Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Favorites

Hello Ladies!

I am always excited when Friday rolls around, however I am extra excited this week, because we have a four day weekend!!!  

Today I am linking up Andrea , Erika , and Narci and sharing my Friday Favorites.  Be sure to grab the graphic and link up too!

This is definitely my favorite!  

I have been using Aveda hand cream for is hands down the BEST hand cream out there.  If you are wanting soft, smooth hands, you need to grab yourself this.  

AJ has been working very hard in school lately, and his last report card was AWESOME.  Mark had given him a $25 gift card, and can see from the photo above how AJ decided to spend it.  That my friends is what $24.67 worth of candy looks like.  Watching AJ work so hard and seeing the results from his hard work and dedication is my FAVORITE!  (also....those sour patch watermelons are my favorite too)

We celebrated Valentine's Day at home with a yummy steak dinner, and these chocolate covered strawberries that were everyone's FAVORITE!


I am loving my new Tieks !  I ordered my first pair a few weeks ago, and struggled a bit with the sizing (everyone should offer shoes in half sizes), but after trying on a few pairs and a few different sizes, I am super happy with my purchase!  I absolutely adore the packaging, and their shipping and customer service is AMAZING!  These are a little pricey, but so far they are super comfy, and I know I am going to reach for these cute flats all the time!  I am loving the mint color, I wear lots of denim and just white or black shirts, so these will add a fun pop of color!  If you have been on the fence about them, get them!  Shoes...always a favorite!

Mark is working this weekend, and I am planning on getting some yard work done.  Hope you all have a great weekend.  See you back here next week!



  1. Those chocolate covered strawberries look AMAZING!!

    1. they were super yummy! Have a great weekend Lauren

  2. That pic of Aj's candy still cracks me up!!

  3. I'm a teacher and have heard great things about Tieks! I will have to check them out. Love that he spent his money on candy- why not?!? Happy weekend!

    1. Lots of the reviews I read about the Tieks were teachers and they LOVED them. So far, I am loving mine. And I am sure some people were judging we let him spend $25 on candy, but hey you're only a kid once...why the heck not. Have a great weekend!!!

  4. Super cute shoes! Jealous of your 4 day weekend! Enjoy!

  5. I love Tieks! Best shoes out there! You finally joined the cool kids club by getting them AND a second pair no less! GO GIRL!!

  6. We had steak for v-day too but I missed out on chocolate covered strawberries this year. Those look amazing.