Thursday, July 26, 2018


Hello Friends....its been a hot minute since I have blogged....I just checked and the last time I put up a post was back in March!  My intentions were to blog regularly again, but sometimes life happens next thing you know you have blinked your eyes and four months have passed by!

I feel like life has just been crazy over the last few months, but the reality is we haven't really done anything too exciting, but it just feels busy all the time, and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day!

As I sit here typing, I am in COMPLETE DENIAL that next week is my kids last week of summer break...we go back to school here August 6 and I just think that is TOO EARLY!!!  We have been out of school since May 21, which I think is also too early!  I liked it much better when I was a kid....we went back to school after Labor Day and went until mid June!  

After the kids got out of school we headed up to Michigan for a week and we had a great time.  We swam, spent time with family and just truly enjoyed hanging out with each other.  Once we got back AJ started football practice, so our summer plans weren't able to be super elaborate this year since he has had football practice 3x a week since the first week of June.  I still cannot believe he is going to be a just doesn't seem possible to me at all.

Olivia did two little camps this summer and Jack did a lot of sleeping and relaxing!  He is going to be a junior and I just cannot believe I only have two more years having him home before he is off to college!  It is no secret that I have struggled with my kids growing up, but I have to say this last year I have really gotten over being sad about them growing up, I absolutely love seeing them turn into young adults, and I am learning to love the freedom that comes along with not having little kids anymore!

Mark and I were hoping to get away for a kid free weekend this summer and it just didn't happen.  We have a trip planned for late October and we are hoping to sneak in a weekend in Nashville in September.  We did go to the Kenny Chesney concert last week and that is pretty much about all we did this summer.  LOL

If you have read here for a while you know that I wasn't a fan of Florida, especially summer in was HOT!  So when we moved back in October I was in heaven...I loved every single second of the winter and all the cold weather.....then summer rolled around...and OMG!!!!  Y'all....this summer has been AWFUL....the heat and humidity is unlike anything I have ever much worse than Florida.  For us, it has been miserable...its too hot to play outside, its too hot to even walk to the mailbox....we are NOT it is safe to say that at some point (hopefully sooner rather than later) we will not be here.  There is heat, and then there is heat in the Deep South...and it really is no joke.  LOL. So we have spent most of our days inside in the AC trying to stay cool.  We are literally counting down the days for the cold weather to start rolling in!

I am sure everyone is pretty much OVER the Nordstrom sale and all the "influencers" sharing all the same crap(I know I am)....but I did pick up a few things that I am LOVING and will be sharing them later this week.  We also recently got the Instant Pot and have used it a few times and we LOVE it...I am planning on doing a post about it and of course asking y'all for all the delicious recipes!  

I really am hoping with the kids getting ready to head back to school I can blog 3x a week...I truly love this little space and this community!

Thanks for stopping by today!


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