Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Ladies!
Today is the last Friday of school for my kids, man oh man did this school year FLY by!
Today I am linking up with Andrea , Erika and Narci and sharing my Friday Favorites.  Be sure to grab the graphic and link up too!
I am always telling you guys how sweet and thoughtful Mark is...and he really is.  Pretty much every day he does some type of sweet little gesture for me.  Tuesday night I went into our room to go to bed, and he left some little mints on my pillow.  Just ordinary little mints he snagged from a restaurant, but it truly is these little gestures that mean the absolute world to me.  Having the best man ever to call my husband is a favorite for sure!
New bikes was definitely a favorite for the little kids this week!  Fitting all 3 in my car in one trip was my favorite!
Good friends are always a favorite for me!  Our friend Bryan, who Mark worked with years ago in Charlotte, was here in Florida this week, interviewing at Mark's company, so after his interview he came here, we caught up until Mark got home and then we headed to dinner.  Being able to maintain great friendships with lots of distance is awesome and a favorite for sure!
This little picture right here is filled with my favorites!  My view, my furniture, my coffee and my adorable new coffee mug !  I mean can anyone be trusted at Target??
I am pretty darn excited about this little sweeper!  The majority of our house it tile floor, and between the kids and the dog hair I feel like I am constantly having to having this makes it all much easier.  And...I even use it out on our lanai and it is just awesome! 
When the Apple Watch first came out, I had ZERO interest in it.  As I would be scrolling through IG I would see posts with someone showing off their new Apple Watch and how much they loved it, and my interest was definitely peaked a little bit.   The closest Apple Store is about an hour away from me, so I started looking online and doing some research and decided I really wanted one, so off to Best Buy we went , they only had the black one, 42 mm on display, so I didn't get to check them all out, but I decided to get the 38mm gold sport watch.  I got it home, and tried it on and was immediately regretting that I didn't get the larger one.  Back to Best Buy I went and exchanged it for the 42mm gold one.  I came home and was definitely happy with the larger size, but was not loving the navy band it came with.  I bought an off white color band, and though it definitely made it look more girly, but I was really thinking "man I should have gotten the rose gold" for the third time....back to Best Buy I went ( I am probably banned from making returns there now).  I exchanged the gold for the rose gold 42mm and I am LOVE LOVE LOVING it!  It was super crazy easy to set up.  Best Buy offered to do it, but I declined.  It took all of like 5 minutes to pair it to my phone!  I have had it for about a week now, and I still don't know everything it can do...I need to watch some videos and check out all the features.  I went to Starbucks the other day and actually paid from my wrist super cool!  For me though, the best part has been how little I am actually on my phone now.  I have mentioned before that Mark rarely ever complains, but his biggest issue with me has always been my phone...I get sucked in, check a text or email and next thing I know 40 minutes later I am still on my phone, checking Facebook, Instagram and a million other things.  Since I have had my watch, I am still able to see text messages and respond, I get notified of emails (and most of them are just junk anyway), and if a call comes through I can either take it or not, just like on my phone.  The great thing for me has been that my phone is no longer glued to the palm of my hand, which means I am just not spending hours anymore scrolling through social media, etc...  I have been SLOWLY getting back into exercising and I am love having the fitness app!  So even though I still have lots to learn about my new watch it's quickly becoming my favorite!
Not only did the little kids get new bikes, but Mark and I did too!  I haven't had a bike since I was a kid myself!  My kids totally made fun of my bike, but I think it is just darling! 
This view was my favorite for sure!  Pretty much my whole heart right there!
Getting a good deal is ALWAYS a favorite for me!  I got all those Gatorades (32 of them) for $11.41!  Publix had them buy one get one free and on each 8 pack was a coupon for $1.00 off 2!  I ran back out last night and bought 8 more 8 packs!   
The winner of the Budget Notebook is....
Brooke Bennett
we do it old school over here and pick the winner from a bowl of handwritten names!
Be sure to email me, with your mailing address and the cover choice! 
This weekend Mark has to work...he has been home the last 3 Saturdays and it has been perfect!  Olivia has a project due Monday that we need to work on, and the boys have some serious room cleaning to do!  Other than that we don't have too much planned!  I am super excited about only having 4 more days of school left next week!  Have a great weekend...see you back here Monday!


  1. OK, so two things right out of the gate---1) I adore your new yellow bike. I have a silver, boring, expensive Trek mountain bike but I am super jelly of yours. I feel like I must have it. And 2) I love the word lanai. It reminds me of the Golden Girls--lol! And I've always wanted to invite people over for a party on my lanai. The mints--he's so sweet. I think you should keep him around a little longer. Have a great weekend!

    1. My cute little yellow bike is Walmart and was super inexpensive and I couldn't love it more ;). We love our lanai...and love entertaining on it! And yea my man is a keeper for sure. Xoxo have a great weekend

  2. Loved your list and the fact that you like to do things "old school," too!

    1. Girl I love technology but I am still a list maker, wrote things down, pull names out of a hat type girl. Have a great weekend !

  3. What brand is your sweeper? You should do a post about it. I've always been curious if they really work. I get tired of pulling out my big electric vacuume several times a week. How much was it?
    That's nice that Mark does sweet things for you everyday!

    1. Hey steph'. I'll do a post for next week!!! I LOVE it. I'll put a link on the post (I don't participate in any type of Rstyle so I don't make a commission so you can click my links with confidence) girl best part I paid $42!!!! It's a bissell