Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thursday Thoughts...Big School Changes

Happy Thursday Ladies!
Hope you are all having a great week so far!  I am ready for the weekend, the kids and Mark have been home with me for almost two weeks, everyone got back into their routines this week, and as ready as I was for them all to go, I am definitely missing them, and looking forward to us all being together this weekend!
We have certainly had a lot of change in our lives lately, and I am trying to be positive about it all, and I keep reminding myself that change can definitely infact be GOOD!
I must admit, the first week or so here kind of felt like we were on vacation...I mean I have never ever lived on the water, so it was definitely neat waking up each day to gorgeous views, the kids just walking to the edge of the yard and dropping their poles in the water....I mean I get to do this every single day!  I am not going to lie, I am really missing "home", I am especially missing the cooler temps that were just starting to come in NC...girls it is HOT here, and when I say HOT, I mean like 98 degrees HOT....I can't say I am a fan!  Everyone keeps telling me just wait until winter, I will be loving it...I am not yet convinced... only time will tell!
In addition to all the change for Mark and I, the kids also had big changes!  It's never easy starting over, not even for kids.  New schools, new friends, new routines, new everything.  They were all super excited about the move, but I also know they were nervous about starting school.  The boys are both in middle school, so I am so glad Jack and AJ are together at school.  The middle school is very different than what they are used to.  They are not used to having 7 classes each day, I tried explaining to them, that is how it was when I went to school, but they don't get it, so it has definitely been an adjustment this week for them going to so many more classes each day.  In addition to that, they are still feeling things out, trying to get the lay of the land so to speak, and make some new friends.  It sure isn't easy, but I am so proud of how positive they have been through this whole thing!  Their attitudes are great, and it's made me happy to hear that each day when they get home, that the day was better than the last, that they are talking to more and more of their peers, starting to make friends.  I know they are going do fantastic, they are GREAT boys, but I totally can appreciate how scary it all can be, starting all over!  They are both excited to get back involved in sports and get on with their lives!  They are super excited though about the school year being done before Memorial Day!  (I hope they realize getting out earlier only means they start back earlier...but I am not bursting their bubble yet)!

Now those of you who read my blog or follow me on social media know that Olivia has been known to be somewhat difficult in the mornings, and going to school isn't one of her favorite things to you can imagine how I was FREAKING out when I found out that the elementary school was year round here!  I started panicking right away..and when I told her, well her reaction was exactly what I expected...she WAS NOT HAPPY!  I wasn't sure how I felt about this whole year round school is only the elementary school, so the thought of her and the boys being on different schedules was kind of flipping me out.  However I was absolutely LOVING that the school was a uniform school...I don't know about y'all...but I am all for uniforms! 

We registered the boys for school before we did Olivia, because the elementary school was closed for two weeks for a break.  While we were at the middle school they gave me a calendar for the both schools, I was anxious to look at it to see how crazy our schedules would be!  I was pleasantly surprised to see that though Olivia has A LOT of time off, many of their breaks are at the same time!  It will definitely be different having her home while the boys are at school, and vice versa!  The year round school isn't as bad as I originally thought.  She starts back around the second week in July, the boys don't start until August.  And they all have the entire month of June off! 

The boys school hours are pretty much the same as they were in NC...they start at 9:25 and get out at 3:55.  I drive them all in the morning, but they all take the bus home.  The boys get off the bus around 4:40, and another big change...the bus stop is FAR from our house.  I pick them all up from the bus stop each day.  It's a very far walk, and there is a main road involved which I am not comfortable with even the boys walking on.  Olivia's school hours are a bit different.  In NC she went from 8:45 until 3:45, here I drop her off by 8:30 and she is out at 2:20...I was used to being kid free from 8:30 each day until I get back from dropping the boys off around 9:30 and at 2:30 I'm at the bus stop picking up Olivia.  That has been an adjustment for me!  I love my kids...but I also enjoyed the time they were at school and was able to get a lot accomplished while they were gone.  I'm definitely still adjusting to my freedom ending at 2:30 each day...but I am certainly treasuring the extra time with my sweet little girl!

We just started school this week, so it is still kind of new to the kids...the boys seem happy, but say it is very different.  In NC, we had A/B days and they had 4 classes a day for 90 minutes, here they have 7 classes a day, for 40 minutes.  Personally I think it is better that way, but the boys don't seem to think so.  I think one they get used to it, they will like it way better.  They said all the kids seem nice, and so far they seem happy.  I know they will start making friends fast, and will be "fitting in" in no time! 

Girls, I was NERVOUS Tuesday when Olivia started...I was fully prepared for the tears, the fits, the clinging to my leg.  She woke up Tuesday morning and it took about 5 minutes before the tears started.  She was a MESS!  We got dressed, ate breakfast and headed off to school.  She was so sad and it broke my heart.  We got to school, I walked her into her classroom, and we were greeted by the sweetest kids.  They were so excited to have a new student and they all came up to Olivia, it was so sweet.  She however was still crying, clinging tight to me.  The teacher walked over to her and gave her a big hug...right away I knew she was going to be in an awesome class.  I could just tell this teacher was going to be great, and go out of her way to make Olivia feel comfortable.  I sat with her for a few minutes, then I had to leave.  She had tear filled eyes, and she looked so scared and so sad...I walked out to my car and just cried.  I was so nervous all day..but girls she came off the bus with the biggest smile I had ever seen!  She had the BEST day!  She couldn't stop talking about school, and she kept saying "mommy I can't wait to go there again tomorrow" mama heart was so happy!  She woke up Wednesday morning, all smiles, couldn't wait to get dressed and kept asking if it was time to leave, this girl couldn't wait to get back to school.  I seriously hope this continues...she has hated going to school since kindergarten...and probably 4 out of the 5  mornings were spent with her crying, begging to stay to have her this excited...well it was HUGE!

Mark started his new job Wednesday, he is so excited, and I am so excited for him and proud of him!

We sure have had lots of change here in the past month, but we are super excited to see what the future holds for us!  Thanks for taking the time to read today!  Be sure to check back tomorrow for Friday Favorites!


  1. I'm so impressed by your whole family's flexibility! It is truly impressive! I'm so happy for Olivia. I'm confident everything happens for a reason so I think this will pan out to be a great fit for your family :)

  2. This first time I dropped my daughter off at her new school (huge middle school), I sat in the car and cried too. I had to fight the urge to go back in and check on her. She did fabulous though. Hoping the same for your kids!

  3. No mention of your oldest daughter? She made the move with you, right?

    1. Yes she did!! She loves it here! She is looking for a part time job now and will be taking a few classes in January! Thanks for asking about her !