Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday Thoughts...Last Minute Valentine Gifts

Happy Thursday! 
We are excited over here because we have a four day weekend...and Mark and I are leaving tomorrow for a KID FREE getaway and we are super pumped!
I don't know about you guys, but I have been having a super hard time "getting it together" lately.  Usually I am pretty organized but the past few weeks I have been off my game!  The kids don't have school Friday so they are having their Valentine's Day Celebrations on Thursday.  AJ could pretty much care less, I guess when you are in 5th grade passing around cards and candy just isn't a big deal.  Well, when you are 6 and in 1st is definitely a big deal.  My girl is so excited about bringing in her decorated shoe box and Valentine Cards to her classmates! And I am major slack this year...her box is a shoe box wrapped in heart wrapping paper...lame mom award goes to ME!!

Anyway.....I am way behind on getting Valentines for my little loves, so I will be running around today getting the little gifts I need! 

If any of you have little girls, than I am sure you know all about Shopkins...seriously these are the craziest little toys, and my daughter is OBSESSED with them.  They sell out pretty quickly from what I have seen, so I was so glad I picked her some up for Valentine's Day for Olivia.
Beanie Boos are also a big hit over here...this is the perfect little gift to give a little girl with some candy!  Olivia is also getting a new Beanie Boo!
You can never really go wrong with a gift card...stick it in a card and you are good to go...I always love getting a gift card...especially one from Starbucks!
Chocolate...I mean seriously you can never ever go wrong with that right???  This is a great last minute gift to just run in and pick up.  I always love the day after Valentine's Day, and Target has all the candy for 50% off...I stock up!!
Not sure why this image is so small...but I know my hubby always love to get cologne!
And perfume is always a great gift for the ladies!
Legos are always pretty much a great pick for little boys!!
So there you have it...a few last minute Valentine's Day Gifts!
Be sure to check back tomorrow for Friday Favorites!
Have a great day!


  1. Agh still need to figure out what I'm getting for my hubby! These are all great ideas.

    1. Men can be so hard to buy for !!! Have a great night !!!!

  2. I'll take one of those Starbucks gift cards! :)
    Starbucks is a real treat when you have to drive an hour away to find one :)

    1. Rachel you live an hour from Starbucks??? Yikes! Thanks for reading. Have a great night !

  3. I still have to buy a few little gifts. Surprisingly, Shopkins is one of the few things we don't have!!!

    1. Those darn house is over run with them. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day