Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday Ladies!

This is so how I feel!  Thanks Elaine!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
I am not gonna lie, I once again feel like the weekend went by way too fast!
Friday the sun was out, it was cold, but the sun was out, so that made me happy!
After I got the little ones to school, I decided to do a little shopping at my favorite place....

There is something so nice about just shopping kid free!
Friday night was a low key night at home, we hung out, had dinner, made donuts and watched TV....just perfect in my book.
Typical Friday night at our house!

She was needing a foot she of course got one!
Saturday morning we got up early...I am so so happy that baseball season has officially begun for my little AJ....there is nothing I enjoy more than watching him play.
AJ on the mound.

Ready to hit!

It was a great way to start the weekend...always happy to be back at the ball field!
Saturday afternoon we headed over to celebrate my nephew turning 6!
Happy Birthday Tyler!



It was a great afternoon, we had the best time celebrating Tyler!

When we got home Saturday night I was going through my pictures and found about a million of these "selfies" of Jack...he does this any chance he gets when he sees my phone lying around...crazy kid!
On Sunday, I slept in a bit, did my normal meal planning and grocery shopping, got my calendar ready for the week, and then my step-daughter came by for a bit to say goodbye before she had to leave for the airport.
It was an absolutely gorgeous day here, so the kids played outside a lot!
Olivia and her BFF Savannah playing...these girls can play and play and play and never get tired!  I would love some of their energy!
I was craving nachos all day Sunday, so Mark made them for me and they were delicious!
After dinner, it was the normal Sunday night stuff...packing up backpacks for the morning, finishing up laundry...ya know...all that fun stuff!
Hope you all had a great weekend!
Be sure to check back tomorrow for some yummy recipes!  Thanks so much for stopping by today!


  1. I love the Daylight savings ecard!! I do not like time change. It seems like it takes me forever to adjust!! I just wish they would leave it alone! ;)

    1. Hey definitely takes me a few days to adjust

  2. Sounds likea great wknd! I was instantly jealous of the shopping trip to Nordy's AND those nachos! MMMM!

  3. The eCard is hilarious! And what a beautiful Sunday we had here! I wasn't craving nachos until I saw your picture on IG--now I can't get them off my mind :) Happy Monday!

    1. i was loving our weather for sure Jenny!! Bring on spring

  4. We almost had nachos tonight!!! Glad you enjoyed the e-card! Looks like y'all had a full weekend of birthday parties and baseball!

    1. Elaine...the ecard was the BEST ever!!! Great weekend for sure. Thanks so much for stopping by

  5. Those nachos!! Looks like you had a fun filled weekend!