Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up....And Some Thoughts From My Most Embarrasing Moment

Happy Monday!
Monday sure does come around quick...hope you all had a great weekend!
We had another weekend full of baseball Saturday and Sunday!  The weather was great, so it was fantastic to be outside all weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather and our little man doing his thing!
On Friday, my mom had some minor surgery so I spent 6 hours sitting in the waiting room getting my planner in order, drinking a lot of coffee, and catching up on lots of issues of People magazine!  After I brought her home and got her settled I was just plain exhausted, so I came home, Mark was so sweet and made dinner for us and by 6:00 I was already in my pajamas and it was fabulous!
Wild Friday nights over here!
With a super early game on Saturday, I had to set my alarm super early....I am so not a morning person and having to set an alarm on the weekend just sucks in my opinion!
Saturday morning, we were up early ready to go watch our boy do his thing!  He played super great in both games....I am so proud of him!


Such a great group of kids!

I know I have said it a million times before, but I am so so thankful that I married such a wonderful man that absolutely adores my kiddos!  We are all so lucky to have him!
We were in the car about 5 minutes, and I turned around and he was out like a light!
When we got home Olivia was outside playing with friends, and she came running up to us to say hello......
....wearing this....I nearly died....I mean there is so much going on in this outfit it is insane!  She however thought she looked fabulous...I let her wear it the rest of the day, because I am sure you can only get away with this when you are 7!
I ran to Target for a few things and couldn't pass up buying Starburst all red jelly beans...reds are my favorite and the whole bag being red just makes me happy!
Red jelly beans and a Pepsi!!
We hung out the rest of the afternoon watching NASCAR and AJ announced he needed a "drink" to celebrate his victory (and by drink he meant sparkling cider). 
He was so happy to "celebrate" all night long!
And you can only drink sparkling cider out of champagne glasses, according to AJ!
After we drank our celebratory drinks it was time to break out the cotton candy machine!

Santa brought a cotton candy maker for Olivia and it is seriously like her favorite thing ever! 
Sunday morning we got to sleep in, because we didn't have to be at the ball field until 12:30!
It makes me so happy to see all these boys praying before the game!

Our first game started great...AJ's first time at bat was a home was a super exciting game that went into extra innings, sadly we lost by 1.  The boys played so well, and it was such an exciting and fun game to watch!
The second game was pretty much a disaster from start to finish.  Though the outcome wasn't what we hoped, the boys played some good ball this week, and are ready to move on and focus on next weekend's tournament. 
It was a super long day, so we came home, ate dinner, and then I heard the boys screaming downstairs in the playroom that water was coming out of the ceiling onto the TV.....and sure enough it was also coming out of the wall on our main living the plumber arrived at 9:00 p.m,  and thank goodness he was able to fix it!

So we get to look at this for the next few days until it all dries out and we have them come out and repair it.  Not exactly how I was hoping for our weekend to end!
Before I go I just wanted to say that I appreciated all the comments from last Tuesday's show and tell post.  Clearly, many of you thought it was just appalling what I did, and I understand and respect everyone's opinions.  Many said they didn't think I felt embarrassed and was proud of what I did.  I had written towards the end that looking back I realized that I should NOT have did what I did , and that my emotions and passion got the best of me that day.  I am pretty sure that many of us at some point in life, have done something they are not proud of, I shared what I did, and stated that I learned from the mistake I made.  I try and go through life knowing I am not perfect and that I will make mistakes and bad judgement calls, my hope is that I learn from these.  It definitely wasn't my proudest moment, but hey, it happened and I owned it.  Now, I cheer for our team, and when the crappy calls happen, and they always do, I vent at home.  I always appreciate anyone who takes the time to read what I write, and I always appreciate comments, even constructive ones, I just wanted to "set the record straight" so to speak, because feeling proud of what I had done was certainly not the case!
Hope you guys all have a great Monday!  Be sure to check back tomorrow, I am talking about our new favorite show!!!!!



  1. Sounds a fun, baseball, weekend! But oh no! So glad the plumber could fix things!!

    1. Always fun watching some baseball!!! And yay for plumbers being on call. Have a great day Cory!!!

  2. I'm excited about the baseball days in my future!

    1. some of my favorite days ever have been spent at the baseball field! Enjoy your kid free getaway!!!!

  3. Oh man! The water situation sucks! That is always so stressful for me! Glad you at least got to have some fun before that happened! :)

    1. It sucked...but could have been worse

  4. I should have commented last Tuesday about your embarrassing moment but time got away from me and I didn't. Just want to say that I completely understand where you are coming from. I have a son who is 12 and plays football and basketball. I have been in your shoes. For me it is seeing my child so passionate about the game that makes me passionate. This happens to the best of us and no one is perfect. I'm sure you learned your lesson but it doesn't make you a bad person at all.

  5. Oh my goodness girl, the water situation! Ugh! But glad it is on the mends! I loved all the baseball pics on IG over the weekend and seriously, Olivia should have her own fashion blog :) That girl knows how to wear anything! Everyone makes mistakes--heck, I look back to things I've done just weeks ago wondering "wow, did I really do or say that?" You recognize it and move on (which you did).

    1. Olivia's fashion....yikes...that's all