Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up...The Circus and The Super Bowl

Hello Ladies!  And just like that the weekend flew by, and it's Monday already!

Isn't that the truth!

And as if it's not bad enough it's Monday, my husband left this morning for a vacation work trip in Las Vegas for the week!  So me and the kiddos will be flying solo this week...thank god for wine!

We had a GREAT weekend!  Friday I pretty much ran errands all day, post office, Target run, grocery store, oil change...ya know all that glamorous stuff us moms do!  Then I came home and did load after load of is seriously never ending over here!
Olivia made sure I had some company while I was out running around!
Happiness is Pizza Hut in Target!  Breadsticks and Pepsi for the win!

Friday night after dinner we just hung home and watched some TV with the kids.  Low key, just how we like it.
Well, a little bit of crazy Olivia thrown in!

Saturday was a day Olivia had been looking forward to all week long...her first time going to the circus, and she was pretty excited!  The little boys didn't really express an interest in going!  We met up with Mark's sister, his mom and nephew (he is 6 and him and Liv get along GREAT) and had some circus fun!  I hadn't been to the circus since I was a little girl, so I was also really looking forward to going!
Lunch before the circus...fried pickles are my FAVE!
I love these two so much!

A little word search before the food came.
Looking extra cute!

I don't know why, but the elephants are my favorite!

This girl was excited!

Two sweet cousins!

We had a great time, and so did Olivia.  We just love getting to spend time with each kid, such a super fun way to spend our Saturday.

Sunday, this day is pretty much our favorite day of the year....SUPER BOWL!!!  Even though none of "our" teams made it, we still love to watch it.  I am sure one year before I die my JETS will not only go to the super bowl, but win it!  I know lots of people have big super bowl parties, and they are super fun, but for us, we stay home, every single year.  One time, maybe 20 years ago we went to a Super Bowl party, and though it was fun, I would have much rather watched the game at home.  I really love football...I don't want to sit around and talk to people, I just want to watch the game!  I feel that I have done a good job in raising my children, because they all love football just as much as I do, so on this day, Super Bowl Sunday, they are allowed to stay up late and watch the game.  We are definitely a football loving family, we yell and scream at the TV, sometimes get a bit carried away, but we just can't help ourselves.  Every year we seem to get invited somewhere to watch the big game, but we always decline, we love just hanging home with the kids watching it.  We have our own little super bowl party and we love it!  I get fun paper products for us to use, we don't eat dinner, we just eat lots of snacks and finger foods during the course of the game, and of course some fun desserts too!
I love that he still likes hanging out with us!

Every bit of food on this plate was delicious


I could eat wings for days.....

We LOVE cookie cake over here...I thought this was one so cute..but we like the game way better than the commercials!
I am always so sad when football season is over, there is nothing I love more than being in my sweats, on my couch all day long on a Sunday just watching the games!

All in all a pretty perfect weekend in my book...lots of food, football and family!  
Be sure to check back tomorrow for "Show & Tell Tuesday"
Have a great day!


  1. I get depressed after football season, too, but we are College - perferably SEC - fans more so than NFL. We had a small party at our house with close friends and TONS of food! I love the cookie cake! That sayin' pretty much sums up my Super Bowl watching.

    1. Hey Laura! My boys love college football and just this season my hubby and I started really getting into it too! Have a great week

  2. I am a lover of all things fried but fried pickles is definitely one of my faves---now only if they could figure out how to take all the fat grams and calories out of them :)

    1. Hi jenny !! I told myself as I ate the entire plate they were fat free and calorie free ;). Thanks for reading today. Have a great week

  3. I'm a huge Texas Longhorns fan. The year we won the championship against USC, I was watching the game with a bunch of guys. We barely won that and when it did happen, I was the one running around the room yelling, not the guys! Haha! :)

    1. I love it! Us girls love our football! Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great week

  4. Interesting that you use the words "circus" and "Super Bowl" in the title of your post / in the same sentence! It was a circus, to me, especially the very end. Whatever happened to good sportsmanlike conduct?! If these guys are "goofballs" on the field, what type of examples are they setting for others, especially the younger generation... tsk tsk.

    1. He Laurie...I would agree the end of the game was a! I hate the Patriots and was pulling for the Seahwaks, however after watching their actions during the last few minutes of the game, they are a classless organization and I am so glad they lost. Shame on them!! Thanks for reading today and have a great week!!!!

  5. LOVE fried pickles!! Where did you get them?? Love a cookie cake - one of my favs! I'm starving now.. must get food! lol

    1. Girl I love food. We got them at a little restaurant in uptown Charlotte and they were fabulous! I ate the whole plate!!!!