Monday, December 28, 2015

Favorite Things Party...Favorite Organizational Tool

Happy Monday Ladies!
Be sure to check back tomorrow, I will be sharing our Weekend Wrap-Up...Christmas Edition!  But today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for their "Favorite Things Party" link sure to grab the graphic and link up too!

Today we are sharing our favorite organizational tools!  If you guys have been reading here for a while you know how much I love a good planner.  I have an iPhone, and I know it can do pretty much anything for me, but I am totally old school, and still love to actually write things down..I am a big list maker too!
Last year, I bought the Erin Condren planner, and I liked it, but then this past spring I got the Simplified Planner and I loved it so much I got another one for 2016!  They are a little pricey, but in my opinion, it is totally worth it!  My life is in my planner!
This was my 2015 planner!
For 2016 I decided to go with the adorable Pineapple print is adorable! 

The whole month in view

Each day has its own page..I love that..and I love the space for notes, lists, and dinner!

Can't wait to fill out my 2016 "bucket list"
The planner this year was a bit smaller than the one for 2015, and I love that!
We are a BUSY family....and having everything organized is key for us!
I also am a huge fan of the Erin Condren schedule pad , I fill ours out each week and stick it on the helps the kids stay organized...and they know what they have going on each day...and I always put "what's for dinner" on the bottom line of each day!
We love this!
Stabilo Point 88 Pen Sets color parade adjustable set set of 20
These pens are my FAVORITE to use with my planner and our weekly schedule pad!
So pretty much my planner and schedule pad are my favorite organizational tool!  If you are a "planner" girl, you should definitely check out the Simplified Planner!  I got Brooke a Lilly planner for Christmas...she loves it and I was pretty impressed with it myself...and the price!!
Can't wait to hear what everyone uses to help keep them organized! 
Be sure to check back tomorrow...I'll be recapping our Christmas weekend!


  1. I need to get into using a planner! I always get one and never use it. Maybe I'll try out some of your suggestions :)

  2. I'm a planner, too, and prefer to write my notes, reminders, etc. down. So many people use their phones these days and although I don't think there is anything wrong with it, I prefer to write. Haven't bought one yet, though. Writing your menu on the bottom is a great idea!

  3. I love the weekly schedule pad! Even though its just Tony and I at home now, we always have a wakeful of activities and I know he loves seeing what is for dinner each and every day. Great suggestion! Thanks!

    1. You should definitely get one!!!! It's awesome. Have a great week my friend