Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday Ladies!
Hope your week is off to a GREAT start!
I thought I would try something different today and share with you ten things I am loving these days....if there is something you are loving this Tuesday please share it with me!
I love coffee...but I think I love creamer more!  I probably put in more creamer than one is supposed to...but hey who cares!  I am LOVING the holiday creamers and Frosted Sugar Cookie by International Delight is hands down my favorite!  I really wish they would carry it year round...I mean we do eat sugar cookies throughout the year....right???  If you are looking for a delicious creamer...try it!
Hallmark movies all day, every day...need I say more!
This laundry detergent is awesome...you don't need a lot and it smells amazing!
Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers being 8-0....I am seriously loving that right about now!
I love a good pen...and I love one that doesn't bleed through the pages of my planner...I am loving my Stablio pens ...they are awesome and make me happy!
I love a glass (or two) of wine each night..it just helps me unwind and relax..Moscato and Riesling are my favorites...but this Mango Strawberry Moscato is awesome!
The closest Starbucks is like 30 minutes away from me now...but this French vanilla cappuccino from the gas station is pretty darn good...and the $1.50 price tag is even better!
I love Instagram...love how much people share on there...if you guys are not following Shelly you need to!  I have gotten so many outfit inspirations from her....do yourself a favor and follow her...she is "sjanac69" on Instagram!
If you guys have never watched this show...tune in Wednesday night for the new season...we LOVE this show!
Girls, if you need to get some holiday shopping done, head over to Nordstrom...they are having a sale until the 15th...and there are some great things included in the sale!  I have picked up a thing or two for the holidays!
So there you have it....TEN things I am loving right now.  Let me know what you are all loving!  See you back here tomorrow!


  1. I love the sugar cookie creamer too! Possibly my favorite! The Panthers are rocking it and I love it! Nordstrom is my absolute favorite. I might head to South Park after work today :)

  2. I definitely agree with you on Moscato.

  3. I'm a Muscato and Reisling girl, too! I'll have to try that brand!

    1. Girl try the arbor mist...and it's like $6 for the bottle...so cheap but so good ! Have a great day Laura !!!

  4. Not a fan of sweet wines, but I do enjoy a glass of Sauvignon Blanc!! Oh my word. Starbucks is 30 minutes away? I would D.I.E. ...no seriously. I am addicted! LOL that is not good. Heading over to Las Vegas today with my husband and 3 other couples to celebrate some 50 yr old birthdays. I love being able to actually WALK INTO NORDSTROM at the Fashion Show Mall. I have already informed the group that Wednesday or Thursday morning, that is where you will find me. If the other ladies want to join up- great. If not- see ya! I love love love Nordstrom. Their customer service is SPOT ON!!!!!I have shopped with them since my oldest was born-- 1989!!! Cant wait to see what lovely items I come home with and also plan to do some christmas shopping for my favorite family members! Have a lovely day Kimm!

    1. Girl shop shop and then shop some more! Make sure you tell us about all your finds! Have a great day my friend