Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday Ladies!  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!
I was ready for the weekend.  It was such a busy week for us last week with the little kids starting school and Mark starting work.  It was so nice to have somewhat of a routine again, but it was hectic non the less with everyone getting adjusted to their new schools, jobs and routines!
Friday morning I was up early and sat outside and enjoyed my coffee before I got the crazies up!
I love getting new coffee mugs and I was in Target last week and snagged this adorable mug on clearance for $1.18!  What a deal!  Coffee is just better out of a fun mug!
After I got the kids off to school I came home to do some housework and sat down to order our holiday cards!  I meant to take some pictures of all the kids together, dressed halfway decent, before we moved but well it just never happened, so this year I am doing non-photo cards and I am not getting upset about it.  We have had so much going on lately, and well I just couldn't get done everything I wanted to!  I am super excited though with our cards this year and can't wait to get them and get them mailed out right after Thanksgiving!
I'm still learning to adjust to my days, Olivia gets out of school about 90 minutes earlier than she did in NC, so I feel like my days are super short and I can't get everything done I want/need to.
Olivia was all smiles after school, she had such a great week...I was most nervous about her since she has been hating school since kindergarten, but she has surprised us...she LOVES going to school each day...what a blessing!!!
We hung out after school, the kids played and fished a bit, and I anxiously waited for Mark to get home for our date night!  His birthday was the Monday after we moved and we were so busy we never got to really go to dinner and celebrate!  We are WAY overdue for a date night, so I was super excited to just go to dinner with my man....KID FREE!

We tried a seafood restaurant in town, the food was OK....but I was just happy to get out for a bit!

We were back home by 8:00, and finished the night watching hallmark Christmas movies!

Saturday we slept in a bit, then headed out for a new ironing board and some food shopping!

My crew eating breakfast!

Lots of fishing was happening over here..

And seriously...I am addicted to Twizzlers...I ate my fair share on Saturday!

AJ was killing it fishing Saturday...this was his favorite catch yet!

12:15am....eating Lucky Charms and watching Hallmark is good!
Sunday morning I was up much earlier than I had wanted to be!  I enjoyed some coffee on the porch before it got too hot!
This girl could doodle and draw all day long...

AJ was back at it fishing...

I mean they could fish all day everyday and never get tired of it!!!
I did the normal Sunday stuff...planned for the week, got lots of laundry done....and then settled in to watch some football!!!
The boys have been catching fish like crazy all weekend!

Jack caught this...he was pretty excited!

Love this kid!
Olivia was proud of her folder fort for her Shopkins to hang out in...I mean is this obsession with Shopkins ever going to end???
We made some banana bread.....

It was YUMMY!
We have all been missing Harrison lots...we talk and face time all the time with him, but it's not the same as him being here with us.
Olivia talks about him all the time...
She drew this picture and I asked her about the question mark...and her response was "Mommy it's for Harrison since he is missing from our family right now"

Then she drew this and asked me to text it to Harrison..I love her sweet misspelled words...and I love that she adores her big brother!
Everyone got to bed at a decent hour and I flipped back and forth between the Sunday night game and the Hallmark channel!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  See you back here tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I love that mug! Olivia is so sweet with her drawing.

    1. The mug is great and Olivia is the sweetest ever

  2. How nice to walk out back and fish?!!

  3. What part of Florida are you in? Are you near the beach? How fun!

    1. We are about half hour from the beach which is awesome !

  4. Sounds like you're getting settled in to your new environs... Do you eat all the fish you catch or is it catch and release? I am enthralled with the Hallmark Christmas movies - on both Hallmark Channels! I am behind on household work because of them! Eek!

    1. We release them all!!! And seriously the movies are's my excuse why nothing is getting done in a timely manner!!!

  5. Love that you guys are able to fish all the time! We will be coming to Florida hopefully in March for spring training. Olivia's note to Harrison is priceless.

    1. Good thing my kids love to fish! The note to Harrison was just the sweetest ever. And yay for a trip to Florida!!!!