Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Hello Ladies!

Hope you are all having a great start to 2017!  My mom left yesterday after being here for 5 days, and I have two days and then the kid's dad arrives Thursday for a visit, so I will be busy getting ready for round 2 of company over the next few days!

Today I am going to share with you a few of my favorite things I bought/received last year.  These are things that I have and love...and I always love when people share their favorite things, so today I am sharing mine!


I have wanted this mixer, but never really wanted to spend the money...well it was on sale, and an extra 20% off from Cartwheel, so Mark and I decided we should get it....and we are LOVING it!  I love to bake, and this has made it so much easier.  I have only made cookie dough so far, but I am super excited to start making more things!    Definitely one of my favorites.

I know I am LATE to the game, but I got my first ever cross body bag this past summer, and I don't know why it took me so long to get one!  For years I have always carried a BIG bag, and I love that I can just throw all my stuff in there, however when I am out for the day carrying a bag was becoming a huge pain.  I love my crossbody bag , having my hands free, and carrying just what I need.  Now I know this LV bag is a little pricey, but for me, it is one of those things that I know I will have forever and will definitely get my money's worth. 

This cup is AMAZING!  I got Brooke a pink one, and it works just as good as the Yeti cup, and in my opinion is just so much cuter!  I ordered the guacamole color for myself.  I don't drink nearly enough water, and when I do it has to be ice cold, so having this cup definitely makes drinking water easier for me because it keeps it cold for HOURS.  If you are looking for a great insulated cup to keep your drinks ice cold definitely check it out here , they have tons of colors to choose from!

I have been using Moroccan Oil for a few years now and absolutely love it, and my hair cannot live without it.  Over the summer my stylist recommended I use the "light" moroccan oil...up until then I never even knew that existed.  I have been using the light since mid summer and love it just as much as the original.  If you have lighter hair, and use Moroccan oil...give the light a try.  You can find it here .  

I love shoes, I especially love booties!  When I saw these booties online I knew they would be perfect for Florida.  I ordered them online, and when I received them the lining was coming up in the right shoe, so I sent them back and they sent me a new pair, well the second pair arrived and the same thing happened, so back they went and a new pair was on it's way to me.  I said if the third pair had the same problem I was returning and not exchanging them...well you know what they say...third times a charm..and that was the case for these super cute booties.  I absolutely love them, they are super comfortable and I wear them all the time.  These are the PERFECT little bootie for warm weather winters!

If you read here, then you know I am all about comfort, and these leggings are just that!  These leggings are crazy soft and so comfortable.  I have quite a few pair of Zella Capri and crop leggings, and hands down these are my absolute favorite!  I am not a fan of the Live In full length leggings, they are just too long on me, and I don't consider myself short...I am 5'5".  If you are looking for a great pair of leggings, you need to check these out!


Probably my favorite purchase last year was my Apple Watch .  When they first came out I had no interest, but I wear this watch every single day...since I got it back in May, I have not worn any other watch...I love it.  I have the larger size (42mm) rose gold aluminum.  The only thing that I am disappointed in is that most of the replacement bands all have silver clasps, etc...but other than that, there is nothing that I don't love about this watch.  If you have been on the fence about purchasing one, I HIGHLY recommend it!

These Nikes are a big favorite!  I have never been a fan of a black tennis shoe, but these had me at rose gold...they are fabulous.  I have worn them way more often that I thought I would.  They are lightweight and super comfortable.  I am always an 8 in sneakers, and the 8 in these fit me perfectly.  I highly recommend these if you are in the market for some new sneakers!  I am hoping they give me some extra motivation to be a little more active:)

I snagged the baby blardigan during the Anniversary Sale, and I am so glad that I did!  I originally bought the Indigo, and the color was fabulous, but it shed like CRAZY...I exchanged it and at the time the Indigo was sold out so I have the grey, and I wear it more often that I thought I would living in a warmer climate.  A part of me is wishing I waited for the Indigo to come back in stock, because it was so pretty!  If you are looking for something super comfy and crazy soft you should definitely check it out!  

After seeing lots of IG posts of the FabFitFun Box , I decided to give it a try, and I am so glad I did!  The box in the pic above is the box I got in the spring, and I loved everything in it.  If you don't know about FabFitFun, 4 times a year...Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, you will get a delivery of a box with FULL SIZE products for only $49.99...they just bill your credit card 4x a year and ship you your box..and you can cancel your subscription anytime!  This was definitely a little splurge for me, but it really is so nice to get this fun little box each season.  I have gotten 4 boxes so far, and I can't think of anything that I didn't like in any of the boxes.  If you're looking to pamper yourself a little bit in 2017, definitely check it out here .

I have blogged about this sweeper before, and I still LOVE it and use it every single day!  This little sweeper was under $40, and it is amazing.  Since I have gotten this, I don't think I have used a broom and dustpan...which is awesome.  I use it daily in my kitchen, and use it often to sweep up Chico hair from our lanai.  I have also used it for quick clean ups on our carpet and it works awesome.  I don't know about you, but everytime I would try and sweep my pile in the dustpan, there would always be crap that just didn't make it into the dust pan...well this little sweeper solves that problem...it picks up every last crumb!  If you are looking for something to make clean up a little easier, you need to check this out! 

So there are just a few of my favorite things from 2016!  If you guys have something that you can't live without or helps make your life easier let me know in the comments!

Be sure to check back tomorrow, I will be sharing a yummy French toast recipe!

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. So many great things in this post. I have the baby blardigan in gray and wear it every single day- my husband calls it my house coat because I wear it like a robe (too hot in FL for real robes!) I got that same LV crossbody for Christmas and can't wait to wear it all summer! And I pretty much only wear Zella leggings to workout and I get so many compliments on them! Have a great week! This is our last day off of school in Volusia. :)

    1. I wear my regular blardigan as a robe...and that baby one I throw it on all the time. Best purchase ever. As for the crossbody...so glad you got one...I use mine every day! In Florida I can use the white year round;). And Zella...awesome! Happy new year my friend

  2. I love love your favorites!! These are some of my favorite posts from people. I need to try the "light" oil bc I also didn't know it existed. And I'm ordering that sweeper thing today! I'm always using my sweep and dustpan in our kitchen daily! I need this!:)
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. The light oil is awesome and girl get the seeeper today...kids, crumbs...this thing is a dream. Happy new year my friend

  3. These are great favorites. I am thinking of putting a KitchenAid mixer on my wishlist for next year!

  4. Baby blardigan for the win! I definitely use my others as robes now but this one I wish I had grabbed in two colors. Happy New Year!

    1. I'm hoping it's in the sale again this year and I'm snagging the indigo. Have a great week my friend

    2. I use my other ones for robes now too! I love my indigo baby blardigan. My friend got the lounge pants and I wish I had bought them in indigo as well!

    3. Those lounge pants are on my wish list!!!!

  5. I've had my Kitchen-Aid mixer for about 5 years now and can't believe I went so long without one! I love it! Mine is red.

    1. I'm loving it so far. And I love the red!

  6. I love my apple watch too and I have the rose gold also, great taste! I think I'm going to get a new band though, I'm not loving the material.

    1. I ordered a band from monowear and they have the rose gold clasps. I got this greenish gray one and it's awesome with the rose gold !!