Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Show And Tell Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Girls!
Today I am linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday...and today we are telling about our personal styles!
I feel like my style is mainly yoga pants and t-shirts...my basic mom uniform!  HA!!!  Most days I am home, and on those days comfort is an absolute MUST!  I am not that person that can just be hanging home, cleaning, or just hanging out on the couch watching TV in jeans...jeans are not comfortable for me and they are NOT my favorite thing to wear!  I have tried pretty much every single jean out there, even those crazy expensive ones, and my favorites are the GAP girlfriend jeans...I love them, well as much as I can love jeans!  It pains me to spend $80 on a pair of jeans, so I only ever buy them if they are on sale or if I have a coupon.  If you are looking for some pretty cool "mom" jeans, go check them out.
These are my faves!
Comfy clothes just make me happy, and I love love love my Zella capris.  I have had a few pair of the leggings, and they are so long, and I am just not a fan...but the capris...they are my FAVORITES!  I have the black ones, but I love all the fun prints.  I have quite a few pair, again they are a bit pricey, so I will only buy them when they are on sale!  If you are looking for some awesome comfy leggings and capris, you can check the Zella out here
In the cooler months, you can pretty much find me in some leggings, and a long tunic top...super comfortable, yet I feel put together.  I can throw on a super cute necklace and my UGGS and head out for errands!  My favorite leggings are the Hue Ultra Wide Waistband leggings, and the grey ones are my favorite!  You can find them here .  I have had the same pair of grey ones for almost two years now, and they have held up AWESOME!!!  I hate it when you wear leggings, and you can see your skin though them..I definitely don't have that with these!  If you need a great pair of leggings check them out. 
I was never really a fan of wearing shorts...however since we have moved and it is just HOT here pretty much all the time, shorts are a definite must have here!  I am definitely NOT one of those moms that can pull off the short 3 inch shorts, but I am loving the 5 inch shorts from JCrew Factory.  I was at the outlet a few weeks ago and picked up quite a few pairs, and I love them.  I have never ad the chino shorts from JCrew, so I cannot compare the quality, but so far I am totally loving these, and they don't break the bank!  If you are looking for super cute shorts, that aren't too short, check out the 5 inch from JCrew Factory here  I got the plaid ones, and they have been on major repeat over here!
Lately I have been LOVING me some graphic tees....I have found the best little shops through Instagram and have ordered some really cute ones over the last few months.  Nordstrom also has some super cute ones as well!  If I am not wearing a graphic tee, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my V-neck layering tees from JCrew factory!  You can check them out here
I am a flip flop girl for sure!  Even when we lived in Charlotte I wore my flip flops pretty much year round! 
I have told you guys many times before of my love for these Tory Burch Flip-Flops.  I have had the black ones for about two years now and I just recently ordered these khaki colored ones.  I wear them pretty much everyday!  They are great for the pool and the beach, and are super cute to throw on with some jeans or shorts and run some errands. 
I also love love love my Tory Burch Miller Sandals , I have them in the sand patent and the gold and wear them ALL THE TIME!  I know these are a little pricey for flip-flops, but I have had mine for 2 and 3years and they still look GREAT!  They are so easy to just throw on!  They are definitely a staple in my closet!
I got my first pair of Jack Rogers last year...at first I wasn't sure about them, but once I broke tem in, they quickly became my favorites.  I got the platinum color and they go with everything!  I am usually always wearing one of these flip flops! 
I do buy some trendy pieces here and there, but won't spend a lot of money on pieces like that.  I don't mind spending $200 on a pair of shoes I will wear for years, to me it is worth it. 
So that is pretty much my style...nothing too exciting...but it works for me.  I am all about being comfortable, and dressing appropriately for my age, but still trying to look somewhat cute!  If it was acceptable to go out in public in my jammies, trust me I would:)  You guys know how much I love a great pair of PJs!
Thanks for stopping by today!  Can't wait to read through everyone's personal style today!  See you back here tomorrow!


  1. I love the Tory Burch sandals, but I have wide feet, so I'm not sure they'd fit. I'm with you, I hate jeans!

  2. You need to try the J Crew Factory Boardwalk Pullon Shorts. They have changed my opinion on wearing shorts and they come in a bunch of different lengths and patterns!

    1. Hey Mary. I've seen them but never thought to order them. I need to check them out! Thanks girl

  3. I believe this will be my year to purchase Jack Rogers ๐Ÿ˜‰