Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up....Wednesday Edition

Happy Wednesday Ladies!
It is back to reality for us today...after 20 glorious days off the kiddos headed back to school today!
I feel the exact same way!  I do love a routine, but I am not of fan of homework, signing agendas, and packing lunches!
We had a pretty busy long weekend!  We rang in the new year, took down Christmas, and the kids dad came into town for a visit!  It has been a whirlwind over here for sure!
Mark had to work New Years Eve during the day, so the kids and I just hung was nice to just relax and do nothing...we are pretty good at that over here!
Olivia got a new Gator pillow pet for Christmas, she carries it around all the time, and she decided to make a little house for the two of them on my bed!

We are not big into going out on New Years, we love staying home!  We had a couple snacks and had our own little party here with the kids!

These boys are just crazy!

They are always laughing (when they aren't trying to kill each other)

always laughing....

These two adore each other!  I hope they always continue to have a close relationship! 

Lots of cotton candy was consumed...Olivia was determined to stay up and watch that ball drop!

And she she is just a few minutes before midnight!
It was definitely a struggle for Mark and I to stay up, so at about 12:05 we headed to bed!
I used to be able to sleep in all the time, not so much anymore...everyday I am pretty much up by like 6!  So New Year's Day I was up at the crack of dawn...Mark and the kids slept until almost noon!
The quiet mornings have been nice, I have really been enjoying my quiet time.  And I took advantage and enjoyed my coffee, tree and quiet! 
This is definitely my motto for this year...I am going to make 2016 AMAZING!
I didn't take many pictures on Friday, Mark and I ran a few errands and the kids watched the Florida Gators play! 
At around 10:30 that night their dad arrived, so the kids enjoyed seeing him for a bit Friday night!
Saturday, it finally started cooling off here...such a welcome change!
Saturday Mark had to work, so I ran a few errands and cleaned up a bit!  Kenny came to the house and hung out for a bit, then took them out for the day, but Olivia decided not to go with them.  She is such a mama's girl...I hated that she didn't want to go and spend the time with her dad, but it was nice to spend the afternoon with her!
We hung out in my room, watched SpongeBob and took a nice!
Saturday night Mark and I had plans to go to dinner, since we figured the kids would be with their dad...we decided to take Olivia along with us and the 3 of us had the best time!
She was loving all the attention from us!
We had all intentions of getting up Sunday morning and going to church, but I woke up with a horrible headache, it was pouring rain outside, and the kids were all sound asleep, so we decided to skip it this week! 
When we moved to Florida, we sold our couches, they were kind of beat up, and we had been wanting something for the past two months, we have just had our two oversized denim chairs in here and a leather recliner!  We finally decided on what we want and Sunday Mark and I zipped down to the furniture store and found a sectional that we both is kind of a miracle we agreed on something! 
After some furniture shopping, we stopped for a quick lunch...doesn't he look so!  I promise he was happy and in a good mood!
We got back home and spent the rest of the day here with Kenny, his girlfriend, her daughters and our crew and watched football and ate pizza!
They decided feeding seagulls was the greatest thing ever!

It was cold and rainy all day, but it didn't stop these 3 from fishing!

AJ was on fire and catching lots of fish!

Olivia turned the bread box on the counter into a house for her Shopkins!
We ended the night with the last Sunday night football game of the season!  It is always such a sad time for me when the Sunday and Monday night games come to an end! 
Mark went back to work Monday, and I took down Christmas!  I always find it so depressing taking it all down, everything looks so bare!  I am already missing all the décor and the twinkling lights, but I am kinda loving the clean feel of the house!
Everything is all boxed up and ready for next year!
My kids have slept pretty much until noon every day of their break, so I am expecting them to all come home off the bus today tired and cranky, and I am expecting them to all be passed out by 8 tonight!
One last thing before I go ....a few weeks ago I posted a picture, which I thought was adorable, of Olivia, passed out in the boys room on the floor...she was in there with them and she fell asleep, so I snapped a picture!  Well....I got a rash of comments and emails how I should buy my child a bed, and how many of my readers are concerned that my little girl doesn't have a bed to sleep on.  I honestly laughed so hard about this, I mean seriously how stupid are people.  Well yesterday I got another comment how it was evident from an Instagram picture that my daughter was sleeping on a tile floor...I spent a good hour looking through my entire instagram and couldn't find a single picture of Olivia sleeping on tile, oh wait, that's because she never has:)  Anyway, I am posting this picture below, of Olivia, and her pretty ballerina bed that she sleeps in each night!  So for all of you "concerned" readers out there, please rest assured that my little girl has a very lovely bed to sleep in, but sometimes passing out on the floor, or the couch, or making a fort and sleeping in it, is just plain better than sleeping in your own bed when you are 7 years old!

So for everyone assured this little girl has a beautiful ballerina bed, so please take your time and energy and worry about something that is actually important:)
Thanks for stopping by today...see you back here tomorrow!


  1. Y'all had such a great weekend! I love the relationship you have with your kids' Dad. That's so special. I'm with you...2016 is going to be great!

  2. Good grief! When are these people going to let bedgate die? Your kids always appear healthy and happy and clearly well cared for!
    Lisa G., McKinney,TX

    1. Lol Lisa! I had gotten a comment last week about how fun it would be to almost poke fun at those ridiculous comments, so I did. I know most normal people have enough common sense to realize even though my kid may crash on a floor, couch or chair they do in fact have a bed ;). Have a great day!

  3. That was the perfect way to address the bed issue! Good Job :)

    2016 will be great! My kids started back to school yesterday, so I'll start my organizing, exercising and eating right as soon as I get back in the swing of things :)

    1. I figured I would take those ridiculous comments and have some fun;)
      We went back to school today and it was a rough morning! Monday I am starting fresh with organizing, and getting back to a more fit and healthy lifestyle! Have a great day!

  4. Ignore the haters, I wouldn't handle it as well as you! :)
    Glad you have a such a great relationship with your ex, I do too and my kids have thrived because of it. Love your blog and how you keep it real! :)

  5. "Bedgate" - hilarious! Girl I'm sorry people feel the need to nitpick and find any little thing to comment on. Use some common sense people. Like you said - sometimes kids enjoy sleeping places other than their own bed for multiple reasons! Shake it off and don't let the rude comments get to you :)

  6. Oh my goodness!!! Can't believe how some people will find anything to complain about, lol!!
    I'm jealous, don't have my Xmas stuff packed up yet and I'm seriously lacking motivation!!

  7. I am amazed that people are such idiots and so ignorant! And everyone has an opinion. Good lord people, if you don't like what you see or read......MOVE ON AND STOP FOLLOWING KIMM! Ok, stepping off my soapbox now.......Sorry!

  8. So my 8-year-old is now following Olivia on your blog. #shopkinaddictsunite
    Did you know there are Shopkins Shoppies dolls??? By the time I discovered them, every place was sold out before Christmas, but I managed to snag some online at ToysRUs this week. My daughter is going to flip out!