Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up...Tuesday Edition

Happy Tuesday Ladies!
I cannot even believe it is December 1st already....this year has flown by!
Hope you guys all had a great Thanksgiving weekend!  We had a great weekend, it was low key and just perfect!
Thursday morning we woke up and all watched the parade...it NEVER EVER gets old!  All my kids, in their jammies, around the TV watching the parade, definitely one of my favorite days of the year!  After breakfast and the parade we got dressed and ready to head over to my neighbors!  I was definitely missing my family a ton this year, but it was nice to go next door and share the day with some super great people!
So weird celebrating Thanksgiving with palm trees in the background!

Even stranger...seeing my kids swimming on Thanksgiving!  They were loving my neighbors pool!

This girl was in her glory!

AJ was in on the action too!

Definitely never spent a Thanksgiving like this before!  Though it was "different" than what we are used to, we all had a super nice day, and the most important part was that we were all together!  We are so blessed!
My mom sent me lots of pictures that day...I love this one of Harrison and my nephew Tyler!

I missed all 3 of these people like crazy! 

My aunt and uncle came from NJ to spend the holiday with my mom!  Super bummed we weren't there to see them!

Right here in this picture...all the people I love the most in this world!  I really did miss them so much!  Gosh I love my family so much!
We got home from my neighbors and finished watching the Panther's game....hello 11-0!  Loving our Panthers this season!
Olivia passed out early, probably from all that swimming, and we took the boys and headed to Target.  We walked in, looked around for a bit, then quickly left, the lines were ridiculous at the checkout..there was absolutely NOTHING I needed that bad to stand in line for an hour for!
Friday Mark had to go to work, so the kids and I slept in and it was so nice!  No one was up before 10!  We were slow moving, and after lunch I decided to get dressed and head out for a bit!  I was able to pick up a few gifts, so I can now at least say I have started my shopping:)
I stopped in Big Lots and saw this adorable tree skirt and had to have it!  I am major loving it!
Every year, since I can remember, we have always had a real Christmas tree, and I always loved getting everyone in the car and going to pick out the "perfect" tree,,,and sadly it is never the perfect tree, and I stress myself out to the max turning it, trying to find the "right" angle, and Mark gets annoyed with me, and we usually argue a little!  Then there is the major mess, the sap, the needles everywhere, having to water it...so this year I decided to get an artificial tree!  I couldn't believe the prices of artificial trees...I mean HOLY EXPENSIVE!  I guess though you are saving money in the long run by not spending $75 each year on a tree.  Spending hundreds just wasn't in my budget right now, however I am hoping to score the one I want after Christmas for like 50% off, so off to Target I went to get a tree!  Let me tell you about the deal I got....earlier last week all the trees were 50% off at Target, I had called the store last Monday to see how long the sale was good for, they told me until at least the 28th, so I had planned on going this past weekend, so I was good!  I went to Target and saw they were on sale, but no longer 50% off, I spoke to a manager and she told me to tell them at the register I spoke to her and to give me 50% off the tree, I was happy!  I get to the register and tell her, and she says ok....the tree, originally $198, rang up for $101, and she gave me another 50% off the $101...girls I got this tree for like $50....I was beyond thrilled!  HA! 
For $50....this will do just fine this year!

Olivia was LOVING it!

These two needed some sparkling cider to celebrate the tree being up!

And seriously...I LOVE this tree skirt!
After getting the tree up and decorated we watched some Christmas movies and we put the kids to bed.  And after they were all tucked into bed.....Buddy the elf made his way back!
The kids were super excited when they woke up Saturday morning and saw all this fun stuff!  I know the boys don't buy into this whole elf thing, but I love how they play along for Olivia's sake...and I know they love it too!
After a yummy North Pole Breakfast we took AJ out for the day for his birthday!  He asked if we could take just him and do something!  We love all our kids, and we love when we get to spend a little one on one time with each of them!  We took AJ to Bass Pro Shops to get a new fishing pole for his birthday, then we went to lunch.  I didn't bring my phone with me, so I don't have a single picture, but it was a great day...and he loved being the center of attention for a few hours!
Saturday night we just hung home, watched college football, and the boys fished!  It was nice!
My night also consisted of wine and this popcorn...I mean who doesn't love those $5 popcorn tins!
Sunday we had planned on checking out a new church, but I woke up with a terrible headache, so I wound up going back to bed and slept until almost 11.  We spent the rest of Sunday hanging out watching football, cooking dinner, baking cookies, watching the boys fish, and getting all the crap ready for school for the week!
This picture isn't super clear...but AJ was pretty pumped about this big fish he caught with his new pole!

And these cookies...they didn't last long!
So that was our weekend...nothing too special, but it was AWESOME!  I loved having my kids home all last week, and I cannot wait for Christmas break! 
Be sure to check back tomorrow for some more Holiday Gift ideas!


  1. Hi kimm! Where did you get the bow on top of your tree? Thanks :)

    1. Hey Jen! Believe it or not I got it at Walmart !!!!

    2. Thanks so much!! I was able to find the same one :)

  2. I'm team real tree all the way but had to suck it up this year and get a fake one because it works better for an apartment so I feel your pain! But hey it still looks great! I love that tree skirt...I'm on the hunt for a good one! I'm glad y'all had such a good weekend! GO PANTHERS!

    1. I'm loving the no mess of the artificial tree ! And seriously....how bout those panthers!!!! Have a great day my friend !

  3. Why do you never mention your older daughter or post pics of her? It's one thing if she doesn't want her picture taken, but seriously...you don't ever say a single thing in reference to her. Strange.

    1. she is 23, has her own life and things going on. If you have read previous posts, or followed me on social media than you know we think the world of Brooke! She is amazing ! I can assure you that all my kids are loved equally and as a mom it definitely sucks when they grow up and hanging out with mom and dad, loving getting their picture taken is no longer their favorite thing to do !!!! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment today!

    2. That's fine, but you mention Harrison constantly without posting pictures, yet rarely mention Brooke. In addition, by the time they're 23, they are no longer "embarrassed" by mom snapping a quick pic. Somethings shady here....

    3. Harrison was very involved with AJ and coaching football, something I talked about often. And unfortunately Harrison didn't move with us so yes I mention him because I miss him terribly. I'm sorry i didn't start this page many years ago, it would have been filled with nothing but Brooke and Harrison. Sadly I am sure as my little boys get older they will be mentioned less and less, and the pictures of them won't be what they are now. And even at 23, I still get "mom seriously enough with the pictures ".

  4. First of all, it's weird for ME to see your kiddos swimming in the pool on TG! LOL! We covered ours over the break. We have trees surrounding it, so it really helps covering it every year. Your tree is beautiful, Kimm! I buy Hubs a tin of that popcorn every year for a happy gift!

    1. Definitely weird !!! I'm still getting used to the artificial tree but I am loving it. No mess! Have a great day my friend !

  5. Your new tree is beautiful and looks nice in your house.

  6. Your Christmas decorations and elf breakfast are adorable!! The balsam fir candle from Bath & Body can give your house the aroma of a real tree! It's really good. And I also got a kick out of your neighbor's inflatable tree!! That's hilarious (in a good way!)

    1. Thanks Betsy!!! I'll have to check out that candle! And it's hilarious to see their whole pool area lined with Christmas inflatables. Have a great weekend