Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Favorites...A Year In Review

Happy Thursday Ladies!
Happy New Year's Eve!
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I still can't believe today is the last day of 2015..this year has FLOWN by!  But I have to tell you...I am SO ready for 2016!  This year has been full of ups and downs for us..and though it wasn't all bad, I am ready to kiss 2015 goodbye!
So here is my "year in review" with some of my favorite moments!
We started off 2015 together, drinking coffee!
We had lots of "love" notes between the kiddos....
January had some down right COLD days!
We ended the month with a ton of cuddles and love.
Somehow AJ managed to get poison ivy in the DEAD of winter....
Olivia discovered Shopkins, and her life is now forever changed.
We had lots of crazy dress up days!
We purged a ton of crap
Olivia tried karate...
We went to the circus and LOVED it.
Olivia had some artwork displayed at school
We ate lots of sweets with friends.
Mark and I had a little Valentine's getaway to the mountains.
And we had a dusting of snow!
I started the month off with a Shamrock Shake!
We celebrated Jack turning 13!
I celebrated turning 41 with a few cakes!
We celebrated our sweet girl turning 7.
Another baseball started!
We celebrated Easter coloring eggs and going to Grandma's house.
We had lots of hot days during spring break.
AJ went on his very first overnight field trip...and he LOVED it!
Mark got to hang out with some NASCAR drivers!
The kids had their fun run...and it was fun
We had lots of long weekends at the ball field.
We broke out swimsuits and started swimming!
We had two jam packed, super fun weekends of NASCAR racing, partying and friends!
AJ had his first dance and graduated 5th grade.
We had a great visit with my step-son
And AJ perfected his sniper skills
The kids spent almost the entire month of July with their dad, so Mark and I definitely took advantage of all our free time!
We spent 4th of July weekend at the beach...
We sat on the lawn and listened to Tim McGraw
We took a little trip up to the mountains, and it was beautiful.
Our kiddos came back home!
We ended July with an awesome family vacation to Michigan!  July was a GREAT month for us!
August started out HOT!
The boys enjoyed Panther's training camp...
And Jack helped with some chores...
 Olivia was ready for 2nd grade!
We had a BLAST with my family at the Toby Keith concert!
Mark and I headed to Bristol for the was AWESOME!
The kiddos started school...2nd, 6th and 8th grade!

We were excited and ready for football season!

We saw Jason Aldean and once again he didn't disappoint!

Olivia's Shopkin obsession only intensified throughout the year.

My favorite time of year....start of the NFL season!

The boys enjoyed the drag races

I enjoyed fun fall cups from Starbucks.

We saw Luke Bryan, in the rain again...but it was awesome and so glad my mom was there with us!
October was probably the biggest month of the year for us...we packed up our life in NC and made the move to Florida!  The entire month was a roller coaster ride of emotions for me! 

AJ played his last football game in was emotional for all of us!

We celebrated my niece turning 2 a few days before we moved..saying goodbye to my mom, brother, sister - in -law , nephew and niece was TOUGH....

This night right here, October 21, probably the hardest night of my entire life...the last night Harrison would spend living with us...saying goodbye to totally SUCKED!!!  I miss him so much!!!

On October 22 we arrived at our new home in hasn't been easy...but I mean the views in my backyard are just has definitely helped with me feeling so down.

We celebrated Halloween as Cam Newton, a witch and a hobo!
Lots of fishing was done in November

This girl started her new school and she LOVES school...finally!

WE caught lots of fun fish in November.

I got lots of pics from back home of Harrison!

November was HOT

We spent Thanksgiving swimming!!!

We got an artificial tree for the first time!

We celebrated AJ turning 12...

And Buddy came back for the holidays in November!
Olivia's passion for crazy dress up continued through the year.

We enjoyed the weather here in FL and spent lots of time outdoors.

Somehow this sweet boy turned 20!!!

My PJ obsession was in full force and I was loving my new jammies in December.

Had a fun lunch date with my crews.

Enjoyed a night with my man making new friends.

We found "our" church in December! 

Santa came!

Christmas morning with my crew

Pictures of my peeps back home was very welcome in December!

December continued to be WARM!

I spent many December mornings enjoying quiet time, coffee and my tree.

I ended 2015 getting ready for 2016!
Thank you to everyone who takes the time each day to come and visit my little ol' blog!  I am so thankful for each of you, and for the friendships I have made through this crazy blogging world!  I am super excited to go through 2016 with all of you!
Happy New Year!!!



  1. What a year you've had! Especially, your move. I can't wait to hear how 2016 goes for you and your family! Have a great weekend, Kimm!

    1. So thankful for our "friendship" in 2015! Can't wait to go through 2016 following along with you my friend. Happy new year!

  2. Do not understand your obsession with pajamas, I live in Texas, 40 degreess here, no way would I be tangled up, in pants while sleeping, or even wear Uggs! Not the frozen Tundra! Quit it already! And your in Floridia !

