Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Few Things That Will Be In Our Easter Baskets This Year

Happy Wednesday Ladies!
I cannot even believe it is April already, the time is just flying by!
Hope you all have a Happy April Fool's Day.
Seeing how time is just flying by, Easter definitely snuck up on me this year!  As I am typing this post I have literally not gotten so much as a jellybean, and have put up ZERO Easter decorations.  Life has been crazy busy lately with the kids, sports back in full swing, and the little flood damage situation we have going on over here. 
I will be heading out on Thursday to get everything I need for Easter, nothing like waiting until the last minute!  I was thinking the other day back to Easters past, and I really was such a fool what I would do for the kids.  Back when I had only Brooke and Harrison, and they were little, Easter was like a mini Christmas for them, I mean forget baskets with a few small things and some candy, it was gifts, big ticket items...bad mom move for sure!  Now that there are 3 more children, I can assure you we don't do that anymore.  First of all, Easter shouldn't break the bank like Christmas tends to do, and it is in my opinion, just not necessary.  The last thing I want to do is raise spoiled rotten kids. 
Brooke is 22 and Harrison is 19, they both still live at home, so the Easter bunny does come for them also, the two little kids still believe (I dread the day when none of them believe anymore), so we make sure the Easter bunny comes for everyone. 
It's Easter, and what is Easter without a chocolate bunny right?  Each of them always get a chocolate bunny, funny because my kids don't really even like chocolate, but every year without fail, they get one, and I usually eat it.  I prefer to not fill their baskets to the brim with candy, they are plenty hyper enough without added sugar:)  I will usually buy a few of their favorite candies, and then just find a few little inexpensive things to throw in there as well.
Olivia is super easy, if you follow me on Instagram, you know she is addicted to Shopkins, they are the absolute craziest little toys I have ever seen, but she loves them.  My Target can't seem to keep them in stock very long, so when I see them, I grab them. 

She is going to be happy to have some new Shopkins to add to her collection.
Lately, she is obsessed with riding AJ's skateboard, and she whines and cries when he won't let her use it.  So I will be picking her up an inexpensive, girly skateboard from Target, she is going to be thrilled.!
I am hoping to find this one, or something similar for her. 
She will get some new sidewalk chalk, some bubbles, and a few pieces of candy, nothing major but I know she will be happy and love it all.
The little boys tend to be a bit harder, it's hard finding them something small and inexpensive!  I don't know about the other mom's of boys out there, but my boys are OBSESSED with Nike Elite socks!  Personally I think they look ridiculous walking around in shorts with high socks, but so many boys do it, and well I guess it's the "cool" thing to do.  I also think it is ridiculous that one pair of these socks can cost $18, just plain crazy.  Well, the Easter bunny will put a new pair for each of them in their basket, with some of their favorite candy also.  And I am thinking maybe an ITunes gift card so they can buy some music or games.  I miss the days of my boys being little when I could fill their baskets up with $1 matchbox cars and army men!
When it comes to Brooke and Harrison, they each get some of their favorite candy and I'll put a Starbucks gift card in for Brooke, and for Harrison some type of gift card also.
I think back to years ago, when I was young, had a ton of energy, and only two kids, and all the time and effort I put into their Easter baksets, now here I am running out 3 days before to get what I need.  I have learned over the years that I don't need to stress myself out to the max over stuff like this, and that they are just happy to get a few new things and to find the eggs the Bunny hid.  As fun as it is to get Easter baskets filled with treats, I really want my children to know the meaning of these holidays, so I am trying now to focus more on teaching them that, than making myself crazy making sure they have the world's best basket.
Would love to hear what y'all put in your kiddos baskets.  Be sure to check back tomorrow, I am sharing my thoughts and experience on being a step-parent.
Have a great day.


  1. I can imagine it would be difficult with more kiddos! But I love that you still do for your older kids. My mom even fixed me a basket the first year i was married.and one for my hubs! I'm posting pics of our baskets tomorrow! :)

  2. I am so jealous that you have your baskets together already. I am going to be pretty busy tmw getting all I need! Have a great day girl.

  3. Go to tjmaxx for the socks :) so much cheaper!!

  4. Did you remove today's post? Just curious bc now I don't see it! But I swore it was there this morning.

    1. Hi jen, yes I did. It was about being a step parent, and I had received a few comments/emails from readers saying it was in poor taste, hurtful towards my step-children, my opinion, it wasn't. I was writing very honestly about my own experience. However , my intent is never to write anything to offend anyone. I will be re-writing it again. Thanks girl

    2. Oh ok, I see. I think the only ppl's opinion that matter should be you and your family's! I admire that you keep it many ppl deal with blended families and it's definitely a challenge but many shy away from discussing it. Have a great Easter! :)

    3. Thank you Jen. I do keep it honest, it doesn't mean I am insensitive or being disrespectful I have gotten a few comments and emails from some wonderful people this morning, and now I wish I had not deleted it. Thanks for your sweet words. Have a wonderful day

  5. I am loving the Frozen skateboard and I think the baskets are going to turn out great! Can't wait to see the pics of them :)

    1. the frozen skateboard is sure to be a hit!