Monday, January 5, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday Ladies!
Y'all feel me on this right??????
After a glorious two weeks home with the kiddos, they head back to school hoo!!!  It has been absolutely fabulous having them home, no rushing around to get all the kids into bed, no early morning alarms, no homework, no packing lunches....just all of us laying low enjoying some much needed down time.  It always stinks going back after a long break, but a very small part of me does always look forward to sending them back after the holidays, refreshed, ready to tackle the second half of the school year...the kids however...don't have that same feeling!  HA!!!!
Our weekend was pretty uneventful, it involved a lot of football watching, putting away all the Christmas decorations, catching up on piles of laundry and getting ready to head back to school. 
On Friday my hubby did have to work, so Olivia and I stopped into visit (my hubby and I work together so I did a few things at my desk too while I was there). 
Cheers for getting to help at work for a little bit!!!
After that, I dropped her home and headed out for some Starbucks and a much needed is truly the little things like coffee and a fresh haircut that make me happy happy happy!!!
Friday night, we ate pizza and just hung out, and I was in bed by like was glorious!!!
Saturday morning Olivia woke up in a "mood" and was just being so mean to her brothers...
She is obsessed with her new white board, and Saturday morning she kept writing that Jack is a baby..she can be fresh at times...and lets take note of the bagel on the plates needed over here!!!!

This was Jack's response to her trashtalking...and then this led to about 40 minutes of them going back and forth with each other...
I have been contemplating for a few weeks about these Ugg boots, and well after hearing Pinterest told me To and Narci RAVE about them, I decided I needed to have them, so I ran to Dillards quick and grabbed myself a pair...and I am loving them!!!
I did a quick grocery store run, then and then headed back home so we could watch the Panthers, we are pretty excited about our hometown team, with a losing record, making it into the playoffs! 
I am a HUGE Jets fan, however I do love the Panthers...and since my Jets are not in the playoffs (sniff sniff), I am totally pulling for the Panthers!!!  Yay for a Panther win!!!!
My hubby made this delicious homemade French onion soup..and it was amazing!  So glad I married a man who can cook!!!
Then in between the games we had some more fun with the whiteboard, this is seriously the BEST $7.00 I have ever keeps Olivia occupied for HOURS!!!
Sunday morning I slept in until 11...and I went downstairs and all the kids were still fast asleep...simply fabulous! 
It was a dreary rainy day here on Sunday, so there was a lot of tummy tickles going on here!!!
I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on laundry, pulling out the backpacks and lunchboxes, meal planning for the week, and watching some football!!! 
Hope everyone has a great Monday!!!!


  1. What?!? 11?! I can't believe your kiddos were still asleep! So impressed!

    1. The greatest quality my children have...they love to,,, I don't think Olivia was up before 10 all summer long!!! Ha!!!!