    1. Hello anonymous! I have always loved pajamas. I love unwinding at the end of each day, putting on pajamas and just relaxing! we keep our house pretty cool, especially at night when we sleep, so pajamas work for me! As for my ugg slippers,,,I wear them every day, year round, I always have...not really for warmth, but we just like to wear slippers over here. Sorry my pajama obsession while I live in Florida bothers you so much;). Happy new year!

    2. I wear pj's at home all the time and my Uggs are a staple here in Texas.

    3. Really and truly...who cares if Kimm loves pj's and slippers? And what difference does it make where she lives?! So people in Florida or Texas or wherever can't wear warm pj's in the comfort of THEIR OWN HOME? Third world problems, for sure. I better stop wearing my shorts inside my own home in Buffalo NY during the winter.

    4. Thanks ladies! It's quite amazing how these meaningless things seem to really bother people ! Happy new year girls !!

    5. I was just going to say the same thing! Who cares who wears what and where and when! People, I have said this before but as I read several blogs I start to realize there are some very mean and snarky people out there! If you don't like what you read....STOP READING! Kimm.......I have enjoyed following your family and I too wear my pajamas and uggs and I live in sunny california! Gasp! LOL Happy New Year my friend!

    6. Thanks Kim;). I've come to realize that some people just truly enjoy being's all good. It does still however blow me away with how upset and annoyed people get with how we each choose to live our own lives. The world would be such a better place if everyone just stopped being so's just as easy to be nice or keep quiet! Happy new year my friend !!! Enjoy your uggs, jammies and California!!

  3. Is Olivia Mark's?

    1. Hello! No, all 5 of my children are from my first marriage! Happy new year!

  4. Its only right to begin March with a shamrock shake. Also, weren't you just so in love with those fall Starbucks cups!? Swoon!

    1. Hi jenn!!! I only ever drink a shamrock shake once a year...and I look forward to it! And I thought the fall cups were adorable!!!! Happy new year !!!

  5. I love PJs and Uggs also. I'm from Texas and I think it's plenty cold for both. 😊
    Lisa G, McKinney,TX

  6. Loved reading this and seeing everything you guys were up to this year! The shamrock shake made me laugh. I think you posted it back then and it made me hungry, and then you posted it today and it made me hungry again! What a year of change with the move and everything. But looks like you guys handled it great! Can't wait to see what's in store for 2016!
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

    1. Thanks Erin! I could go for a shamrock shake right about now. Have a happy new year!

  7. I find it so ridiculous and immature that anonymous adults will seek out Kimm's blog to make snarky comments about her pajamas or children, or spending, or whatever. I find her a whole lot more genuine than many of the bloggers in this same circle. Let up, people.

    1. Thanks Liz! I am who I am...I don't pretend to be something I am not. I don't need to "keep up" with anyone...I could honestly care less. Yes I do spend money on certain things that some may think foolish, but hey it's my life and my money. As for my children...they are awesome, I think they are the greatest and I will continue to talk and brag about them...because that's what moms do...I'll never apologize for that! Mark and I live our life doing what makes us happy...and lots of times that sitting around in our pajamas and slippers hanging out,,,,it works for us and it doesn't need to workbook anyone else! Thank you Liz...happy new year!

  8. Hi Kimm! So random, but you and your family should spend a weekend in Miami! Tons to do there and an amazing restaurant called Bargon G. Your kids will LOVE it!!!!! Just a fun weekend getaway :)

    1. Thanks for the tip! We aren't too far from Miami,...would be a fun little weekend getaway! I just wrote down this restaurant in my planner! Thank you! Happy new year!

    2. Oops! BarTon G. My bad :)

  9. Happy New Year Kimm! I'm with the other ladies - the anonymous, snarky, hateful comments are just so crazy! You have an adorable family and I hope you have a wonderful start to the new year!

  10. What a year!! Happy new year !!!!

  11. I loved reading this recap! I've only started reading your blog regularly (once I realized Olivia is close in age to my daughter!) a few months ago so this was fun to read! And of course, to echo the others - you are so real!!! It's why I've stopped reading some of the "marketing" blogs and stick with the ones like yours! Happy new year!!! Here's to a great 2016!

    1. Thank you so much for reading! Hope you have a very happy new year!!!!

  12. Do your older three kids not like to be in front of the camera and on the Internet as much? Just curious because I don't see them on here as much as aj and Olivia.

    1. Hi there ! Olivia asks me to take her picture about 50 times a day! AJ , for the time being, likes having his picture taken also! Jack is about to turn 14, and I guess it's not really considered "cool" for your mom to take countless pictures of you;) Brooke is 23 and Harrison is 20, so unfortunately they are not always super willing either to have mom snapping pics! It's like they turn into teenagers and all of a sudden having a picture taken by your mom just isn't the thing to do anymore! I wish I had started blogging years ago when Brooke and Harrison were a first time mom I was camera crazy for sure! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Happy new year

    2. Thanks for clarifying :) I wonder when the day will come when my kids do that ;) Hope you guys have a great New Year!

  13. Looks like you all had a great year!!!

    1. It was an interesting year for sure! We are ready for 2016