Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday Thoughts....My Favorite Candles

Happy Thursday Ladies!
Yay for Friday Eve!
I am not sure about y'all....but I love candles.  I pretty much always have a candle lit, there is just something so wonderful about a candle burning!  Over the years I have probably purchased every single candle known to man!  Sometimes I have been super disappointed, I smell it at the store, get it home, light it, and it doesn't even smell....that always infuriates me...I hate wasting my money! 
I love Circle E candles, they smell amazing, and last a very long time!
Fresh Cake is one of my favorite scents!
Apple Strudel is definitely my go to in the fall!
If you love candles and haven't tried these yet, do yourself a favor and go check them out!
I was in Nordstrom a few weeks ago and I was immediately drawn this and gold...two of my favorites.  I opened it up to take a quick whiff and I was loving it.  I wasn't sure how it would smell while burning, but for only $16 I needed to give it a try...I have it on my desk and light it every time I am up there is amazing.  It is sweet, which I love!  I will definitely be replacing this when it's done.  You can find the exact candle here
I love Anthropologie, and I love buying candles the fall I stock up on the pumpkin soufflé , it is the best scent for fall hands down!  When I am not burning a seasonal scent, I am usually always burning this candle.  I absolutely love it.
I really want to buy the super large size one, but I am pretty sure my husband would KILL me for spending $178 on a candle.
The jar of this candle is so pretty, when I am done burning them, I clean them out and re-use the jars.
I cleaned out the jar and now it holds my favorite pens on my desk!!
This is another one of my favorite scents!  If you love candles, check out these for sure!
Bath & Body Works also has some great smelling candles.  I love their 3-wick candles, you can find them here
Yankee Candle...that used to be my favorite store ever...I don't buy a ton of my candles there anymore..I just find they aren't as strong when they burn as I would like.  That being said, probably my favorite scent ever of all time does come from there, Christmas Eve, there is something just so amazing about this smell.  I always buy 6 of these every year on Black Friday, I buy six because I usually have a coupon for buy two, get two free, so I will get 8 candles and always give two away as gifts.  Christmas Eve is the only thing that will burn in my house from Black Friday until usually the end of January...I have one in the kitchen, family room and playroom downstairs.  I can't even really describe the smell, other than just plain amazing!
Would love to know what your favorite candles are!  I am always on the hunt for something amazing!  Be sure to check back tomorrow for Friday Favorites!!!


  1. I also LOVE candles but typically only buy Bath and Body Works ones and sometimes Yankee Candle. Need to try the ones you mentioned though! Happy Friday Eve!! Wahoo!

  2. I love Circle E too and Bath & Body. Pier 1 is my fave place to buy candles when I already have a stand for them.

  3. I really want to try out a Circle E candle now!! Fresh Cake sounds delicious :) :)

  4. I need to try the Circle E candles. I like the square jar too!

    1. Try it...the jar and candle are both fabulous

  5. Try WoodWick candles, you will love them!

    1. I definitely will....thanks for the recommendation! Have a great weekend!!!!