Monday, July 30, 2018

Instant Pot


Hard to believe this is our last week of Monday we head back to school!

So I had mentioned last week that we finally got an Instant Pot, and though I was a bit intimidated when I first got it, we have used it a few times and so far we are LOVING it!

We got the 8qt Instant Pot, the exact one we got can be found here.  I got ours from Kohls, and between Kohls cash, 10$ off home purchase, and an extra 30% off using our Kohls charge we definitely got a GOOD deal on it!  

I am a huge crock pot is my best friend, and I wondered if I really "needed" this Instant Pot too....but after just using it a few times I can 100% justify the purchase.  I am sure I will still use my crock pot, but I am thinking it'll be much less now that I have this!  And the crock pot is great, but if you don't have your s*%t together and don't get it going in the morning...well you won't have dinner come 6:00!

I love the whole concept of one pot...I mean lets face it, I don't know anyone who loves doing dishes after cooking dinner, so I really appreciate I can make the entire meal in just one pot...just one pot to clean....YES PLEASE!

I love how quick I can get dinner on the table, some days I have lots of time to spend in the kitchen and cook all day, and some days its a freaking miracle my family even gets this is a huge help on those days.  So many days 4 o'clock rolls around and I realize I didn't get anything prepared for dinner, and so many times I would say screw it and we would just get takeout.  We are really trying to cut back on what we spend on eating out, so I am thankful that I can still whip up a meal at the last minute.  

I was definitely skeptical of it cooking so fast and still being delicious...the first thing we made in it was pulled pork.  This is definitely one of my family's favorite things to boys DEVOUR it.  Normally I would make it in the crock pot...the recipe I used the meat had to cook 14 hours, so I would throw it in the crock pot before I went to bed, and then by afternoon I was able to shred it, add the sauce and let it simmer another 2 hours. was delicious, but definitely a lengthy process.  So we decided to try it in the Instant Pot...I found a recipe and my boys were definitely not too sure, but we tried it and about an hour later we all agreed it was the best pulled pork we ever ate!!!!!!  The recipe was super simple and it really was delicious!

A few days later we tried spaghetti and meat sauce...I was definitely not sure about this one, but I figured I would give it a try....I wouldn't say it saved any time, but again I loved that I could cook the meat, and do it all in one pot.  It was actually pretty darn good, though some of the pasta did clump a little, so I know how to tweak it for next time.

It was yummy, and I only had that one pot to clean, so it was definitely a win in my book!

We also make Korean beef and served it over rice and it was DELICIOUS!  

I am definitely going to share the recipes later this week, because those 3 dishes really were good and we all loved it!  Not one complaint during dinner...any mom will consider that a huge win!

Now......where I am struggling is with the chicken in the Instant Pot.  I tried two different recipes and both were NOT if y'all have any tips for chicken in the Instant Pot or a good, no fail chicken recipe PLEASE share it with me!

I am definitely going to compile some of my favorite recipes and start to share them over the next few weeks, and please if you guys have a MUST MAKE Instant Pot recipe please leave a comment and share it with me!

Thanks for stopping by today!  



  1. I still haven’t jumped on the Insta Pot wagon yet.

  2. I'm so intrigued by all the posts and yummy recipes I see for these, but I'm kind of scared of them!