Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Words For Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Ladies!
Hope you are all having a great week so far! 
I saw this quote the other day, and it really resonated with me.  Isn't it so true, doesn't it feel like sometimes the worst things happen to the best people. 
Lately I find myself constantly asking the same question over and over again....why????  I feel like I can't even turn on the TV anymore without hearing about some awful tragedy, another innocent life being taken by the hand of some crazy person.  I mean it can really get super depressing.  I have learned that as crappy as these things are, focusing on all the bad and evil of this world is simply no way to go through life.  It definitely makes me so sad, and as a mom it is pretty scary raising children is this pretty messed up world.  But I do really try and focus on all the positive things, well because living in a bubble is just simply not an option...but seriously it should be right??!!
I try not focus on the ugliness of the world, I try and steer clear of the ugly people that have nothing better to do than cut others up, and I try and live my life the best that I can and provide as much happiness to my husband and kids as possible.  I listen to tragedy after tragedy on the news, and I don't allow myself to get consumed in it.  But that is so much harder to do when awful things happen to people who are close to you.  When we turn on the TV and hear these awful stories, we get sad, and think how awful it is, but when tragedy strikes close to home, for me anyway, it becomes so much more real.  Like holy cow, that could so easily happen to me, or one of my loved ones. 
I told you guys about my dear friend Talia last week, if you missed that post you can read it here .  Her husband was diagnosed with cancer about 5 years ago, and though he was sick, never did she expect to lose him so soon, it was definitely sudden and definitely unexpected.  It really hit me hard, someone my age losing their husband.  I have never known anyone that I was close to that has lost a spouse, I mean my heart breaks for my friend and her children.  We all just assume, we will live until we are old and gray, that we will retire, enjoy life with our spouse, watch our children grow up, get married, have a family of their own...that is how life is supposed to be.  People commit murder, are child molesters, yet they walk the streets and good people, like Brad get cancer, and are taken way too me gosh life is just so unfair!
This past weekend Mark and I were sitting outside and Jack came outside to let us know that one of his friends from back in Charlotte was killed earlier Saturday morning in a car accident.  I was so completely devastated.  14 years old...a young, brilliant life taken way too soon.  My heart breaks for the family, no parent should ever have to bury a child.  I was sad for Jack and his friends back home in be so young, and to have to deal with a friend dying.  I mean why is life just so unfair sometimes. 
I am not a super religious person by any means, but I do believe in God, and they say God always has a plan, but man, lately I really question what exactly that plan is. 
This past week has once again shown me that life is short, and making the most of each day, making sure your loved ones know you love them, is just so important. 
Thanks for stopping by today!  See you back here tomorrow!


  1. The world has been extra cruel lately. I pray that soon we'll all find peace!

  2. God does have a plan, but so much of tbe evil and tragedy we see in the world grieves Him as much (or more actually) than it does us. Sin has caused so much evil and death, but, as a believer, I hold fast to the truth that Jesus defeated death and made a way for us to be reconciled with God forever in a place where there will be no more of these horrible things. I hold fast to the comfort of my Savior, even when things look so dark and scary (and trust me, I feel the fear too at times!) I have found that as I've dug deeper in my relationship with Christ, He has continued to provide peace and grace and comfort even in the midst of tragedy. I pray you can get to that same place, because man, this life is tough!

  3. I love you girl! We did lose Brad too soon, I wonder the same thing why do the evil still roam and my sweet hard working husband/father is gone from our lives now. People keep saying you will be fine he is in your heart, sorry not the same as being to reach out and hold him, touch him, love him. However on the same note I know he would want me to be strong.
    I was so sad to hear about Jacks friend, again I say why? I hope he is handling that ok, but he has such a great mom to talk with, I know you will help and guide him through any questions he may have.
    My advice to everyone: Live life, love and appreciate who you have in your life every day, tomorrow is not promised.
    .....and Kimm stop making me cry.. <3 <3 (by the way Kimm would get this as not being mean because she "gets me" so don't jump all over her lol)

  4. Ugh. Yeah. Today is the one year anniversary of my sweet friend losing her two month old baby. He suffocated in his carseat while he slept at the babysitter. My heart is extra heavy today. :(

    1. Oh I am so sorry for your friend. That is just heartbreaking. Praying for her

  5. A teacher/class did a beautiful tribute desk to this child. Maybe you can see it on FB. His name is Justin Ashley. Who is also the BEST teacher in the world!

    1. Yes we saw it and it was so beautiful