can get very expensive, so now I just wait and only buy what they need! 

I always have loved back to school shopping for clothes for the kids, there is just something so awesome about wearing a brand new outfit and new shoes on the first day of school!  Now that my boys are older, they have their own style and opinions on what they want to wear...and basically it is basketball shorts and a t-shirt every single day...and I mean EVERY SINGLE DAY!  So back to school shopping for the boys consists of basically just hitting up Marshalls and TJ MAXX and grabbing all the Nike shorts and t-shirts we can find!  EASY PEASY! 

I always had so much fun shopping for Olivia...I mean there is just nothing better than dressing a little girl!  Her school is a uniform school now, and I have to admit I LOVE it!  There is zero fighting in the mornings about what to wear, and it really is so economical.  She can wear navy or khaki bottoms and a polo type shirt either white, red, navy or orange.  She can also wear polo-type dresses in any of those colors or a blue or khaki jumper too.  I just go to Target and get her everything she needs for the year, and it costs me well under $100 to outfit her for the ENTIRE school year...and that just makes me happy!  I am a huge fan of school uniforms and wish all the schools were uniform schools! 

Every year on the first day of school and the last, I tend to get a little weepy.  The years seem to be flying by faster and faster, and though it is such a joy watching my kids grow up, it is also very bittersweet for me.  The time has just flown by and I feel like I have blinked my eyes and they went from babies to big kids literally overnight.  I am always amazed how much they seem to grow during the school year! 

Liv started 3rd grade two weeks ago, and so far she is LOVING it, she is such a little sponge and she just loves learning new things.  I love just sitting and listening to her read to me or bust out multiplication facts like no one's business!  Math is her jam and she loves it!

AJ will be starting 7th grade...and he loves middle school.  He had such a great year last year and I am pretty sure he will own 7th grade this year!

Jack..he is starting high that is even possible...I just don't know.  Jack is an incredible student.  He loves school and does very well.  He is so dedicated to his studies and I am so proud of him!  I thought he would be a little nervous about starting high school, but he isn't.  He can't wait to start and is already talking about college!  This boy has big plans for his future and I know he is going to have an awesome freshman year!

I love having my kids home with me, but I have to admit that I love once they are all back in school and we have a routine, and well the peace and quiet is also a plus! 

The boys have two more weeks before school starts and they are soaking up their last days of summer by staying up all night and pretty much sleeping all day!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Hope y'all have a great day!


  1. My kids' school is going to uniforms beginning this year and I already love it. Navy, white or red polo and khaki, black or navy bottoms. It's going to be so easy for them to get themselves ready in the mornings and it cost me like $75 to outfit them both! Love!

    1. I LOVE the uniforms! So easy and so economical!!! Have a great day!!!

  2. ITs so weird to know that I no longer have ANY kids on school.....or in college! What! Time sure flies!

    1. A part of me can't wait to have them all out of school and on their own and another part of me wants the time to slow down a bit

  3. My son is starting K and has uniforms. I love the idea but am hoping it goes over well with him as well. ;)

    1. At first Olivia wasn't a big fan...but now it doesn't even phase her and she was excited to get new uniforms for the school year! Hope he has a great year in kindergarten !!!!

  4. Seriously..I so wish Carly Jo had to wear a uniform. I really think it would just make life so much easier!