Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favorites


The first week back to school after break is always rough...we are all pretty glad it's Friday, and we have a 3-day weekend!  

Today I am linking up with Andrea , Erika , and Narci and sharing my Friday Favorites.  Be sure to grab the graphic and link up too!

I am LOVING my new planner.  If you are looking for a great planner at an AMAZING price, you can read about the one I am using for 2017 here .

My ex-husband was in town last weekend, and seeing the kids spend time with their dad is definitely one of my favorites.

One of my favorite views is looking out and seeing Chico laying on his favorite chair outside!

Mani/Pedi days with Starbucks...always a favorite!

Life just goes smoother when I meal plan.  There is nothing worse than worrying about what's for dinner at 4:00 each day, and then having to worry about hitting up the grocery store to get what you need.  For me, if I take some time Sunday morning to meal plan, and grocery shop, my week just goes smoother.  I picked up this awesome weekly meal planner and I really like it.  I can plan our meals for the week, and I love that it has the shopping list, so as I plan, I can write down my grocery list, then just tear off the grocery list...easy peasy!  The back has a magnet so I just keep it on the fridge, so I don't have to answer that dreaded question...."Mom...what's for dinner?"  They can just look over at this little pad on the fridge and know whats for dinner every night for the week!  

These salad kits...SO SO GOOD!  Like everyone else I am TRYING to eat better.  My eating habits are terrible.  I can go all day without eating, but after dinner I just eat crap all night long.  I have been trying really hard to make sure I am eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and two small snacks during the day.  I love eating salads for lunch, but hate prepping them...cutting up the lettuce, peeling and slicing the veggies...I just don't want to take the time to do it.  Well, Brooke brought home these little salad kits a few weeks ago...and I was sold!  They are delicious and super easy.  Everything you need is right in the bag!  They have all different kinds, the Sesame Asian is so yummy, but the Sunflower Crunch is OUT OF THIS WORLD!   Each bag is $4, and I get two meals out of it, so $2 a meal is AWESOME!  I have been eating one everyday for lunch and I'm not bored with them yet!  If you are looking for a great, inexpensive, yet delicious lunch run to your grocery store and grab some of these!

I don't know about you...but I have the HARDEST time when it comes to jeans!  If I could I would wear leggings every single day, however sometimes I do need to wear something other than "comfy" clothes!  I cannot bring myself to spend a lot of money on jeans...the thought of paying $100 or more for a pair of jeans makes me nuts!  So trying to find a great pair of jeans, without breaking the bank has been challenging for me!  Normally, I get my jeans at the GAP, I was wearing the Girlfriend jeans, and they were ok, but I felt like all I was doing was pulling them up the entire time I had them on.  They fit in the morning, but after a few hours just stretched out a bit too frustrating!  And when I would wear jeans, the first thing I would do when I got home was take them off because they were anything but comfortable.  I had just about given up...until I was at Kohls right after the holidays and found these awesome jeans!  All the Vera Wang jeans were on a table as soon as I walked into Kohls, and I decided what the heck, let me try them on...not really having high hopes.  Well....I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  I have worn them 3 times already, and they are super comfortable and I don't have to pull them up during the day!  The best part, they are only $50, but Kohls always has a coupon out there for 20% !  The pair I got has some distressing in the front, and I am thinking of maybe getting another pair!  If you are looking for a great skinny jean, that stays put, and won't break the bank check these jeans out!

This weekend Mark has off, and it is the first weekend since Christmas that we have NOTHING to do, and NO house guest...and we are pretty excited about that!  We plan on watching a whole lotta football and that is about it!  Hope you all have a GREAT weekend.  Looking forward to seeing you back here Monday.



  1. Kimm! Did you get a new house? That view with a pool is fantastic! If so, congrats to you and your family. I also love those salad kits. Sometimes I throw grilled chicken on them for added protein.
    Have a nice, relaxing weekend.

    1. Yes we did! It didn't take loving her long to realize a pool was a necessity. However I sure do miss our water views;). These salads are my favorite. Have a great weekend

  2. I have Gap girlfriend jeans too, and I need a new pair! Maybe I'll have to head for Kohl's!!! And, I agree with prepping a salad. I love salads, but it's a lot of work to prep one! I try to fix two or three on a Sunday afternoon, so they're ready to go for lunch that week!

    1. Girl try these Vera wang jeans. I am loving them. Have a great weekend

  3. I like those grocery lists! I meal plan every Sunday. Even that its only just hubby and me! Makes life so much easier, plus if we are going to dinner that week, I love having that to look forward to! Have a great weekend and GO DALLAS!

    1. I've meal planned for a whole two weeks now and I will say it's taken so much stress from my life. And yes go Dallas since all my teams are out we are pulling for dak and the cowboys. Have a great weekend

  4. I totally agree about the salad kits! They are sooo yummy! One of them I added grilled chicken to once. i think it was the southwestern kit.

    1. I'm going to grill some chicken this weekend and keep it in the fridge to add to my salads next week. Have a great weekend

  5. I bought that exact planner!! 60% off was hard to resist. I always hate traditional planners because when I run into a slump and don't want to do a week I always feel like it's wasted. I don't think I will feel nearly as bad about this one! Plus...loving the currently prompts at the beginning of each month right?!!

  6. Those salad kits are good. My favorite is the Asian. Soooo good. I add some grilled chicken to it to make it a meal.