Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What We Wore Wednesday...Valentine's Edition

Happy Wednesday Girls!
We are halfway through the week!
Today I am sharing some great outfits that would be super cute for the family for Valentine's Day!  I know I absolutely love dressing my kiddos (well really only Olivia at this point) for a holiday!
First lets start with the kiddos!
The Girls.....
This little long sleeve shirt is super cute!
I love this heart tee too!
Olivia loves tic-tac-toe so this shirt she would flip over!
This is simple yet so cute!
I love this shirt because it doesn't "scream" Valentine's Day.  They also have it in red.
I was at Target the other day, my home away from home, and they really have some super cute stuff for girls for Valentine's Day also!
For Boys...
AJ would totally wear this shirt.  So cute
They only had this shirt in baby sizes...but how adorable!
I mean duh....this is just cute and goes up to a size 5!
My boys are a bit older and they don't think it is as fun anymore to wear a lot of holiday themed my boys will most likely just be wearing some type of red t-shirt in honor of Valentine's Day!
Something like this long sleeve tee is right up Jack's alley!!!
My husband is definitely NOT one for wearing "themed" anything!!!  I will be lucky to get him to even wear a red shirt for Valentine's Day...HA!!!
Just your basic polo shirt, perfect for a Valentine's Day Date Night!
This t-shirt I thought was super cute.  Old Navy always has really cute tees!
I am really loving this one too!
And here is one for all the Mickey lovers out there!
This dress would be perfect for dinner with your hubby! 
I absolutely love a black dress.  How cute would this dress be with some red heels...FABULOUS!!!
You guys know how much I love pajamas, and I think these are super cute to wear to bed on Valentine's Day!
And seriously how cute and cozy are these jammies! 
If you guys have any favorite Valentine's Day clothing items, I would love to hear all about them!
Have the BEST day!  Thanks for stopping by today!!!


  1. Love your style. The Most Eligible Bachelor shirt is just perfect, I think! I'm not on The Bachelor bandwagon, but that it just too stinkin' cute!

    1. Hey Laura! Thanks so much girl! I'm not on the bachelor bandwagon either, but I love that shirt for my little guy! Thanks so much for reading today. Have a great day!!!!