Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday Ladies!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!
We are very happy that we are on Spring Break over here!
The kids had no school Friday, so it was so nice to sleep in and move at our own pace!  After we all woke up I ran to Target and the grocery store...I should have realized with school being out, and it being the Friday before a holiday it was going to be insane!  After my craziness at the store, we just hung out the rest of the day.  The kids played outside almost all day, so I was able to catch up on LOTS of housework!
When Mark got home we grilled burgers and just all hung out and watched is very rare these days that all 7 of us are home at the same time, so I truly treasure it when it happens!

With it being spring break, we did not have baseball this weekend, which was a nice change.  Mark had to go into work for a few hours, the boys played outside with their friends and I took Olivia with me to run a few errands.

I always enjoy spending time with Olivia, I hate that she is in school all day long...I miss her so much!
After Mark got home, it was time to color eggs...and I am going to admit that it is not one of my most favorite things to do!


After all the eggs were colored, we watched some basketball and chilled out the rest of the night, and it was so nice!
While we were watching TV Olivia thought it would be so fun to use up the extra stickers from the egg kit and put them all over Mark...I don't think he thought it was as much fun as she did:)
My kids are sleepers, they are not the type of kids that rise at the crack of dawn, not even on a holiday...thank GOD!  Sunday morning they woke up about 10, and of course raced downstairs to find their Easter baskets!  Major mom fail....I did not even think to take a picture of their baskets after the Easter Bunny dropped them off!  After they went through their baskets, they went through the house finding all the eggs the bunny left, and yet again, not a picture was taken of this!  After all that fun, we got dressed and headed to my mom's for lunch.  And it should come as NO surprise that I did not take one single picture of us all together.  I am so bad about remembering to take a family pic every now and again.  I snap them all day long of the kids, but that is about it!
This was NOT my choice of what I wanted Olivia to wear for Easter, but she has a pretty strong opinion, and insisted she wanted a dress-up dress to wear...she is only going to be this little for a bit longer, so what the heck...let her wear what makes her happy!

Ready to find eggs!

My sweet girl.
Olivia and London

Cousins looking in the woods for stuff...

Jack looking awfully grown up and not thrilled I was taking his picture
The grandkids (minus Harrison) mom is truly the BEST!

This picture is probably my favorite...just the way they are looking at each other...precious.
After a fun afternoon of playing with cousins we came home and spent the rest of the day playing outside with friends.  It really was a great low key weekend!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  Happy Monday!!



  1. So glad you had a nice easter with your family :)

  2. I am loving the pictures for Easter---even Olivia's dress! And the fact that she's strong willed and sassy makes me like her even more! Glad y'all had a great Easter!