Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites...Olivia Is 7 Today!

Happy Friday Girls!
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As I am typing this post I am in tears, no lie, a sobbing in the heck is it possible that my baby girl is turning 7!!!  Today I am only sharing one favorite....OLIVIA!!!!!  And I am apologizing in advance for the ridiculous amount of pictures I am going to share today.  #sorrynotsorry
Olivia wasn't planned, she was a complete surprise for us.  We definitely thought we were done having children...we had 4...we were good!  Well, God had something else in mind, and boy he sure knew what he was doing, this little girl has been nothing but a pure blessing to not only me, but every member of our family.
I remember like it was yesterday, sitting in the office waiting to have my ultrasound, my first concern of course was that I needed to know my baby was healthy, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't praying really hard that they would tell me the words I so badly wanted to hear..."it's a girl!"  After having three boys in a row, I kinda just assumed I would have another boy, and I was really OK with that, my boys are so amazing...but let me tell you how flippin fantastic it was when they moved that tool over my preggo belly and there was nothing between those little legs!  I cried and cried tears of pure joy...I cannot begin to tell you how excited and happy I was to have my world filled with all things pink and girly again!
On March 13, 2008 at 2:21 a.m., after a very long, hard labor, the most perfect little 6lb 11oz bundle of pure perfection was sweet Olivia Grace!
I couldn't wait to take this precious bundle of pink home!
I will never ever forget the second they placed this sweet baby into my arms, I instantly felt was so amazing!
Being the baby with 4 older siblings, there was never any shortage of love or attention for sweet Olivia...all 4 of the kids just loved her, I think for the first month of her life someone was holding her at all times...none of us could get enough of this sweet baby. 
Harrison and Olivia

Brooke and Olivia

Sweet AJ loving on Olivia

Super excited to be big brothers

My two March babies!
I was so happy spending my days just staring at her, I just wanted to freeze time...I wanted her to stay small for just a little bit longer.
Seriously, I would just stare at her for hours....
I love being a mom, and there is truly nothing more wonderful than watching your children grow up, become a little more independent with each passing year, watching them turn into people, it is just amazing.  That being said, I have really struggled with Olivia growing up...there have been many nights where I have gone into her room while she was asleep and just stood over her and started sort of breaks my heart how quickly she is growing up.  The "firsts" are always the best and so exciting...the first steps, the first words, the first time on the potty, the first day of preschool, the first day of kindergarten...huge, wonderful, happy milestones.  For me, all of Olivia's "firsts" are my "lasts" as a mother, and I struggle with that, some people look at me like I am crazy, like something is wrong with me, and heck maybe there is, but I can't help just makes me so sad.  I really try and treasure every single second of her life, but I feel like I have blinked my eyes and she is 7, it doesn't seem possible.  When I look at Olivia today, my heart could burst, she is full of life.  She is happy, energetic, smart, sweet, loving, and she definitely has her fair share of sass and spunk...she is truly just the best! 
It is so crazy, because after AJ was born, we truly felt our family was complete, and now I can't even imagine how we felt like that....this little girl completed our family, and filled our lives and hearts with so much love. 
A sleeping baby...nothing more precious of my fave pics


Once she started, she never stopped!

Sweet potato face

Sweet Christmas baby!

Happy girl!

That smile!

Blue-eyed baby!

These two....

The girl loves her thumb!!!

Pretty in pink!

This is quite my possibly the best picture ever!

Perfect...just perfect!

And just like that she turned 1

In her party dress!

This girl loved climbing the stairs

Just chillin....

Loving the beach!

Crazy girl!

Clearly she wasn't too happy at breakfast with Santa!

Just a girl and her vacuum

Feeding her baby!

This girl loves presents

Having so much fun!

She is just as cute from behind!
She still loves this toy!

On her first preschool field trip

Crazy smile face

Goldfish...always her favorite


I could have added a million more pictures, but I think I had more than most really want to look at...ha!  I just can't believe how quickly these 7 years have gone. 
And it feels as if overnight my sweet baby girl has grown to be this beautiful little 7 year old!!!! 
My sweet Olivia Grace....I have no words to describe the amount of joy you have brought to our lives the past 7 years, and how much I love you.  As much as I wish time would slow down a bit, and you wouldn't grow up so fast, I am so excited to see what the future holds for you.  I am so blessed to be your mommy....these past 7 years have been nothing but pure joy.  Happy 7th Birthday sweet are so loved!!!!
So there you have Friday Favorite!!!!  And now I will spend the rest of the day curled up in the fetal position sobbing!!!! 
Hope y'all have a great weekend!  Be sure to check back Monday for our Weekend Wrap-Up!


  1. Awww... Happy Birthday to sweet girl, Olivia! Enjoy your wknd!

  2. Oh my goodness, girl you had me crying! So super sweet! And I love all the pictures! Happy Birthday Olivia!

  3. Happy birthday Olivia! Kimm - I know you're sad that your littlest (and the only girl) is growing up so fast, but also remember that God has blessed you with 7 years of Olivia, and to count each day as a blessing, and be happy! Let your tears be happy ones!

    1. so true....thank you so much for taking the time to write that. have a great weekend

    2. Anonymous, she is not her only girl. Kimm has another daughter.

    3. Yes, I do have two girls...Brooke is you don't see her much on my blog, because what 22 year old wants you snapping pictures and writing about them!!!!

    4. Yeah, I can imagine that. :) I would not be happy if my mom did that when I was 22. :)

  4. I love the breakfast with Santa picture - so funny! Happy Birthday Olivia!

    1. She is a piece of work! thanks so much!

  5. Happy Birthday, Olivia!!
    Enjoy celebrating her today!! : )

  6. Olivia and I share a fabulous birthday! Happy 7th birthday for me....we are at our beach house in Pismo Beach, Ca and I am turning...51. How can that be when I only feel 28??? LOL

  7. Why do they have to grow up so fast??? I love all the pictures...she is so sweet!!!

    1. Megan I hate how fast they grow up. Thanks for reading

  8. I seriously felt the exact same way when I went in for my ultrasound with Carly Jo....I totally wanted to name her Olivia the entire time and everyone convinced me not to because her initials would have been OJ. Glad she had such a fun birthday. It's hard to let those little ones grow up.

    1. Glad I am not the only one! And I totally get not wanting her to have OJ as initials:)