Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up....Tuesday Edition

Happy Tuesday Girls!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Our weekend was nice, but of course went by way too fast!
My step-son came into town Thursday night, and we were super excited to have a short little visit with him.  A few years back he lived with us and I just adore him!  He reminds me so much of Mark!  They woke up Friday morning and did some golfing, I was so glad they got to spend a little QT together.
While they were golfing I of course did some shopping:)  I had a return to make over at the GAP and as I was walking through Nordstrom I noticed that they were price matching the Jack Rogers sandals.  I have been eyeing them since last suumer, and well couldn't pass up a good deal.
I am loving these so much.  I got them in the platinum color, and I think they are fabulous...and I got them on sale for $88....even better!  I am sure I will get tons of wear out of them this spring/summer.
Later that night we met up with Mark's sister and mother for dinner...it was nice to just sneak out for a little bit and enjoy a nice meal...we were home by 9....it's nights like this that remind me that I am getting old!
Crab cakes, wine and this man make for a perfect night!
They had been forecasting rain for Saturday all week...100% chance of rain all day long.  I was really hoping that they would just cancel AJ's baseball tournament, but of course they didn't.  So we woke up at 6, left the house at 7, drove an hour to the field, and sat there in the rain.  It was MISERABLE, cold, rainy, just gross.  Well after numerous delays to fill in the puddles on the field with sand, they decided to call the game halfway through the 3rd inning. 
Watching baseball in the pouring rain just sucks!
After we got home, got dry and warm, I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up, doing laundry, meal planning, and getting things in order for the upcoming week!
We woke up Sunday morning to gray, gloomy skies, but it wasn't raining, so back to the ball fields we went.  Though it wasn't raining, it was unseasonably cold...we got to the fields at 9 and didn't come home until 7...it was a super long, cold day! 
I love watching them all interact on the field, they are a great group of boys.

 We had some time in between games, so we hit up Waffle House, we LOVE Waffle House!  I love that Harrison spent his day off watching AJ play ball.  I am so blessed to have older children who truly adore their little siblings.

We weren't in the car ten minutes and he was passed out! 
We got home, and made some breakfast for dinner, got the kids settled and called it a night! 
Hope you all had a great weekend! 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend..and anytime it involves a fun date AND a fabulous purchase.. it's a win!

  2. Those Jack Rogers are precious!! Love them! You did great!

  3. I think spending on $88 on skimpy sandals is exorbitant. Your wallet, though.

    1. Hi! I agree some may see it as ridiculous. We all have our "thing" and mine is a great pair of shoes. I know women who love a great pair of jeans and will spend 200+ on a pair....me I'll grab a pair from target and call it a day. I respect everyone's opinions! Thanks for reading today

  4. baseball in the rain...NOT my favorite!

  5. Those shoes are adorable!!! I died laughing when I saw AJ's picture on Instagram of him sleeping! It's awesome!