Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Ideas

Happy Tuesday Ladies!!  We are into the second week of January and Christmas is now all gone and every single store I walk into is screaming Valentine's Day!

We don't make a huge deal about this holiday, but I do like to make it special for my family, and the kids love bringing in Valentine's to their classmates and teachers.  I am not a huge fan of the store bough boxed Valentine's Day cards, so I am always looking for something cute that the kids can bring in and give to their friends and their teachers.

I spent a little bit of time looking at a few ideas on line and found a couple cute, what seem to be easy little things to make for this holiday!

I thought this was simply adorable.  It looks like paint charts that you can get from your local hardware store, punch out some little hearts, and tie a ribbon on top...perfect cute little bookmark...and talk about inexpensive...you can snag them for FREE!!!
I thought something like this would be cute for a teacher, or babysitter or even some of your favorite neighbors.  Have the kiddos decorate some jars and fill them with some red and white treats...perfect!
How adorable would this be for the teacher to put on her desk!!!!
I thought this was a super cute idea, and I may have Olivia do this for her class this year...cute and delicious!
I may do this for AJ's class...just buy some fun size rolled candy, and cut up strips of wrapping paper and seal it with a sticker.  Easy peasy..and cute!!!
I thought this was just adorable. 
I am a big fan of these little mixes in a bag...and this is super cute for Valentine's Day...again adorable and very inexpensive!!!!
I just think this is the cutest ever!!!  How adorable!!
Now I am not gonna lie, there may have been a year or two when I just was too busy or waited until the last minute and bought some heart lollipops and attached them to a card and called it a day...but I really do try and do little fun things like this with the kids.  They always love giving things like this!
I hate to admit it, but when it comes to making crafts with my kiddos, I am a big time slacker as of late.  When I was a mom of only 2 I would spend countless hours making crafts with them all the time.  Fast forward a bunch of years, and 3 more kids and well it just doesn't happen that often anymore.  One of my upcoming monthly goals is to get more "crafty"!  I am hoping to do a few Valentine crafts with the kids as we have some time off from school next week and it will be something fun we can do together, plus Olivia is totally into it!
This would be so super simple to make...I was thinking one for my mom, and one for my hubby's desk at work..slap a pic of the kiddos in there and the gift is done!
This looks super simple, and such a great idea..heart shaped bird feeders..Olivia would LOVE this!
Olivia saw this and thought it was so cute...I may let her make a few of these for her girlfriends in the neighborhood with a little treat and she can go deliver them on Valentine's Day!
I mean what parent or grandparent wouldn't LOVE this!
AJ and Olivia love to play tic-tac-toe..and Olivia always cries when she doesn't win, we are working on that!!!  This would be such a fun festive way to play this game.  Super easy to do!
If y'all have any special treats you make or crafts you do for Valentine's Day, I would love for you to share them! 

Have the best day and be sure to check back tomorrow to see what we have been wearing!!!



  1. I love your ideas! I also don't like store bought valentine's and always try to make something cute. I need to start brainstorming as well!

    1. Hey girl! Thank god for the Internet so the brainstorming gets to stay at a minimum! Ha! Have a great day. Thanks for reading !!!!

  2. Great ideas! I just love Valentine's Day!!


    1. Hey Elizabeth! Valentine's is such a cute little holiday! Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day!!!

  3. These are great ideas - especially the fishbowl, paint sampler bookmarks, and flower with glued on heart candies.

    1. Hey Laurie!!! I'm totally loving the bookmark! Have a great day. Thanks so much for reading !!!!!