Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday Favorites......Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds

Happy FRI-YAY!


So unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks I am sure you all have seen, heard, and had your fill of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  

I am going to share with y'all what I picked up but first I'm gonna!  I am not going to lie...I love this sale...I have always loved this sale...I have loved this sale long before every "blogger" and "influencer" shared the shit out of it.  And I still love it, but I will say the sheer amount of women "covering" this sale kinda makes me sick, kinda makes me laugh my ass off. In the weeks leading up to the sale the amount of stories and these women going on and on and on how they work so hard to cover this sale, and it is only right we shop their links so they get the commission for all their hard work had me almost vomitting!  I don't mean to come off as a hater, because I am not, I understand this is how they make their money, but there are literally thousands of these girls sharing ALL THE SAME STUFF....and sharing story after story on how to shop their links, and don't use the app because they don't get about over saturation!  I feel like my IG has been full of nothing but "try on sessions" and it is literally all the same stuff...which I think sucks because there really is so much more in the sale other than the booties and cardigans everyone and their mother is sharing!

Anyway.....I shopped the sale the first day it was open to cardholders, I didn't set my alarm and shop the wee hours of the morning, I jumped online when I woke up and was able to get the few things I new I really wanted and then a few other things that caught my eye!  I think the sale is still going on for another week or so, so there is still time to grab some things at discounted prices.  What I love most about this sale is that I can get a good deal on fall and winter pieces, what I don't love is not being able to wear them right away!  

Every year I always grab something Barefoot Dreams....I know everyone talks about them..and in my opinion they are worth all the hype!  They are definitely a little pricey, but in my opinion totally worth it.  This year I got this one in the color Almond.  I ordered it on July 12...and it is not scheduled to be delivered until July 30th...I am not thrilled about that but I am so excited to get this one.  Last year I got the Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan in the blue and LOVE it.  As I am writing this post I see that the ones included in the sale are sold out...but fingers crossed they will get some more...I love the Circle Cardigan..and it is the one that I wear out...with leggings or jeans.  It is super soft but definitely doesn't look like a robe!  And a few years ago I got the Barefoot Dreams Calypso Wrap Cardigan and love it...I didn't see it in the sale this year, but I use mine as a robe and 3 years later it has held up awesome!  These make great Christmas gifts!  

I got this blanket last year during the sale and a year later we are still LOVING it.  It is very soft, washes great and is like $25!  I have the grey one in my cart currently and most likely it will make its way to our house soon.  These also makes great gift...for the price I highly recommend it!

I got this Adidas tank and LOVE it!  I can wear it now and then in the fall with a cardigan or sweatshirt over it.  I got the black one last year from the sale and love the length of these...definitely long enough to wear with leggings!

These leopard mules might be my favorite purchase from the sale!  I love them...and I found them to be true to size.  Sometimes in a shoe like these I size up a half size, but I went with my normal size and they are perfect!

I ordered these joggers in grey, got them in and couldn't believe how soft they were, so I went and ordered the black pair also.  I haven't received them yet, but I am sure they are going to be just as awesome!  I am all about comfort, especially during the fall and I know I am going to wear these a ton!

I am sure you have seen or heard about these tees, they are $11, they are great for summer and to layer under cardigans in the fall and winter.  They are only $11 so they aren't going to last for years, but I always grab few each year...I love a good basic tee and these fit the bill!  If they are still available you should grab one, or two or five for yourself !

I got these Zella leggings and you just can't go wrong with these!  I love their crop leggings...not a fan of their live in full length leggings.  I am 5'5" and I find the regular leggings are long on me and I don't care for them...but the crop leggings...I love them!  I was hoping to snag the black but when I went to order they were sold out of my size!

I was hoping to find some pajamas that I loved, but I wasn't impressed with any of them that were included in the sale, so this was the first year ever that I didn't buy some pajamas and I was definitely a little disappointed.  I thought the shoe selection, especially the booties, was FABULOUS.  I really didn't need any so I refrained and didn't buy any, but if you need some new shoes I would definitely check out all the great shoes on sale!  I also was not overly impressed with the accessories that were available during the sale...I think the selection was much better in years past.  This was also the first year I didn't order anything for the kids....the boys like to shop for themselves at this point and I browsed the girls stuff but again was not really impressed, and even at the sale price, I still thought some of the pieces were priced too high for the amount of wear that Olivia would get out of them.  She is happy to shop at Target and get a few things from Justice so that works just fine for me!  

If you guys snagged anything from the sale I would love to know what you got!  Thanks for stopping by today...hope y'all have a great weekend!  See you back here Monday!


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