Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Ladies!

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So here we go...some of my Favorites from the past week....

This past week has been super fun and super busy with Christmas and all.  I had lots of favorite moments over the past week, and sadly didn't take too many pictures of my littles on Christmas morning.  Major epic mom fail for sure!  

Without a doubt this is an absolute favorite of mine...this was just after Santa arrived Christmas Eve, I may not have taken a single picture Christmas morning, but I can assure you my kiddos were super excited when they came downstairs and saw all that Santa had left them!!

There is quite an age difference between my older kiddos and my little ones, however even with a pretty large age difference they really are all very close and all share a very sweet, special bond.  I am so thankful for my kiddos and the love they all have for each they don't "love" each other all the time, like any other siblings out there...they definitely have their fair share of fights!!!

This picture right here completely melts my heart...Olivia wrote each of us a special Christmas letter and picture, (trust me when I tell you they were absolutely precious).  Olivia sat right by Harrison while he opened his letter, and after he was finished reading it, she told him how much she loved him, then this hug happened!  13 year age difference between these two, but they really do love each other.  This is definitely a favorite of mine this week!!

Olivia was invited to go to Build-A-Bear this weekend with her BFF Savannah, her little sister, and another one of their friends from the neighborhood.  Olivia was so excited to use her own money and get to go out with her friends!

My girlfriend texted me this picture of these sweet friends and their finished stinkin' sweet!!

This girl is super proud of what she made.  Always a favorite when I see my kiddos having fun!!

Over the past few months I have developed a very strong love for chalkboards!  I have a few in my house and I just love them.  I am still working on perfecting them, I need to work on my handwriting a bit, and I am still not sure if I love regular chalk or a chalkboard marker better yet, but I am having fun playing around with them and changing them up!!!

This is the chalkboard in our family room, and I just love this saying for the New Year...(try and overlook the not so perfect handwriting.

And here is the chalkboard we have in our kitchen...yup chalkboards are a definite favorite of mine!!!!

You all know my LOVE of comfort and Hallmark Movies...and a definite favorite of mine is that Hallmark Channel is still airing Christmas movies until New Year's Eve...MAJOR FAVORITE!!!!

My absolute BEST FAVORITE this week though was being able to ring in the New Year with the ones that I love most.  I am super excited to see what 2015 holds for my family!  
These two made some pottery on New Years Eve

We took silly selfies while eating AirHeads


Harrison joined us for a quick selfie before he headed out

I am looking forward to 2015 and seeing what the New Year holds for us all!  Have a great weekend!  Check back Monday for our weekend wrap up!!!


  1. Happy new year Kimm! Love the pics of Olivia and her friends and their stuffed friends. Wish there was a Build A Bear when I was little. we had the Hallmark Clhannel on a lot of the time in our house this holiday season (my husband was watching it more than I was...). Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Hi Laurie!!!! I totally got my hubby addicted to the hallmark channel this season! Happy new year! Thanks so much for reading!!!!

  2. Our bigs and littles sound so much alike! And Olivia and Carly Jo are definitely so similar....for the 2nd year in a row she had specific gifts picked out and purchased for all her family members...but her daddy....she made him a special coupon for 100 free kisses. I love that they are so far apart but all so close.

    1. Little girls are just the sweetest! Love the coupon book!!!! Thanks for reading. Happy new year!!!!!