Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!
Once again, I am glad to see the week come to an end, and I am ready for the weekend!  Today, I am linking up with Andrea , Erika , and Narci and sharing my Friday Favorites with you guys!  Grab the graphic and link up!!!!

I am always looking for awesome pens and markers to write with.  I write ALOT...I write notes for my blog, things in my planner, grocery lists, to do lists, and like a gazillion other things.  I have some great fine tip markers that I like, but I found many of them "bleed" through the pages in my planner, and well we can't have that!  A while back I remember Andrea talking about pens that she LOVED using...well I kind of forgot about them and then this past week when I got my new planner I remember about them.  I quick went back and looked through her blog and found them, then went directly to Amazon and ordered them.
I ordered the markers for our family's weekly schedule pad and the pens for my planner...let me tell you I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!  If you are looking for awesome pens check these out!  These are most definitely a BIG TIME FAVORITE of mine this week!!!!
Olivia is NOT, and I repeat NOT a fan of homework....pretty much every night we struggle over studying spelling words, yup only in first grade and the "I hate homework" attitude is very much a real struggle...well, she always does well on her spelling tests, because I torture her 4 nights a week and make her write them a million times!  Good grades from any of my kiddos is ALWAYS a favorite of mine!
A great pair of sunglasses is an absolute must for favorite pair I have are my mother of pearl Chanel glasses...they are classic and fabulous.  Over the past few months I have been looking for the perfect aviator pair, I have bought and returned several pair...and I finally found some that I absolutely LOVE....I got them at Nordstrom this past weekend and now I am just waiting for the sun to come out so I can wear them...(it has been rainy and dreary here for days!!!)
These are the exact glasses I got, and I absolutely LOVE them...great sunglasses are always a favorite of mine
I absolutely love when my kids are home from school, I am not a fan of homework, packing lunches, etc.., and I am crazy excited that we have a 3 day weekend...and what is even better, next week we get another kiddos only have school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week!!!  Heck yea!!
Long weekends...always a favorite!!
It has been very very cold here, and we have had days with no sunshine...I am so over it.  I am ready for warmer temps and to see the sun shine!!!  I was grocery shopping the other day and picked up some fresh flowers....
Two of my favorites right here...pretty flowers and my sweet kitty!!!
Can't wait to read about everyone's Friday Favorites, so be sure to grab the graphic and link up!!!
Have a GREAT weekend and be sure to check back Monday for our weekend wrap-up!!


  1. I also have an obsession with pens so I will definitely have to check those out! Have a great long wknd! We're excited too!

    1. Hey girl. Check them out you will love them. Have a great weekend