Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

And just like's Monday again.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!  We had a very low-key weekend over here and it was PERFECT!
I had told you guys a few weeks ago of the little flood that we had, and well the work stated Thursday to start repairing everything. 

The ridiculous piles of dust were everywhere!  I spent most of the day Friday listening to saws, and lots of banging!  I pretty much hid out all day in my room and watched a lot of Law and Order SVU.
The first week back to school after break is always rough.  Olivia was exhausted Friday after school.
I don't really like it when Mark is out of town, the only upside is that I am kind of off the hook for cooking dinner.  My kids are perfectly content with cereal or PB&J, and well that works for me.
I had to run to Publix to pick up a few things, and well, I decided that wings and Doritos were what's for dinner, and it was quick, easy and delicious!
I was so excited for AJ to come home Friday night.  He was so excited about his trip to Williamsburg, and he had the best time, but I was so ready for him to be back home!
I missed this boy!

I thought it was so cute how AJ was showing Olivia all the videos he took from his trip.
It wasn't long after she was passed out on the couch.
Also on Friday, Jack had his 7th grade trip to a local amusement park, I don't have a single picture, because I guess taking pictures and sending them to your mom just isn't what you do when you're 13:) 
I have said this before, and I am sure it makes some people want to vomit when I do, but I am really so blessed that my children have the close relationships they do.  I have written before how my oldest son Harrison, 19, volunteers and coaches AJ's football team, he really is such a great kid.  Well, a few months back Jack asked if he would chaperone this field trip, and Harrison didn't even hesitate before saying yes.  I love that even though there is a 7 year age difference these brothers really love each other and truly enjoy spending time together.  They came home from the trip and they both said it was a great time.  My wish as a mother, is that my children continue to always have a close relationship. 
Saturday we all slept in and it was so nice.  It was a completely lazy day filled with a little laundry and a lot of Law and Order SVU watching.
Mark had sent me a ton of pics while he was away, and this one was their favorite.  Mark and the boys LOVE NASCAR, so Mark hanging out with Brad Keslowski was a pretty big deal for the boys!
Mark got home around 6:30 and I was so happy to see him.  We don't really like not being together, so it's always a bummer when he is out of town!  I am so thankful it doesn't happen super often.
At about 9:30 we decided to sneak out for an ice cream date...

Cold Stone for the win and it was delicious!
Sunday we woke up to rain, and it POURED all day long, I never got out of my pajamas all day and it was fabulous.  We ordered pizza for dinner and hung out on the couch all day.  I didn't take a single picture all day!
Hope everyone has a great Monday.  Be sure to check back tomorrow, it's a link up all about how we picked our kiddos names!


  1. I loved your ice cream date although after seeing your pic, I was craving it the rest of the wknd! Grrr!! lol

    NOticed Olivia sucking her thumb, makes me feel better b/c Cate still does too! ;)

    1. Yes the thumb sucking. Wish she used a pacifier ;). Much easier to take away

  2. Kimm... concerned that your 7 year old daughter is still sucking her thumb... have you talked to the dentist how this may affect her teeth structure/growth?

    1. Thanks for your concern. Yes we have spoken to the pediatrician about this, as well as the dentist when she has gone for cleanings. She only sucks her thumb before she falls asleep, and as much as we have tried it's pretty hard to make her not do it. So far her teeth are ok. She definitely isn't the first child to be a thumb sucker, so if orthodontics are in our future because of this, I guess we cross that bridge when we get there. Hopefully she will stop it on her own sooner rather than later. Have a great day

  3. My oldest sucked his thumb til he was around 7. It's nearly impossible to break them of this habit until they're ready to do it on their own unfortunately. On the bright side, he is now almost 16 and although he briefly needed a retainer when he was around 10, he never required braces and his teeth are straight and pretty perfect. ( Which was a very unexpected surprise since he was a hard-core thumbsucker for so long, lol!) I'm pretty sure your daughter will be totally fine. --Audrey --

  4. That ice cream looks amazing! I love cold stone :)

  5. The weather has been crazy, right?!! I'm ready for a consistent sunshine pattern. It looks like y'all had a great low key weekend. I love that your kids have such a close relationship. My sister and I weren't close until we got older and I hate that we missed some good bonding time growing up. And I'm so glad y'all are getting your house back in order---I know what a pain in the tookus that can be. Happy Monday!