Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up....Wednesday Edition

Happy Wednesday Ladies!
So true!
Our weather has been so crazy here...last week we got some ice, we missed two days of school and had two days with a delayed opening...tonight they are calling for 3-5 inches, so I am preparing for a snow day tomorrow! 
It is Wednesday, and I am finally getting around to our weekend was a low key weekend, so nothing too exciting went on!
We have been getting A LOT of use out of our deep fryer these days...Friday night we made some donuts!

This girl loves helping make them....she likes eating them more though!

After our donuts she made silly poses for us...yup we had a pretty exciting Friday night!
Saturday morning we slept in, and I mean I woke up at 11:05 and everyone was still asleep, it was quite glorious! 
Once everyone rolled out of bed and ate, we got right to cleaning...I have been saying for MONTHS that we need to organize and get rid of stuff, it is one of those projects that I always start and never seem to finish.  Well we made some good progress Saturday, however we still have LOTS to do!
Our day consisted of lots of big black trash bags!

Harrison was less than thrilled when I took everything off the closet floor and just threw it there in the playroom...and then I told him he needed to go through it all and organize it for me...he wasn't happy about it, but he did it...such a good kid!
After we cleaned up we busted out the Shopkins....kept this girl happy for hours!

All's I can say is I am so happy I married a man who loves to cook...lots more fried food coming up!

And these biscuits, well if you love Red Lobster biscuits, you need to buy the Red Lobster mix, I mean they taste exactly the same...I seriously think I ate 5!

After dinner and a long day of cleaning, we watched some NASCAR....Jack and Mark are over the moon excited that race season is back!
Late Saturday afternoon, Olivia was invited to her BFF's house for a sleep over...she was so so excited...and it was her first sleepover, other than sleeping at my moms.  I texted my girlfriend, and Olivia was happy and having a great time.  The little boys spent the night at their friends house, so we were kid free...and we spent it home in our jammies watching TV....we party hard over here!  Ha! 3:30 A.M., there is a knock at our back door...and it was my girlfriend with Olivia...Olivia woke up and was throwing up...fantastic!!!!  Mark got her settled down and back to bed...I felt so bad for Liv, but even worse for my neighbor...who the heck wants to deal with someone else's kid throwing up in the middle of the night!!!!
So Sunday we spent pretty much all day home.....

Out like a light!

I guess teenagers don't sleep at sleepovers...Jack slept almost all day

Not a happy camper!

AJ was exhausted all day also.....

And not too long after Jack, he was passed out also!

This pretty much summed up our afternoon....3 sleeping kiddos!
My afternoon consisted of more fried food..I really need to stop!!!
This girl was finally feeling a bit better!

AJ showing Mark how to play some video game....

And of course we had to watch the Daytona 500!
So there you have it...our weekend in a nutshell!  Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a great day!


  1. Those donuts!!! You make me seriously want to buy a fryer!!! YUMM!!

  2. My mom use to make donuts when I was little and I've never done it for my kids...maybe I need to put that on the list for one of our lazy weekends!

    1. Definitely put it on your list!!!! Have a great night!!!

  3. I am loving the fried stuff!!! I may need to invest in a fryer! ;)

    1. Hey Megan...the deep is definitely responsible for 5 pounds I gained last week! ha. Have a great day and thanks for reading!!