Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Favorites

Hello Ladies!

I don't know about you guys, but I am glad to see the week over and am ready for the weekend!

Today I am linking up with Andrea , Erika , and Narci and sharing my Friday Favorites.  Be sure to grab the graphic and link up too!

Last Sunday Mark and I had a day date, and it was the BEST!  Between the holidays, and his crazy work schedule lately, we have hardly hand anytime to spend just the two of us.  We have been so tired at night, so day dates are our new favorite.  We went to one of our favorite restaurants on the beach, watched the dolphins jump, ate the BEST bacon wrapped scallops ever, and I enjoyed a key lime colada that was AMAZING.  However my favorite part was getting to spend some time with my hubby...because he is my FAVORITE!

This sweet pup is still our big time favorite!  She is so playful and so much fun, and she is the sweetest to just curl up on the couch with!

I did a little home office makeover over the holidays, and I LOVE this 3 wick vanilla bean candle I picked up.  I think Bath and Body Works has GREAT candles, and they are usually on sale or they offer a coupon, so they are usually a good deal.  You can check out all their 3 wick candles here


We were never really happy with our ottoman that we got when we bought our furniture last year, so after looking for what seemed like forever, we finally found a table for our living room that we LOVE!  I had my eye on this table for a while, but was waiting for it to go on sale.  When it did, and they offered free shipping, and I had an additional 15% off I knew it was the time to pull the trigger.  I am so glad I did.  We are LOVING it.  And I love that the top comes off and we are able to store lots of blankets inside!

One of my favorite things to do each night is just unwind a bit and take a bath.  I've always loved a good bubble bath, and I just recently tried bath bombs for the first time.  I had ordered some off Amazon, and there just OK, so I decided to try the Lush ones.  I couldn't believe how HUGE they were.  I LOVED them!  I just wish they weren't so crazy expensive.  And I don't have a Lush store local, so I have to order online and their shipping is kind of high.  If you guys have a bath bomb you love that doesn't break the bank I would LOVE for you to share it with me!  

And the winner of the Starbucks gift card is......


Be sure to send me an email to so I can get your info and get your gift card over to you!

Not sure what we have planned for the weekend...the first weekend when no football is on is always a little depressing for me.  Hoping to just be able to spend lots of time with Mark and the kids and just enjoy being together!  We are expecting some cooler temps, so I am pretty darn excited about that.  Hope you all have a great weekend.  See you back here next week.



  1. I am LOVIN that table! And storage too, double bonus!!

  2. I'm absolutely in love with your new coffee table. It goes so well with your couch and looks so modern! Yes, my daughter is totally addicted to LUSH bath bombs. She actually found a DIY on You Tube and made a couple herself a few years ago!

    1. thanks girl, I am loving it too! And why why why do those bath bombs have to be so darn expensive???? I may have to find a DIY one for myself. Have a great weekend

  3. Love that new coffee table, it looks so good in that space!

  4. Whoa! I can't believe that I'm getting a Starbucks card!! This totally made my day! I'm a teacher and have had a ROUGH day, so this really makes me smile.
    Thank you, Kim! ☺️

    1. Yay! I just sent you an email;). Have a great weekend

  5. That ottoman is fabulous!!! I make my own bath bombs with essential oils. I found the recipe on a blog. I'm sure if you google it, you will find many from which to choose. And I'm with you on Bath and Body Works candles. My favorite and they always go on sale. Winning! Your sweet girlie is adorable. Hope your two pups are getting along.

    1. I will definitely have to look up some bath bomb recipes. And yes our pups are now the best of friends...they are so cute and have so much fun together. Have a great weekend!