Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday Talk...My New Gig

Happy Tuesday Ladies!
I am sure many of you are spending today cooking and getting ready for Thanksgiving!  Our neighbors invited us to spend Thanksgiving with them this year.  I am so happy that our new neighbors are so friendly and have invited us to spend the day with them, their family and friends!
I mean....you don't have to ask me twice:)  Don't worry, we are bringing a few side dishes and some desserts to the Thanksgiving dinner!

Back in March when I quit my job, I had thought about doing something that I could do from home, around my kid's schedules, etc.  I have looked into A LOT of different things.  I have done Stella and Dot and Scentsy in the past and was looking for a more "consumable" product to get involved with.  I spoke to a few different people about a few different companies.  I have always been blown away with the success stories of Rodan & Fields, but after lots of thought, it just wasn't for me.  Through social media, I found Ariele and her cute little boutique .  I have ordered a few things from her, we became "friends" on social media and I started seeing all her posts about Plexus...of course I was intrigued so I spent a good part of my day one day just "stalking" through her facebook and website to see what it was all about!  She has had HUGE success, and I could tell from what I saw she truly believed in the products, that was so important to me.  I had contacted her over the summer and we talked about it, and just when I thought I was ready to "do it", for whatever reason, I didn't.  So for the past few months I have just been sitting here on the sidelines, reading about everyone else and their success!  I thought to myself, what the heck am I doing, that could be ME!  So I shot Ariele a text and I was signed up a few minutes later! 
I am still waiting on all my materials to arrive, and I am super excited to get this started and see where it takes me!
I can assure you this blog will not become me just pushing my new business venture, I am not like that at all!  However I am excited about this new journey, and am looking forward to sharing with you all how it works for me and our family!
See you guys back here tomorrow!



  1. Congratulations, Kimm! That's awesome!

  2. Sorry, but I'm more excited about you getting out and spending Thanksgiving with your neighbors! Worried about you, girl! Enjoy the day!

    1. Laura you're too sweet my friend! Happy thanksgiving to you and your family !